Trying To Help A Woman Escape An Abusive Boyfriend

Source: Wikimedia Commons

During the night I got scared awake out of a dream by my brother GC’s alarm clock on his mobile phone, it scared him awake as well, and my body woke up at a bad time where my body felt strange (weak, low pulse and low blood pressure, et cetera like it was not fully out of the sleep state); and so I moved slowly and you feel strange like you are dying or something and so you want to start panicking, but I managed to calm myself because I have dealt with this several times before.

I did not voice record my dream or dreams unfortunately and so I forgot them after I went back to sleep, but I do barely remember part of one dream that started during the day in a fictional place at maybe an interesting/creative modern multi-story college or school building; and I remember maybe a female teacher with whitish colored skin, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

At some point I remember traveling on water by boat and the dream was darker now with deep rich dreamy/surreal colors in the sky and reflecting on the water like purple/orange/black/blue/et cetera, and I reached a tiny wooden dock connected to a multi-story building in the middle of this endless ocean/sea/water in the middle of no-where.

I docked and I entered the first floor of the building which was dimly lit and I remember several people being in a large room that possibly had a bar/restaurant/club, and I remember talking with two women with brownish colored skin; and one of them had a verbally and physically abusive boyfriend who also had brownish colored skin, and he had curly/somewhat moist blackish colored hair.

The woman’s boyfriend started verbally and physically abusing her in front of us and so I told him to stop but he refused and something happened that I can not remember, and I remember running around the building with the woman trying to help her escape her abusive boyfriend who was chasing us like maybe he was going to try to kill me or attack me and/or us.

I am not sure why I ran with her instead fighting the boyfriend, maybe I wanted to avoid violence or maybe he had a gun or maybe I was wondered about her safety, but at some point I am not sure if the woman went back to her boyfriend or if she escaped or if she was somewhere else in the building because I did not see her again at this point.

I passed an open room on the second floor several times that felt a bit outdoor-like for some reason, there were several doors that looked like they led to a garage-like area where you could store lawn mowers / et cetera, and like there were some other rooms in there as well; but I went to the third floor to a church-like area.

All the people on this part of the floor had brownish colored skin with most of them being old and this area reminded me of MZ Church on Eastside in the city of D, I talked with the youngest person I saw who was a man who probably was a preacher or the pastor, and I probably told him about the situation; and then I hid in a dark room, but when I turned on the lights I saw an old woman and an old man in their underwear like they were about to have sex.

I apologized and I turned off the lights as they complained and then I went back into the hallway to run back to the second floor, and I entered one of the doors next to the garage-like area; and I saw several storage and garage-like rooms, and I saw one room that was a computer server room with several workers sitting at the servers checking them.

I hide behind one of the doors where I could glance outside to see if the woman’s boyfriend was coming or not, I knelt down on the ground nervously, and a male worker in the server room who had yellowish/whitish colored skin with short blackish colored hair looked at me briefly wondering what was wrong with me; and then he shook his head side-to-side, and he went back to what he was doing.

As I was hiding and looking around the entrance I saw a naked woman with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair who somewhat looked like my former classmate LM who had a slightly thick build who was about my height or taller who was walking toward the entrance where I was hiding, and she had a whitish colored bath towel and soap and a bucket of water to bathe in.

I greeted her and I turned my back to give her some privacy, I explained the situation to her, but she decided to take her bath next to me anyway; and so we talked as she took her bath (I imagine the male worker in the server room near us probably thought that we were crazy or something watching a me hiding on the ground next to a naked woman taking a bath in a bucket of water and soap :D), and we also would glance around the entrance sometimes to watch out for the other woman’s boyfriend.

This part of the dream was actually nice and it felt positive, I felt that the woman was attractive and we had a good conversation, and maybe the other woman’s boyfriend walked by to go to the third floor but I can not remember.

The woman finished her bath and dried off and maybe she got dressed, and then I think we sneaked to the first floor to see if the other woman escaped or not and to escape but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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