Ygritte And Survivors? | A Man Accidentally Starts A Gang

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Source: Wikipedia.org

Dream 1

I barely remember part of my first dream from last night that took place during a gray and depressive looking day in what seemed to be the city of D after a disaster of some kind, and the character Ygritte from the TV show Game Of Thrones was traveling with a man who(m) she possibly had recently married.

They seemed to be searching for food, water, shelter, supplies, et cetera because the city looked messed up (maybe debris/ash/snow/et cetera) and mostly abandoned like there were not many survivors left; and they reached the shopping center by W Park.

They were approached by a group of other survivors which included my mom and maybe some of my family, my uncle CE, my female cousin ME, several other family members and people I know, and some people I did not know; and they talked to each other, and they offered Ygritte and the man food/water/shelter in the ruins of building where Burkes Outlet and Dollar General should be.

They entered the ruins of the building and I was there at some point holding myself when I was a kid (I was holding a kid version of myself) and I also had a fictional baby brother in this dream, and there was a celebration possibly honoring the recent marriage of Ygritte and the man.

There was not much food or water and so the bread/food and water had to be dividing among everyone, but I remember everyone having a good time; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I barely remember part of the second/last dream where there was a man who accidentally started a gang when he accidentally got involved with selling drugs bought from drug suppliers by local gangs/cartels/mafias/et cetera, and he started making enough money to hire people.

Some of the local gangs took notice and incorrectly assumed that they were a gang, one of these gangs attacked his employees, and his employees fought back; and the man had to hire more people to defend his workers, and eventually they became a gang during this war with a real gang.

His newly formed gang was doing good in the drug selling business and a stronger gang saw them as a threat to their profits, and so this stronger gang started a war with them; and the man was forced to keep hiring people for his gang because his gang members kept getting killed during the war.

Eventually it was obvious that they could not compete as a gang and so they made a truce where their gang was disbanded, and they formed a new group that did not get involved with illegal activities; and some how I got involved with the new group who only dealt with legal things.

The leader had let power/money/greed/et cetera consume him and he started to go crazy and he wanted to get back involved with illegal activities, and so he tried to order us to do crazy/violent/illegal things hoping to start a war with the gangs; but I refused and I reminded him about his truce and about how our group was not a gang and that we did not get involved with illegal activities.

I seemed to be a high-ranking member of the group and/or an adviser, he would not listen to me, and so I told everyone to not obey his orders; and I called an emergency meeting and I temporarily ended all authority that the leader had because it was clear that he was out-of-control/acting crazy, not fit to lead, and he would start a war with the gangs.

I became the new temporary leader as the group decided what to do and how to force the leader to get help, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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