8-1-2014 | Dream Fragments | A Place For Justin Bieber’s Family And Friends? | People Speaking French And My Brother GC Gets Arrested

English: Captive's medical clinic, camp 5, Gua...
English: Captive’s medical clinic, camp 5, Guantanamo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream 1

I had two long and detailed dreams last night that were so long and detailed that I can not remember important parts of the either dream now, but I do somewhat remember part of both dreams.

At some point in the first dream I was in my parents’ yard during a nice day and I thought that everyone had left the house/yard except for me, and at some point I walked across the street to the area where B used to live which is now owned by our neighbor Mr. RD; but in the dream the area closest to the road was a nasty dirty and damp area instead of grass.

This area had a nasty drain(age) pipe with molded nasty water with dead mice/rats/other non-human animals, trash, rotted food, et cetera around the area; but I can not remember why I walked to this area, and I remember bending down and putting my hand on the top of the drain(age) pipe to look inside of it.

I saw some dead mice/rats/et cetera along with molded nasty water with trash and rotted food but then I saw what seemed to be a living rat or mouse that saw me and it started moving toward me, and so I decided to walk back to my parents’ yard but something stabbed into my finger like a splinter or something like that.