A Game Of Thrones-Like TV Show About Early America And A Tilda Swinton Frozen-Like Movie?

Dream 1

I forgot most of my dreams from last night except for part of two dreams, but I barely remember any of the first dream.

I know that the first dream involved me playing the video game Age Of Empires III having to complete two or three unique objectives each time that I played a game/match, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream is also unclear but I do remember dreaming of one or more fictional TV shows and movies, and one of the fictional TV shows was a Game Of Thrones-like TV show about early America (The United States) I think.

There was a family who was somewhat like a House Tyrell-like version of the House Stark family from the TV show Game Of Thrones who spoke English with a British accent with a mother or grandmother who was somewhat like Olenna Tyrell, an adult son or grandson who was like a combination of Robb Stark and Loras Tyrell, a teenage daughter or granddaughter who was like Sansa Stark, and a younger daughter or granddaughter who was like Arya Stark.

They were arriving by boat maybe early in the morning to a small wooden dock somewhere in America from somewhere else in America I guess to meet another great house (who possibly were a bit like House Martell) who they were friends with it seemed and/or they were at least hoping for a marriage alliance in the future, I have no idea if I was in the dream or not (probably not), and they were greeted by a family of mostly men or of completely men.

The Olenna Tyrell-like woman greeted the father of the other family and they all greeted each other, the Loras Tyrell / Robb Stark-like man shook the hand of a man his age who he seemed interested in but the man put his finger over his mouth like he was trying to stop him from attempting to kiss him like he knew that he would try to kiss him and he did not want the rest of his family to see this, the Sansa Stark-like young woman was interested in a young man her age who was not there to greet them and she was looking forward to meeting him, and the Arya Stark-like girl seemed interested in other things like probably learning new fighting styles and exploring and things like that.

Everyone started to walk away from the docks except for the Olenna Tyrell-like woman and the Loras Tyrell / Robb Stark-like man because she wanted to talk to him about the incident where the man put his finger on his mouth to stop him from trying to kiss him, and she told him that she was disappointed with how he basically threw himself at the man causing embarrassment and possibly risking ruining the marriage alliance that they were trying to form with this other great house.

She said and/or hinted that the other man’s father would not be happy with knowing that his son was in a homosexual relationship and that he should keep it secret and not make it obvious in public, but that is all that I can remember of this.

The next thing that I remember is seeing a fictional movie with the actress Tilda Swinton playing an angry wife driving angrily during the day complaining out-loud to herself about her relationship with her husband, and she was driving through a city that looked like a fictional version of the city of L.

She started speeding as she reached the highway and a police officer with whitish colored skin on a motorcycle tried to pull her over for speeding but she sped up causing the police officer to chase her with his motorcycle, and the dream slowly became animated and Tilda Swinton’s character slowly changed to look somewhat like Princess Elsa from the animated movie Frozen (which I have not seen yet) and she even had a dress that was almost like hers.

Before the dream started to change she was in either a van or sports utility vehicle but now she was possibly on a motorcycle as well and magically it became night and the highway became a quiet small road that eventually became the walkway of a part that had a closed gate at the end of the walkway, and she crashed and she flew into a deep water puddle that was big and deep enough to sit in like a kid’s swimming pool or hot tub.

The police officer angrily ran into the water puddle to arrest her and he got on top of her from behind in a position that looked sexual as he tried to handcuff her, but then he realized that their position looked sexual so he stopped.

He realized that she was not a threat and that she seemed angry/sad about something, he assumed that it was relationship problems, and so he started to feel sorry for her; and so he stopped and realized how beautiful she looked, and he apologized to her.

They both sat in the water puddle relaxing and they looked at each other probably smiling and laughing briefly, and then they sat there quietly relaxing and enjoying the moment until I entered the dream walking toward the gate to leave the park; and so they left before I could get close enough to say hello.

Something strange happened where I decided to get into the water puddle to relaxed and somehow I ended up with only yellow and blueish colored swimming trunks, I sat there in the water puddle relaxing (it was nice and quiet and you could see the stars and clouds and maybe the moon), and eventually I noticed that they park gates were closed and chained but not locked; and so it seemed to be time for the park to be closed soon, there were a few more people in the park, and so I decided to leave before they could see me in the water puddle and before the city workers lock the gates.

I realized that I locked the keys and my clothing inside one of my parents’ automobiles, The BV, which is what I had parked in the parking lot; and I went to The BV to check to make sure, but I was approached by a somewhat older man with dark brownish colored skin wearing a hat and holding maybe a cup of beer.

The man asked me if I would give him a ride, I asked him where and he said to the film festival, and I asked him where was the film festival; and he answered my question, but I was not comfortable giving a ride to a suspicious unknown person at night-time.

Fortunately and unfortunately I was probably locked out of the automobile so I told him this hoping that he would go away, and maybe he walked away but I can not remember; and I decided to wait until he was long gone before checking The BV to see if I was really locked out or not.

I was only wearing swimming trunks and so I was still wet and so I hoped that I would not have to walk all the way home during the night with no shoes or socks wearing only wet swimming trunks, but I woke up as I was waiting and hoping that I would not have to do that.

The end,

-John Jr

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