Going To A Public Bathroom With Lady Gaga & A Man

Once again I forgot most of my dreams after waking up to use the bathroom without voice recording my dreams before going back to sleep, and once again I got scared a wake by someone’s alarm clock on their mobile phone; and so now I only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of the last dream took place during the day in the field outside a slightly fictional version of what possibly was The BP Fairgrounds in the city of D, and my wild guess is that I had just finished advising the military/police/city/government/country with my defense/security recommendations to help protect against attacks because they were at war with another country.

I wanted no part of the war but I wanted to give some advice to better help defend innocent people and it was up to them to decide whether to follow any of my advice or not, I only gave advice and I was going to avoid participating in any war/offensive fighting, and at some point I somehow was with the music artist Lady Gaga and a man who was probably her friend.

I remember us walking and talking as we entered a building at the fairgrounds and we all had to use the bathroom so we went to a public bathroom that seemed to possibly be unisex(ed) because Lady Gaga entered the bathroom with us, and I think that maybe the actor Robert Downey, Jr was leaving one of the bathroom stalls as we entered the bathroom.

All three of us needed to defecate and so we each entered separate stalls that were next to each other, I entered the stall that Robert Downey Jr left, and Lady Gaga’s stall was between my stall and the other man’s stall; and I remember hearing Lady Gaga and the other man talking as I cleaned the toilet with some toilet tissue, and this part of the dream was very realistic.

This part of the dream was so realistic that I could feel the toilet tissue and its texture, I could feel the hardness of the toilet seat and the pressure/friction of me wiping it with the toilet tissue, I probably could smell as well, and the toilet cover had a bit of dried feces on it and so I wet some toilet tissue and I cleaned it; and I could feel the moisture and it softened the dried feces, and I was able to clean the bit of dried feces realistically.

I put a bit of toilet tissue on the seat before sitting down, I am not used to defecating in public bathrooms and so I felt/acted like I would in real life and I was uncomfortable and worried about cleanliness, and sitting on the toilet tissue covered toilet seat felt realistic.

I only pulled my pants down only enough so that my butt could touch the toilet seat and so my pants were still covering my groin, I was wearing my blackish colored jogging pants that have a large rip along the bottom groin area, and then I noticed a large crack/opening down the middle right side of my stall like there was a door connecting my stall to Lady Gaga’s stall.

There was a whitish colored plastic shopping bag-like material covering the opening so that no one could see into either stall but I heard the other man and Lady Gaga talking/laughing in Lady Gaga’s stall, and they were moving the shopping bag-like material so that they could look into my stall as a joke.

I warned them to stop joking around but they did it anyway and they started making fun of my ripped jogging pants, how I covered and cleaned the toilet with toilet tissue, and some other things like that; but they were only joking around, but it still annoyed me a bit and I warned them again to stop looking into my stall but then they probably opened the side door to my stall.

So now Lady Gaga’s stall was now opened into mine and Lady Gaga and the other man were standing in my stall now because they had finished using the bathroom because I had taken too long cleaning the toilet, fortunately I had not started using the bathroom yet, and so I pulled up my pants annoyed; and I flushed the rest of the toilet tissue and lifted the toilet seat.

I decided not to use the bathroom because they were watching me and standing in my stall and making fun of me, they were in a very joking mood it seemed, and I tried to relax a bit because I knew that they were only joking; but I still was not comfortable with those kind of jokes, and I told them so but I woke up as we walked to wash our hands.

The end,

-John Jr


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