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I created a topic at the WordPress.com Forums of this post:


*I am posting this on my blog so that I can slowly edit it as I think of new things to add to it (it is a work in progress) and once it is ready I will post it at the WordPress.com Forums, and then I might delete this post but I am not sure yet; and either way feel free to share your suggestions because it might help me think of something that I forgot and/or that I did not think of yet, and thank you.*

*I am not a good writer and I have a harder time turning my thoughts/ideas into text so expect errors and expect to be a bit confused by what I am trying to say sometimes, and please know that I am just giving positive suggestions for the future Twenty Fifteen theme, thank you. :)*


I did not see any wish lists/suggestions/et cetera topics here at the WordPress.com forums for the future Twenty Fifteen theme (I did not do a tag search though šŸ˜‰ ), and so I am starting one; and anyone is welcome to share their wish list/suggestions/et cetera for the future WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme here as well.

I think that the annual default WordPress themes should always be general purpose/flexible/balanced/versatile/et cetera themes that a larger variety of people can use for various purposes instead of themes designed only for certain unique purposes like the Twenty Fourteen theme (a magazine theme I think), let the themes designed for certain unique purposes be made during the year like they normally are, but the annual default WordPress themes should be general purpose/flexible/balanced/versatile/et cetera in my opinion.

A theme can still fit these/those requirements and still be designed with some personality/uniqueness/et cetera for those who fear that such a theme would be too plain/boring.

Here is my Twenty Fifteen theme wish list/suggestions in no particular order (I will probably add more things to this list sometimes as I think of them in the future):

1. Please do not have the super small not very readable incorrect font bug/annoyance in the Visual Editor for the Twenty Fifteen theme, and please fix this problem in the current themes that have this problem.

A few examples of this bug/annoyance that I reported:



2. Please have proper responsiveness/image resizing for linked/hot-linked images and images in the Media Library in desktop, tablet, and mobile views so that images do not glitch and show up too wide or too narrow because most of the images that I use are linked images from Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons / Wikia / Flickr / et cetera and I rarely ever use/upload images to the Media Library.

An example of this bug/annoyance that I have reported:


3. Please have an option to show all meta(?) data (authors, tags, date, timestamps, categories, et cetera) for posts/pages/the home page/et cetera because too many themes are leaving out some of the meta(?) data such as the authors and timestamps; and I like to have all that data available and visible on the home page and directly on the posts/pages when possible.

4. Please make the body text font large enough and not too small, and please use a font with good readability for the Twenty Fifteen theme.

A few examples of a font size that is not too small and a font that is readable is the body text font and font size used for the official WordPress.com News blog/website and The Daily Post blog/website:



5. Please have proper handling of longer links/URLs so that they do not glitch over/across the sidebar and theme.

An example of this bug that I reported:


6. Please do not use faded/foggy/light-colored/et cetera fonts and fading/fog/mist/whatever effects/affects for the Twenty Fifteen theme that/which makes things hard to see and read, and that make it seem like you are going blind and/or have an eye disease and/or that make it seem that your blog and/or text is turning into a ghost/spirit/mist/fog/whatever. šŸ˜€

7. Please do not make the Title Headings font for posts/pages/et cetera too big for the Twenty Fifteen theme because people like me usually have long titles for my posts, and large Title Headings fonts make my titles waste a lot of space and it does not look very attractive in my opinion.

8. Please have a Blog Tagline option and have the Blog Tagline stay under/with the Blog Title even with a fixed header (which does not happen in the Twenty Fourteen theme), and please do not make the Blog Tagline font too small and too thin; and please do not put the Blog Title and Blog Tagline in the sidebar area(s) like in the Fictive theme.

9. Please do not make the Blog Title font too small or too big, and please have the Header sections on different lines so that the Blog Tagline, the Blog Title, the Header Image, the Menu, et cetera do not conflict/clash with each other because in the Twenty Thirteen theme the Blog Title and Blog Tagline conflicted/clashed with the Header Image area because they were on the same line; and maybe center them depending on how the theme is designed.

10. Please do not make the fonts for the other blog areas too small.

11. Please have proper handling of video embeds (YouTube, WordPress.tv, et cetera) so that double spacing is respected, and so that the embedded videos do not touch the body text.

An example of this bug that I reported:


12. Please do not make the main column width too narrow, which causes video embeds and images of certain sizes to show smaller than their normal size, and it creates more lines than necessary for people like me who often type longer sentences and titles.

An example of this annoyance that I reported:


13. Please have a no column, single column, two column option, and at least one footer option.

14. Please do not hide the widgets and/or menus like in the Tonal theme, and please have one or more sidebar options.

15. Please center the theme instead of having it left-aligned like the Twenty Fourteen theme.

A Twenty Fourteen theme review that mentions this and more:


16. Please have some default Header Images available like previous default themes like Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven, but do not have them enabled on default so that people can decide if they want to use them or not.

17. Please do not make the widget areas too narrow like the Primary Sidebar on the Twenty Fourteen theme which is too narrow in my opinion, and please do not force a sidebar to be shown even when it is empty like on/with the Twenty Fourteen theme.

18. Please have an option for all the post/page formats, and templates (archives, contact form, blog roll/links, about page/Gravatar profile/authors page/whatever, et cetera).

19. Please have the Header Image area under the Blog Title and Blog Tagline but above the Menu, in Twenty Twelve the Header Image area was under the Menu, and that looked a bit strange to me and it somewhat clashed with the images that I put at the top of my posts/pages.

20. I think that it would be nice if at least one free color palette, background pattern, background, font (the default WordPress font, Open Sans(?)), font size adjustment within a certain range for all blog areas, snapshot, et cetera would be added to the Twenty Fifteen theme and all themes to encourage people to buy upgrades by giving us at least one free example of each thing available in the upgrades when possible.

Kingpin (comics)
Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I can not remember the beginning of the first dream or most of the middle of the dream but I know that the dream was longer and more detailed than what I can remember, and the dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D I think possibly across from where MZ Church should be on Eastside.

I remember a small mall-like building and talking to man with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who lived in the neighborhood I guess, and he invited me to his dimly lit house/apartment which was possibly a small two-story house/apartment inside the mall-like building or near it or both.

His house/apartment had nice tinted window views of inside the mall and/or outside the mall with some of his walls made completely out of glass, and at some point after talking and having a tour of his house/apartment I was about to leave when my parents and some of my brothers walked by.

They greeted us and they talked to the man as I was walking away to leave, my parents stopped me and they told me that they told the man that I needed a job, and that he gave me a job at the store that he works at because he was a manager at the store.

I was surprised and they told me that I could go to the store now and that they would get me a uniform and that they would try to help me figure out which job at the store that I might like to try first, and that the man was about to get ready for work now and that he would be there to help me soon.

The man was a manager at an electronics-like store that was like a combination of Best Buy and Fred’s so it was somewhat of a general store with a focus on electronics, and the employees wore blueish colored uniforms; and the store was probably near his house/apartment inside the mall, and so I walked across the hall across from the stairs/escalator to the store.

I saw various employees working and one of them was probably my former female classmate CH, I started talking to her and some of the other employees letting them know that I was their newest co-worker, and I tried to learn about their jobs and the store.

At some point the man/manager arrived at the store and he started checking on everything to make sure that everything was in order, and he started letting each employee know what they needed to do; and he was very knowledgeable, professional, and he seemed like a nice manager.

He told me that he would get me my uniform and help/start training me once he was finished getting everything in order, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream was a combination of the video game Age Of Empires III, the TV show Game Of Thrones, and a movie with my fictional family and The Kingpin / Wilson Fisk; but I can not remember much of it.

The dream took place during the day and sometimes it moved between the perspectives of the video game Age Of Empires III, the TV show Game Of Thrones, and a movie with all perspectives being connected and involving the same story.

In the dream my fictional family included my real mom, a fictional sister who was the Game Of Thrones character Meera Reed, and a fictional brother who was the Game Of Thrones character Jojen Reed.

There was a political election for maybe mayor or something like that and several people were running including an old man with whitish colored skin, the Marvel villain The Kingpin/Wilson Fisk, and maybe someone wanted me to run and/or to help them with their political campaign.

I remember talking with the old man, The Kingpin, and maybe several other political candidates at my parents’ house about the election; and at some point they left, and something happened where the old man was attacked and killed, and maybe the other political candidates except for The Kingpin.

My fictional family and I got attacked in the Age Of Empires III video game perspective and my family was killed, but I survived the attack by defeating the assassins; and I assumed and/or realized that The Kingpin was behind their murders and the other murder(s) (maybe I saw him talking to some assassins at some point).

I hoped that The Kingpin would think that I was dead so that I would have time to gather evidence of his crimes and to stop him before the election, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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