Swimming And Strange Things Happening At A Hotel Buffet?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I finally got some sleep tonight but I failed to voice record any of my dreams and I slept too late, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream.

The dream probably took place over several days at a fictional hotel and some of my family, and some other people I can not remember were probably there was well.

There was a wooden dock area at the back of the hotel that was connected to a body of water that was small, but it connected to a larger body of water; and I remember swimming in the smaller body of water by the dock area with several other people on different days, and during the evenings and nights I usually stayed on the dock instead of swimming out of fear of wild non-human animals in the water.

I think that during the evening and night you could see some wild non-human animals, fish, et cetera so I mostly only swam during the day when they did not seem to be around; and I remember us having a good time swimming each day, but I was usually cautious and a bit afraid each time because this was not a swimming pool and it was natural body of water with wild non-human animals (some of which/whom were dangerous).

The hotel had a buffet each day on the first floor in a room that you could enter/exit from the dock area, and at the end of the dream I remember eating there but strange things kept happening.

Some of my family came to eat as well but my food/plates/et cetera kept disappearing and/or being moved before I could eat them, and so I had to keep going back to get more food/plates; but something will always be missing or moved, and so I would go to get a replacement only to find that it has happened again to something else.

I started to wonder if I was imaging things and so I asked some of my family, but I woke up before they could answer and before I could figure out what was going on; and before I could even eat.

The end,

-John Jr