5-22-2014 | Dream Fragment | Having Some Of Our Gasoline Stolen

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I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during the day as my family, Nice Peter from YouTube, and I drove through a fictional city on a vacation trip I think.

We all were riding in the same automobile and as we were driving down a street/highway inside a fictional city near a one-story building that looked like maybe an old gas station/house with a one-way drive through, we noticed three men standing next to a plastic gasoline/gas container waving at us like they needed gasoline, and so we drove into the one-way drive through to see if they needed help.

The men had light-to-medium brownish/whitish colored skin and the shortest man seemed to be the leader and he did most of the talking, and the leader wore a whitish colored A-shirt with shorts; and they all looked like they were probably from Mexico or from somewhere in South America and they spoke English with a Spanish (language) accent.

They had tattoos and they looked like they were members of a latino gang, and the leader told us that they were going to rob us of some of our gasoline and he showed us that they had guns; and several more men walked out of the building/house to escort us inside the building/house as they steal some of our gasoline.

I/We were annoyed by this and they put us inside a bedroom-like room with several twins sized beds that had several windows with views to the outside of the building, we sat on the beds, and we looked out of the windows as they continued using their trap to trick more people into stopping to help them.

Eventually the drive through was full of automobiles and all the drivers were forced to stay inside their automobiles and the gang members blocked in the drive through so that they could not escape, and it seemed like they were going to take drivers into the building one-at-a-time once they finished with us first.

Strangely it took way longer than it should have for them to steal some of our gasoline, I started to wonder if they were stealing other things from our automobile and/or doing other things like that, and eventually the leader told us that we would also have to pay him to get our automobile back.

We paid him but I am not sure how much and then we waited for them to let us know when we can leave, I remember being even more annoyed/angry at this point and curious about why it was taking so long, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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