Playing Basketball With Michael Jordan & Michael Cera & My Former Classmate DS

I barely remember part of my last dream which was a long and detailed dream, but I forgot most of the dream, and I forgot the other dreams that I had last night.

I remember being inside a large one-story, probably windowless building which was like its own small community because it seemed that we lived inside the building.

We went to school inside the building, worked inside the building, we shopped inside the building, we played sports/exercised inside the building, et cetera.

At some point, I remember being asked to join a basketball game / match by some of my former classmates like my former male classmate DS, some celebrities like the basketball player Michael Jordan, the actor Michael Cera, and some other people who(m) I did not know.

The teams were picked randomly supposedly and somehow most of the good basketball players were on Michael Jordan’s team including my former classmate DS and other former classmates of mine who were good at basketball and most of the people who could not play basketball good were on Michael Cera’s team.

I was on Mr. Cera’s team; and I remember our team doing pretty good, but we did not stand a chance against Mr. Jordan’s team, and so we lost (the match was pretty long and detailed, but I can not remember most of it now).

After the basketball game / match, I remember walking around the building until a group of people asked me to help them with something.

So I went around the building helping them until I started to get suspicious about the group of people and about what they really were trying to do, and so I stopped helping them.

Another part of the dream took place in the living / apartment areas, but I can not remember this part of the dream.

Later, Mr. Cera and some other actors / actresses asked me to join them in a movie that they were filming.

I did not want to be directly in the movie, but they convinced me to join them.

That is all that I can remember of this long and detailed dream that I forgot most of.

The end,

  • John Jr

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