Talking To A Man Who Used Kickstarter To Fund A Website And My Mom Takes My Grandfather CE To Ryan's

Well, it looks like my No Blogging Experiment failed, my dream blogging auto-pilot has activated. 😀

I somewhat remember part of one dream that took place during the day in the city of D and at some point I remember talking with my mom, my uncle CE, and maybe one of my aunts outside my dead grandfather CE’s yard but in this dream he was still alive like this dream took place two or more years ago.

I remember either reading and/or hearing about a story of a local man who successfully raised over $100, 000 on to fund a website that he wanted to make  and eventually I drove away in my automobile as more family members from my mom’s side of the family arrived at my grandfather CE’s house like my aunt DE, my uncle EE, my cousin EE, my aunt ME, my aunt RE, et cetera.

At some point I was driving past the Project Housing near N street when I saw a man with whitish colored skin with somewhat yellowish colored hair walking or standing on side of the road in front of the Project Housing, and for some reason I stopped my automobile to say something to him.

I found out that the man was the man who I read and/or heard about who raised money on Kickstarter to fund his website so I parked my automobile, and I got out to talk with him because I was very curious.

The man explained to me that he wanted to make a website where people could upload images of themselves, like selfies/self-portraits(?), but he did not explain why or why it was necessary when there are other websites that already have that option.

I asked him about privacy on the website and if you could delete your account/images, he did not answer any of my questions about privacy strangely and he ignored those questions, and he said that people would not be allowed to delete their accounts/images.

I thought that was strange and not a good idea, I told him this but he just repeated a few things to support his plans, and I kept asking him about privacy but he kept ignoring those questions until I gave up.

I asked him if he would use advertisements, corporate sponsors, or crowd-funding to keep his website running but he said that he would not use those things; and so I asked him how would he afford to keep his website running, but he did not answer the question.

He told me that the computer and processing power needed to run the website was expensive and he named a certain computer processor that I have never heard of, and he said that it cost him a bit over $100,000.

He said that he had things planned out and that soon he was going to start building his website and I wished him luck, but I started to wonder if he was creating this website to build a facial recognition database for the government/intelligence agencies/law enforcement/et cetera to sell facial recognition data to them.

I said goodbye and I started to drive away, my mom called my mobile phone telling me that she had called me earlier to see if I wanted to eat at Ryan’s Buffet Restaurant with her and my grandfather CE, but I was outside talking to the man and so I did not hear my mobile phone ringing in the automobile.

My mom and my grandfather CE were back from Ryan’s and he was back at his house and my mom was back at our house, I was a bit disappointed that I missed lunch with them, and then I drove to my parents’ house.

I remember wishing that I had asked the man if I could volunteer to help him with his website so that I can learn how to build, maintain, run, secure, et cetera a website; and then I told my mom about my talk with the man.

My aunt DE called my mom telling her that some of our family members and her were going to go to Ryan’s, my mom told her that she already went earlier with my grandfather CE, but we decided to go with them but my mom did not eat.

I remember walking inside Ryan’s with my mom and some of my family members talking as we picked our tables, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

2 replies on “Talking To A Man Who Used Kickstarter To Fund A Website And My Mom Takes My Grandfather CE To Ryan's”

You guessed it, thank you Flynn, and you usually can learn some things about people from their dreams. 🙂

Yesterday I saw a possible chance/opening to try to quit blogging, but obviously my brain/mind is now well-trained/used to/addicted to blogging my dreams no matter what now; and so it will be hard trying to untrain/stop it. 😀

I also just blogged yesterday’s dreams, and I manually set the publish date to 4-12-2014.

Thank you for commenting Flynn :),
-John Jr


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