6-16-2014 | Dream Fragment | School Clubs Fighting And Vikings Fighting And A Double Rainbow?

English: Rainbow over Marshfield Cricket Club
English: Rainbow over Marshfield Cricket Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day and it started at a fictional school that was like a combination of C Elementary in the city of D with catwalks and a school with multi-story school buildings, and I remember being on maybe the third floor of one of the school buildings.

There were various students there but I am not sure if I was a student or not, the school reminded me of the martial arts school from the Japanese animated TV show Tenjho Tenge, and the school had various school clubs who constantly fought against each other.

There was a new small school club that reminded me of The Knuckle Bomb(s) club from Tenjho Tenge except there were more members in the club and there were young women in the club as well, the most vocal member of the club had whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair, and their club was going around fighting other clubs trying to become the most powerful club.

I was in a classroom when their small club attacked a larger and more powerful club, I got pulled into the battle indirectly as the young men and women fought, and the small club was losing the battle (it was their first time fighting a club that was more powerful than their club); and so I suggested that they join with the bigger club, and so they followed my advice after they realized that they could not win.

Before the new combined club could even finish talking they were attacked by an even larger and more powerful club who decided to attack them while they were tired and distracted, and during the fight I helped give advice to the smaller club because I was once again indirectly pulled into the battle.

The smaller club managed to force the larger club into a draw and so the larger club retreated to fight later, and I walked with the smaller club across the outside catwalks to a one-story school building that reminded me of the 2nd Grade hall at C Elementary School.

Outside the building were some male and female teachers who seemed to be from Japan, and they were greeting students as they entered the building and students would bow to them as a sign of respect; and we entered the building on our way to a class I guess.

As we walked through the whitish colored hard floor hallways that were well-lit I could see into various classrooms because the doors were open, and I noticed that some of the teachers and students looked like members of the larger club wearing disguises like wigs/glasses/et cetera.

I warned the smaller club and we started preparing for battle and the larger club members who were disguised started to attack us once they realized that we knew who they were, and once again I gave advice to the smaller club instead of fighting probably.

I warned the smaller club to stay together because I noticed that they were spreading out too much and getting ambushed in the hallways, they started trying to follow my advice, but some of them were not able to make it back to the main group without getting ambushed.

As we gathered together in one hallway something strange happened and I remember somehow being in another dream world and time period, and I was now in an ancient long-hut/house/whatever made of straw/wood/mud/et cetera with a group of taller/stronger men and women with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who seemed/sounded like Vikings from/based on their clothing/weapons/et cetera.

Once again I was indirectly pulled into a battle as they were being attacked by a larger/more powerful group who lived across the field from them, there was a Thor-like man whose brother was the leader of the smaller group, and I gave the smaller group advice; and eventually they forced the larger group to retreat back across the field to their territory.

The smaller group and their leader were so impressed by my advice/knowledge/tactics/et cetera that the leader made me his new advisor, they were brave warriors but they lacked training/strategy/et cetera, and so I immediately started trying to train them because I knew that they would be attacked again soon.

The Thor-like man was a great warrior but he was not very smart and he lacked leadership and teaching skills, his brother the leader had more potential but he was older and it was clear that he wanted his Thor-like brother to become the new leader, and so I was going to try to help the Thor-like man to hopefully one day be ready to better lead his people.

We went outside and this part of the dream felt so real with the thick wet very green grass, moist foggy-like air, foggy-like clouds with mountains in the background and we seemed to be at a higher elevation, there was an open field with their territory on one side and the larger groups’ territory on the other side of the field, and this place seemed like maybe Scandinavia or somewhere like that.

I started trying to train/teach them by helping them form their own training/teaching program that involved fitness, hand-to-hand combat, mêlée combat, ranged combat, team work, tactics, et cetera; and my goal was to teach them to become organized and able to train/teach themselves, and keep themselves ready for various situations.

At some point we started doing hand-to-hand combat grappling sparing so that I could see what they could do and what I could learn from them, and then I could better adjust my teaching/training strategy in a way that they could understand and I could teach them some new things; and I could learn some new things.

My sparing partner was the Thor-like man who was way stronger and larger/taller than me and so I focused on dodging his grapples and using my skills to try to defeat him, but I got distracted by a beautiful double rainbow in the sky where there were two wonderful rainbows above each other.

I told the others and we stopped to look at it, it was beautiful and realistic with the moist foggy-like air and clouds with the light reflecting through it, but then the Thor-like man took advantage of me being distracted by putting me in a custom bear-hug submission.

He was squeezing me from my upper back with my face and upper body touching his armored chest and he was strong enough to have me lifted off my feet, and I could feel the pressure and pain; and it felt real, and I struggled trying to avoid giving up.

Right before I almost gave up I managed to slip out of his bear-hug submission, I staggered backward trying to catch my breath and recover, but then it was time for everyone to take a break.

The Thor-like man smiled and laughed and he hit/patted me on the back, I smiled and laughed as I caught my breath, and I asked him what kind of bear-hug submission was that and I asked him to teach me how to do it one day.

I told him that I was close to giving up before I slipped out of it and I told him that it was an effective submission, and I told him that he was very strong; and we continued walking and talking toward the long-hut/house/whatever with everyone else, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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