A New Job At A School | Getting Threatened At Gunpoint By A Racist Militia

Dream 1

I barely remember part of my first dream because I woke up to use the bathroom but someone else was using the bathroom so I had to wait, and so I walked around the house doing my usual morning cleaning/chores/whatever without thinking about my dreams until after I finished; but by then I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream, and I had another dream when I went back to sleep.

The first dream started at a fictional school in a fictional version of the city of D and it took place in the fictional past where I was in public school again, and many of my former classmates were in school again with me as well; but I can not remember most of the dream.

At the end of the dream there was a time jump where I went back to this school years later as an adult, in what seemed to possibly be in a fictional future beyond the present time, but this time I was starting a job at the school; but I can not remember what kind of job it was, but it seemed to be possibly a janitor/maintenance-like job.

Some of the same workers were there from back when I was younger and now they were older, and one of them was a man with dark brownish colored skin who either reminded me of my uncle ME (my aunt RE’s husband) or it was my uncle ME who seemed to be a janitor; and he was the person training me and showing me around.

At some point we entered a building at the school where the school board credit union bank was located, and I was greeted by another old male janitor who I remembered from when I was younger who had whitish colored skin with yellowish/grayish/whitish colored hair who somewhat reminded me of my former junior high school Math teacher Mr. W and my former co-worker from LBS Mr. DS.

I was greeted by several other workers who made comments about remembering me from when I was younger and telling me how much I look like my dad, and then I was greeted by the school board credit union bank workers who were former female classmates of mine like my former female classmate LJ.

I sat down and I talked with my former classmates, but I woke up as we talked.

Dream 2

The second dream took place during a cloudy/gray afternoon and my mom, my brother GC, my male cousin DE, and I drove to the city of L to explore and maybe fish.

My mom drove a truck pulling a utility trailer / an open trailer used to transport things with my cousin DE sitting on the trailer, my brother GC sitting in the open bed/back of the truck, and I sat in the front passenger seat.

We reached the city of L and we drove off the main road town a dirt road next to a field with a forest that led to a public body of water, but I saw dangerous looking country-type men with whitish colored skin blocking the road and field with guns (rifles, shotguns, maybe handguns) and they had a sniper in a deer stand in the field.

I sensed danger and I assumed that they were a local probably racist militia that recently formed that was trying to keep away anyone who was different from them (anyone they thought was an illegal immigrant, anyone with a different skin color, et cetera), but we drove to their blockade / roadblock anyway to see what was going on.

My mom and I got out of the truck to walk toward them, I told my brother GC and my cousin DE to stay on the truck and trailer, and the leader of the group was a stereotypical country-type who spoke English with a strong Southern American (United States) accent.

Standing next to the leader were two young men with rifles/shotguns and one of them was pointing his gun in our direction but not directly at us, and they looked at us angrily like they wanted to shoot us as the leader spoke.

He was a bit hard to understand but I think that he said something like: “Your kind is not welcome around here (referring to my brother GC, my cousin DE, and I) or those with them (referring to my mom), and so leave now or you will be shot.”

I said okay and I told my mom that we should leave, I was a bit shocked and terrified, and I got on the back of the truck with my brother GC so that we could leave quickly; and as we drove away I asked my brother GC and my cousin DE did they see and hear that, and could the believe what just happened.

The racist militia was still watching us with their guns pointed in our direction as we drove away, my mom stopped the truck like she was trying to decide whether to call the police or not, and I kept telling her to keep driving before they start shooting at us; and so she kept driving.

I was too afraid to call the police because I feared retaliation and that some of the police might be with the racist militia because they were openly blocking access to public space/property with guns, and the police/anyone did not seem to care.

I was not sure what to do other than maybe leaving the city, and I wondered if this was a sign of things to come as racism/hate/violence/decay/poverty/et cetera continue to grow in L leading to more people openly doing things like this and forming dangerous militias.

I was still a bit shocked and still thinking/talking about the situation wondering what should we do now, but I woke up as we continued to drive away.

The end,

-John Jr