A Snowpiercer Inspired Dream About Trying To Find A Faster AMD Computer Processor

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Before I went to bed last night I watched a movie that I accidentally found out about on YouTube when I was searching for a Tilda Swinton video of her reading a poem and/or book, I accidentally found a trailer for a movie that I never heard of before called Snowpiercer, and Tilda Swinton was in the movie.

I decided to watch the movie even though I did not expect to like it after seeing the trailer, but to my surprise I actually liked the film; and I am surprised that it did not get a major release, and that I had never heard of it before even though it came out in probably August of last year:

I only remember part of one dream from last night and it was inspired by the movie Snowpiercer, and I was in the back of the train with the other poor people and some of the main characters such as the old man Gilliam.

In my dream the back of the train was not even train-like, it was like a whitish/grayish colored gym with a hard floor, and it was clean and it looked way nicer than the back of the train on the movie Snowpiercer.

I had my desktop computer on the train and we used it for various purposes including entertainment and probably to help run some functions on the train, and at some point we decided to try to find a faster AMD computer processor (CPU) that would work with my computer’s motherboard.

Gilliam sent some of the adults to search around the back of the train for a faster processor and he sent some of the kids to sneak around restricted parts of the train that were blocked off for us poor people (the middle, front, et cetera), but I disagreed with sending the kids to the restricted parts of the train because it was dangerous.

I remember thinking and saying that the kids were the/our future, they literally were the/our future, and there was even a saying/slogan/whatever in the dream that said this; and I reminded Gilliam of this, but he told me that they would be okay.

I told Gilliam that even though a faster AMD computer processor would be nice/helpful (especially for gaming and for train functions), that it was not necessary because the one that we had still worked, and so it was not worth taking unnecessary risks to try to find a faster one.

I suggested that we only look for a faster AMD computer processor in the areas that were not restricted, but it seemed to be too late because the kids had already left to the restricted areas; and I woke up at some point before they got back.

The end,

-John Jr

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