Valse De La Lune

I went to bed very late and I woke up a bit late, as soon as I woke up I had to leave somewhere in my pajamas without even having a chance to wash my face or wake up completely, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of the dream but I think that the dream took place during the night at a fictional hotel suite with several different connected rooms, and the hotel suite had whitish/grayish colored carpet/walls/ceiling(s).

I was at the hotel suite with some of my family except my brother CC, maybe my brother TD and/or my brother KD were not there either but I am not sure, and my male cousin DE and several other people were there as well.

We seemed to be on a vacation trip and so we were in a fictional city and we were spending the night at this hotel, the middle room of the hotel suite was the largest room, and I remember us talking/hanging out/et cetera in this room mostly.

Several interesting and slightly strange things happened that I can not remember exactly except that I know that I remember there being some kittens playing in the large middle room, the kittens were playing in and around some furniture, and something happened that involved the kittens that I can not remember.

At some point everyone started walking off to pick their rooms in the hotel suite, take baths/showers, and go to sleep; and I walked around trying to see which rooms were not taken.

Oddly mostly everyone disappeared like they were all in the various bathrooms and/or something like that, I think that I heard showers running, and so I walked around wondering where was everyone and who was staying in each room.

I walked back to the middle room ready to give up my search and just sleep in the middle room but then I remember hearing the song Valse De La Lune sung/sang by Ilaria Graziano and composed by Yoko Kanno for the Japanese anime (animated) TV series Wolf’s Rain and the Wolf’s Rain Original Soundtrack:

I am not sure if it was playing out-loud and/or just in my mind, probably out-loud or both, but I instantly remember recognizing it as a song that I have not heard in a while; and it took me a few seconds to remember the name of the song, and who sang it.

My mom or someone like that walked into the room and I mentioned the song to her/whoever telling them that I have not heard this song in a while, I asked her/whoever about who had which rooms, and then she/whoever walked into another room.

I stood there listening to Valse De La Lune thinking of old memories that the song was bringing back to my mind and I remember smiling and enjoying the song, and remembering parts of the song.

It was a nice and peaceful and somewhat magical moment as I stood there listening to Valse De La Lune, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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