A Shin Natsume-Like Vampire Using Mind Control Powers | Slavery And A Riot And Insects?

Image Credit: Wikipedia.org
Image Credit: Wikipedia

*Expect more errors than usual because as usual I did not proofread everything, I kept getting interrupted as I tried to type this, and people kept talking to me as I tried to type this.*

Dream 1

The first dream took place inside E Manor during the night and/or it always seemed like night, but there were no windows so I have no idea what the times of day were throughout the dream other than knowing that the beginning of the dream took place during the night.

There were several people I knew and several people I did not know sleeping inside E Manor and I was sleeping inside E Manor as well, one of the people inside the house was a man who was like the character Shin Natsume from the Japanese animated TV show Tenjho Tenge, and during the night I woke up to probably use the bathroom.

When I was on my way back to my bedroom, which was the middle room, and I heard a strange noise coming from a bedroom in the hallway and I went to investigate; and I saw the Shin-like man feeding/drinking blood from someone, and I saw that he was a vampire.

The Shin-like man caught me before I could warn the others and he bit me, and he used mind control powers on me to try to make me forget; and he was able to see some of my memories when he drank some of my blood, and I woke up later mostly forgetting what had happened.

I remember starting to feel like something was trying to stop me from remembering something and so I kept trying to remember, I started investigating and talking to other people, and slowly I started to regain my memory; but once again the Shin-like vampire bit me during the night to see my memories of who I talked to and what I remembered, and he used his mind control powers to try to make me forget again.

This continued to happen throughout the dream with me trying to remember and the Shin-like vampire constantly biting me and using his mind control powers on me during the night, and so my memories of this dream are very unclear because of this.

The Shin-like vampire acted/looked normal each time until everyone would go to sleep, then he would reveal his vampire form/appearance/personality/whatever and feed/drink blood from one or more of us and use his mind control powers on them/us, and he seemed obsessed with mind controlling all of us to not realize that he was a vampire and with having us trapped in the house with him forever or something like that so that he could feed/drink blood from us and keep us as friends/pets.

I started slowly resisting his mind control powers each time and I started trying to figure out a way to investigate, regain all of my memory, and warn the others without the Shin-like vampire being able to know this from drinking my blood to see some of my memories; and I wanted to figure out a way to record some of my memories in a way that I could hide, and that would not get blocked by the vampire’s mind control powers but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear but I remember being in a classroom with other students who seemed to be high school seniors and our teacher was the male teacher Coach G who used to be one of my former high school Math teachers, and I think someone from the military came to talk with us and/or someone talked to us about the military and/or something like that.

I remember something about maybe slavery and people complaining about slavery like we were being treated as slaves like we were modern-day slaves and maybe there was complaining about the military as well, and a riot happened and we moved to a tall warehouse-like area connected to our classroom after we won the riot I guess.

There was old farm/industrial-like equipment in this warehouse and there was one or more ladders/stairs that could climb to reach some of it, something strange happened where lots of larger than-average insects were trying to get into the warehouse from outside, and they were putting pressure on the main metal double-doors.

We came up with a plan to open the doors to attack some of the insects while pushing the rest of them outside while attacking them briefly, and then we would close the doors again; and so we started the plan, and I remember it working.

I remember us making sure that everyone was back inside the warehouse before closing the doors, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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