My Own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) & Turning Into A Titan To Defend Against Titans

I barely remember part of one dream that took place during a nice day in the city of D, and at some point I think that I was with my brother GC and/or one or more people outside.

I either found or bought or was given a mostly whitish colored remote-controlled toy airplane that had a camera on the front of it that someone added to it, and it was basically a custom-built unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that you could control and see what it sees.

I decided that I wanted to test the UAV on the outskirts of the city in the country and so we went to the street where my former classmate SS’s parents’ house is, and I flew the UAV over the woods (forest) there where no one was likely to be hurt if it crashed; and I wanted to respect people’s privacy, and so I tried to fly over an area with many trees instead of houses/buildings (the country/outskirts of the city was the perfect place for this).

Flying the UAV was fun but at some point I stopped flying it because I still thought that it was dangerous flying a custom-built UAV, and at some point something strange happened where a titan (a giant humanoid like on the Japanese animated (anime) Attack On Titan) appeared walking through the area possibly destroying property and killing people.

I watched the film Pacific Rim last night and so this part of the dream was possibly inspired by that film, I remember being afraid for my life, and then I started to feel weird like I was changing; but then everything went black, and at some point I was still standing outside.

My brother and the others ran to me telling me that I had transformed into a titan and that I defended everyone against the other titan, and they asked how did I do that; but I had no memory of doing that.

It seemed that when my body was transforming another consciousness took over leaving my consciousness unconscious, and so I was not myself during the transformation.

Later in the dream there was another titan attack and I saw a bald man with whitish colored skin who was afraid for his life turn into a titan to defend against the other titan, and then later he turned back into himself with no memory of what had happened exactly either.

I explained to him what had happened and I told him that the same thing had happened to me earlier, during the transformation another consciousness seemed to have taken over and it acted different than him as it defended against the other titan, and I wondered if it was our subconscious controlling our bodies during the transformation or not.

I got to experience the transformation as myself and/or as the man and/or as several other people during the dream, and slowly I was able to remember a bit more before things would go black during the transformation; and I was getting closer to have some consciousness during the transformations, and I was closer to learning more about how we were able to transform into titans but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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