A Trip To A College Campus & Naval Area With A Melissa Etheridge Concert & Brittany O’Connell

I somewhat remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day and it started at my parent’s house, and I remember talking to my mom.

I was almost out of money and still jobless and so I decided to take my last trip somewhere before my money runs out, and so I decided to drive to a fictional city to a fictional college that I once went to but did not finish; and my plan was to return back to my parents’ house the same day to save money.

I drove to this fictional college campus which also had a naval area (naval base) near and/or connected to it, the naval area was familiar and similar to an area in one or more dreams that I had where I possibly was in the navy, and I parked my automobile in a parking lot that maybe was on the side of the building but I am not sure.

I went inside one or more of the college buildings walking around thinking about my fictional memories of going to college there and I walked around looking at familiar areas until I reached a room on an upper floor where a music concert was about to take place and there were two college campus security guards there, and so I went inside the room to watch the music concert.

The room was a large carpeted dimly lit room with chairs set up with a chair set up for the music artist who was a somewhat older woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was a famous music artist probably named Melissa Etheridge who was probably a fictional version of the real Melissa Etheridge because she looked different from the real Mrs. Etheridge, and there were some college students there to watch the music concert.

My former male classmate JC was there as well and I remember talking to him before and briefly after the concert, the concert was a small and quiet concert with Mrs. Etheridge being alone with only a steel-string acoustic guitar, and she told us about how she had to move out of her larger house into a smaller house because of having less money now-a-days and she even told us the address to her smaller house.

She said that her main source of money now was doing small concerts and she talked about her life, and then she started the concert but I do not remember the concert and I only remember what happened after the concert; and I remember after the concert everyone had a chance to talk to her, get autographs, take photographs, et cetera but instead I left outside to the small parking lot or paved lot on the left side of the building.

In front of this small narrow paved lot was a field where mostly members / soldiers / sailors of the navy were playing sports and exercising, I was going to walk to the field to enjoy the nice weather, but I knew that there was a door on this side of the building that led to a restricted naval area where you had to have special security clearance to enter; and this door was by the narrow opening that led to the field, and I was afraid that security would arrest me if I walked too close to this door so I decided to go back inside the building to continue exploring the college.

At some point I was on another upper floor exploring classroom areas that were mostly empty because class was over for the day and maybe it was the summer semester, but a female teacher with whitish colored skin with reddish colored hair saw me and looked at me suspiciously asking me if she could help me with something.

I told her that I was a former student at the college here briefly for a trip for old memories sake (however you say that) and I told her a few other things including that I went to the music concert, she told me that I should not be walking around the classroom areas because I was no longer a student and she told me that the music concert had been for students only, and I apologized telling her that I did not know.

She decided not to report me and she just told me not to stay around too long in this area, for some reason she seemed familiar to me like she was a teacher who was there back when I was still in college, and she asked me if I remembered her name; and I thought about it and eventually I slowly remembered that her name was possibly Brittany O’Connell, and she told me that I was correct and so she was Brittany O’Connell.

We briefly talked and then we said goodbye and I walked to another area where some college students were about to watch a movie so I sat down to watch the movie, and I remember watching a movie trailer that took place in an area very similar to where we were.

There was a disaster of some kind possibly involving a spread of a virus and/or chemical and a man with dark brownish colored skin was maybe The President Of The United States taking shelter in this building with members of the military because this was maybe a military base next to maybe a farm and so I guess the movie took place in The United States Of America maybe, and maybe the president said that they were not ready for the huge crowd of survivors who were probably going to knock down the gate to seek shelter with them on the military base.

Like he predicted there was chaos and survivors from the city broke the gate and ran on the military base for shelter, I was already at the military base and I was in the movie trailer, and I remember the president telling his advisor and some military officers that they needed to burn the dead bodies to avoid a spread of the virus whatever; but the advisor recommended burning the bodies in a hidden area when no one was around to see it because they did not want the survivors to see this.

The president followed his advisors advice and I decided to walk away from the military base to a bridge that went into the city, on the bridge their were some signs that said “-3” which meant that it was dangerous to enter the city because of the risk of infection, and on the bridge was a man wearing a bandanna over this nose/mouth with maybe a hooded jacket with gloves who was also going to enter the city even though it was dangerous.

I pointed to the signs to warn him that it was dangerous and so he put another layer of something over his nose/mouth to be extra safe and he continued walking across the bridge to the city, and I followed him until the bridge ended to where you could enter the city from several different directions; and we paused to decide which direction we would go, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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