8-1-2014 | Dream Fragments | A Place For Justin Bieber’s Family And Friends? | People Speaking French And My Brother GC Gets Arrested

English: Captive's medical clinic, camp 5, Gua...
English: Captive’s medical clinic, camp 5, Guantanamo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream 1

I had two long and detailed dreams last night that were so long and detailed that I can not remember important parts of the either dream now, but I do somewhat remember part of both dreams.

At some point in the first dream I was in my parents’ yard during a nice day and I thought that everyone had left the house/yard except for me, and at some point I walked across the street to the area where B used to live which is now owned by our neighbor Mr. RD; but in the dream the area closest to the road was a nasty dirty and damp area instead of grass.

This area had a nasty drain(age) pipe with molded nasty water with dead mice/rats/other non-human animals, trash, rotted food, et cetera around the area; but I can not remember why I walked to this area, and I remember bending down and putting my hand on the top of the drain(age) pipe to look inside of it.

I saw some dead mice/rats/et cetera along with molded nasty water with trash and rotted food but then I saw what seemed to be a living rat or mouse that saw me and it started moving toward me, and so I decided to walk back to my parents’ yard but something stabbed into my finger like a splinter or something like that.

I quickly walked back to my parents’ yard and I saw my dead grandfather CE‘s truck either pulling into or out of the area near the G House, and I pulled the splinter/whatever out of my finger and I started washing my hands with water from the water hose; and then I went inside to wash my hands with soap, and I was worried that I might get infected with something because that area was so nasty.

As I was washing my hands my mom was inside the house to my surprise and I told her that I thought that she was gone but she told me that she never left the house, and I told her about what happened to my finger and about how I saw my dead grandfather CE’s truck moving but I was not sure who was driving it (I assumed that it was my uncle CE or my mom when I saw it moving earlier); and she was not sure who was driving it either, and so she probably called my uncle CE to see if that was him driving the truck.

Later in the dream I went to see a doctor to have some lab work done and a physical/checkup because I had not had one since maybe the end of 2012 or early 2013, and because I was worried that I possibly got infected with something when I got that splinter in my finger earlier in the dream.

The medical clinic was in a fictional version of the building next to Enterprise Rent-A-Car across the street from M Tire Service on the second floor of one of their workshops maybe, and when I entered the medical clinic I was approached by an annoying/over-confident/womanizing/et cetera man with whitish colored skin with blackish colored hair who was either the doctor or a nurse whose family owned M Tire Service and the medical clinic; and I remembered this man from one or more forgotten past dreams, and I knew that I did not like him.

I remembered that he was the type of person who thought/knew that he looked very handsome, who was spoiled, who was over-confident, who liked to flirt and verbally sexual harass women and have sex with as many women as he can, et cetera; and I hoped that he was not going to be my doctor.

He took me to a room and he asked me to sit down without even having me sign in first or ask me what was wrong with me or what I wanted, and he started bragging about himself and saying inappropriate things about women that made me feel uncomfortable as he probably used a needle to take some blood from my arm or something like that (I am not sure because I looked away, and he did not say what he was doing); and this all seemed and felt real.

While he was doing this I told him that he did not even ask why I was there or what was wrong with me and that I did not want him doing anything extreme/serious, and I told him why I was there and what I wanted; and I reminded that I did not even sign in first, but he said that was not necessary and he continued bragging about himself and saying inappropriate things about women as he continued his examination/tests of/on me.

Either through the window or on a TV I saw a camera crew being led by a male host with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair into a fenced place with grass several indoor and outdoor buildings and exercise/sporting equipment and areas, and this area was said to be owned by the music artist Justin Bieber.

The host did not like Mr. Bieber and they saw one of Mr. Bieber’s friend’s pulling a tiny house into the yard using his own strength and ropes or chains, the friend was a tall athletic bald man with medium brownish colored skin, and the host used this as an example to show that Mr. Bieber was using some of his friend’s who have brownish colored skin as servants/non-human animals.

The host and his camera crew approached the man and some of the other friends of Mr. Bieber who had brownish colored skin, and the host started saying negative things about Mr. Bieber and about how he treated them; and he started asking them questions about how they felt about Mr. Bieber.

They agreed on some things that the host said but then they started to give the host a tour of the place while telling him about some of the good things that Mr. Bieber does for them, and they explained that this place was a place where some friends/family/et cetera of Mr. Bieber could hangout/party/live/et cetera.

One building had many cots/beds where people could sleep for free, another building was where breakfast/lunch/dinner was provided everyday for free, electricity/water/gas/internet/et cetera were free, there was a fitness area, swimming pools, hot tubes, basketball courts, tennis courts, game consoles, computers, et cetera all for free; and so they told the host that they were treated better than he thought, and that Mr. Bieber was nicer than they thought but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream was even longer and more detailed than the first dream and so I forgot most of it, but I do remember that the middle of the dream took place during the evening or night in a fictional city; and a woman from France who spoke English as well with whitish colored skin with long maybe curly yellowish colored hair in an older style wearing a somewhat large old-style maybe French-style dress, her brother who had whitish colored skin who probably only spoke French, her boyfriend who had whitish colored skin who she was engaged to marry whose native language was English but he could speak French as well, his brother who had whitish colored skin who only spoke English, and several of their friends and/or family members who all had whitish colored skin were walking around the city together trying to have fun.

I am not sure if I was with them or just seeing this and/or if I was the boyfriend, I just remember lights and entertainment on the streets with food/music/drink/rides/games/et cetera, and I remember arguing happening between both families over language and other things.

The woman was from a rich French family who only or mostly spoke French and the boyfriend was from a family who only spoke English and his family was probably middle-class or lower-class, and the girlfriend’s family did not want her to marry a man who was not from France; and the boyfriend’s family had no problem with the girlfriend, but they did not like when her or her family spoke French around them.

Both of their brother’s argued over language, her brother did not like her speaking English and his brother did not like them speaking French, and so they had to constantly try to stop arguments between their brothers’; and there was a lot of French spoken during the dream by various people, and I remember focusing very hard trying to understand what was being said in French.

The end of the dream took place during the day in another area where my brother GC and I came across a man and several people who were trying to sneak into a prison/jail for some reason(s) that I can not remember that had something to do with some dangerous prisoners and corrupt police officers, and we decided to help them; and we sneaked into the prison/jail, and eventually we got attacked by some of the prisoners and corrupt police officers.

I remember running and we all got split up and my brother GC got arrested, I knew this even though I did not see this, and the rest of us escaped; and I called my parents’, and they arrived with my brothers TD and KD to see my brother GC and to try to bail him out of jail.

They would not let us see my brother GC and we had to get into a very long line of people to wait our turn, the line had been there all day, and I started to worry that my brother GC might be dead or seriously injured because the corrupt police officers and/or prisoners might have beat/tortured/killed him trying to get information about who else was with him when he sneaked into the prison/jail; and I feared that my brother GC possibly had fought back to avoid getting arrested, and so the longer we waited the more worried I got.

I told my family about my fears and we tried to figure out if there was a way that we could see if my brother GC was alive and/or well, I considered trying to sneak further inside the prison/jail to find him or trying to get a lawyer, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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