Waiting For The Police To Arrive At A Hotel-Like Building

I somewhat remember part of a detailed but I do not remember many of the small details, and the dream took place probably during the night at a somewhat fancy multi-story fictional hotel-like building.

There were a lot of people partying/having fun in several lobby-like areas, most of them seemed like college students, and there was a nice stairway and balcony / walkway / hall-like areas connected to the stairway on each floor that allowed you to see below into the main lobby.

There were various hallways where most of the rooms were and there were hangout areas down some of the hallways, especially on the first floor where there was probably arcade/gaming machines, and the front desk was on the right side of the building slightly above the first floor next to/connect to the stairway.

The front desk was a nice wooden desk with a well dressed butler-like man standing behind it who had whitish colored skin with probably a fancy thin mustache who probably spoke English with a British accent, and there were many small probably realistic details and things that happened in this dream that I can not remember.

I just remember having a group of people following me almost like I was a celebrity and/or somewhat rich and/or something like that, they were in a party mood, and we walked to the front desk and I got a key from the butler-like man for a room on the second floor.

It seemed that the people following me were going to go to the room to party so we walked to the second floor to a room on the left side of the hallway, I opened the door with the key while talking to the people ready to probably give them a tour of the room or something, but I saw a group of men in the room from the corner of my eye(s).

A group of dangerous mafia/gang-like men who were probably somewhat well dressed were standing in the room staring angrily at us and the leader yelled something like: “What the F*censored* are you doing here!” with maybe a stereotypical mafia/gang-like accent.

The leader then pulled out a pistol and pointed it at us and the rest of the men probably took out their guns as well, I apologized to them while backing into the hallway slowly and I closed the door, and then everyone following me started running and screaming for their lives not sure if the men were going to chase and kill us or not.

I probably ran as well to the front desk and I told the butler-like man that there were some men with guns in the room already and that they pointed guns at us and that they might be trying to kill us, and so I told him to call the police and so he did but the operator made it sound like the police did not really care about us like they thought it was a prank call or like they thought that it really was not serious and so they said that the police would come later because they were currently busy.

I then ran around on the first floor trying to find a hiding place, other people were still running around screaming and hiding and some were escaping the building, and I came close to hiding in a locker in a hallway but I decided not to.

After awhile the police still had not arrived to my surprise, oddly it seemed that the mafia/gang-like men had not even left the room to chase us, and so I started to relax a bit; and then I stopped hiding.

I started thinking and I realized that if the police did come that they would probably arrest the mafia/gang-like me, and then they would probably try to get revenge on me because they would probably remember who I was and where I lived; and so I felt that they would kill me.

Because they had not chased us or tried to kill us and because I was afraid of them, I now felt that it was not necessary for the police to come, and so I tried to decide if I should talk to the butler-like man to have him call the police to let them know that they no longer need to come; but I woke up before I could decide or do this.

The end,

-John Jr

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