My Former Classmate MT Is Missing A Foot | A Woman Wearing A Graduation Cap & Gown At A WWE Wrestling Event

I woke up during the night remembering part of one or more dreams but I did not voice record it/them before going back to sleep, and so I only barely remember part of the end of one of those dreams; and I remember part of my last dream, which was a very short dream.

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of the first dream but I think that I drove to a fictional city for maybe a short personal vacation, I know that I drove through part of the city during the day, and that there was more things that happened in the dream before this point; but I can not remember those parts of the dream now.

The fictional city possibly was in T or maybe it was a L-like city in L or somewhere like that, either way it was somewhat familiar like I have been there before and I probably had memories of being there before, and I went to a multi-story hotel/building that I had memories of probably visiting before.

I remember being in the lobby when I noticed my former classmate MT enter the lobby from outside walking on crutches and I noticed that it looked like one of his feet and one of his ankles was missing, and it was wrapped in whitish colored bandages.

I greeted my former classmate MT and he seemed very positive and we talked but I did not ask about his missing foot and ankle even though I wanted to, I decided to wait to see if he would mention it first, and I think that during our conversation he said that he was married now to a woman who I did not know but I could be wrong; but I can not remember the rest of our conversation or the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

In the second dream I was looking for somewhere to sit inside a building where a WWE entertainment wrestling event was taking place as people watched entertainment wrestlers wrestling in the wrestling ring, and I was walking around somewhat close to the front row seating areas trying to find somewhere to sit.

As I walked around I noticed a woman with whitish colored skin with maybe short orangish/brownish colored hair wearing glasses and a blueish colored graduation cap and gown with maybe a goldish color tassel on her graduation cap who kept moving to new seats every so often going in a circular clockwise pattern, and she would talk out-loud to herself and whoever was listening.

I walked past her as she was sitting down talking out-loud and I sat in some empty seats to the left side of two characters from the TV show Game Of Thrones with Grand Maester Pycelle on my right side and another male character who I can not remember on his right side, and for some reason there were empty seats in between them on both sides of them.

The woman in the graduation cap and gown walked past me and she sat in between Grand Maester Pycelle and the other male character and she started talking out-loud, Grand Maester Pycelle glanced at her making a facial expression like he was annoyed and him and the other male character ignored her, and then I noticed my former classmate MT sitting in the crowd several rows in front of me and he noticed me.

My former classmate MT started pointing in the direction of some people walking across the row in front of him and one of the people was a thin girl with whitish colored skin wearing very short shorts, and I thought that he was pointing at her indicating that her shorts were too short; but then an attractive woman with yellowish/whitish colored skin with long blackish colored hair walked by, and then I thought that he was indicating that this woman was his girlfriend or wife or that she was attractive but then he kept pointing like he was indicating that I should sit in the empty seats in front of him.

So I walked over and I sat in the row of seats in front of my former classmate MT and we started talking, but then the woman in the graduation cap and gown came walking over as well talking out-loud again; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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