Helping Kim Kardashian Make & Fix / Sew Something | My First Date With A Woman Named Ashlyn & The Hunger Games?

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of the first dream which was an unusual and surprising dream in some ways, I think that near the end of the dream I was inside a house watching TV maybe, and I think that there was a TV show showing rich female socialites/celebrities like Paris HiltonKim Kardashian / et cetera.

At some point I think that I was talking on a telephone with a fictional female friend about that TV show and other things who then started a three-way call with her female friend, who was Kim Kardashian to my surprise, and Mrs. Kardashian mentioned that she needed help making something and her/my friend suggested that I could probably help; and she hung up the telephone leaving only Mrs. Kardashian and I on the telephone to try to force me to help her.

Mrs. Kardashian probably did not know that I was still on the telephone and so she called her mom to tell her that she had bought her a gift, her mom tried to act unexcited after hearing what the gift was, but before she hung up the phone her mom started happily screaming/yelling in excitement; and Mrs. Kardashian and I heard it, and then magically I was in the same room as Mrs. Kardashian alone wondering what just happened (this was awkward being alone in the room with her, and I wondered where her husband Kanye West and everyone else were; and I tried to be very respectful in this awkward situation of being alone suddenly in a room with a married woman who I do not really know, and I hoped that no one would accidentally assume that we were having an affair or something like that).

I remember that she was wearing a pinkish colored top/shirt/whatever that showed a bit of cleavage and she was trying to make something but I am not sure what it was supposed to be exactly, and to me it looked like a folded grayish colored telephone line that she taped together to maybe a laser pointer or something like that.

I remember her wrapping some wire around one end of it like she was trying to make a wire wrapped handle, she was not sure what to do next, and so she told me something like:

“You’re a doctor, I am sure that you know how to do this or have training for this!”

I told her that I was not a medical doctor (I possibly did not even have a doctoral degree but I am not sure), and that my training/degree/experience was in another field/something else (maybe something computer related, but I am not sure); and that I had no experience with this so I had no idea what to do exactly, but I would try to help her.

I started asking her some simple questions to try to figure out what she was trying to make and what she wanted to use it for, and I remember her telling me that she wanted to use it at her presentation that she was going to have at an art and fashion presentation later; and it seemed that she was going to use it as a pointer during her presentation maybe, but I never found out exactly because she called her/our female friend instead of finishing our conversation first.

Our friend walked her through some steps over her mobile phone and Mrs. Kardashian got a blackish colored plastic ring/circle with metal wire in the inside, and she cut it and she pulled the plastic off of the wire; and then she started wrapping the other side of her creation like she was making the other side of the wire-wrapped handle or the other wire-wrapped handle.

After that she decided that was enough and she felt that it looked good enough, to me it looked like something a little kid would make in an arts & crafts class or something like that, but as long as she was happy with it I thought that was good; and I wondered if it was supposed to look like that as an art or fashion statement of some kind.

She then got a rectangular shaped reddish colored fabric carrying case that had two connected zippers with one zipper line on the left side and one on the right side, and so when she unzipped it a rectangular shaped flap (the middle) folding back; and she asked me to help her put the object she just made into it, and so I helped her but something happened when I was zipping the carrying case back up that caused it to tear.

Mrs. Kardashian became angry with me even though it was not my fault, I apologized and I told her that we could probably fix it by sewing it, and so we got some thread and a needle; and I started sewing/stitching the tear by hand while explaining it to her so that she can learn how to do it as well (I do not know how to sew in real life, but it would be nice if I did :D), and I even had her help me tie the knot at the end and test to make sure that it would hold.

My idea worked and she was happy now and I sewed/stitched it in a way where you could not really notice it, she thanked me and she told me that she might consider talking to me later about us either started a new business and/or making a new product for one of her businesses and/or me helping advise/train her sometimes and/or something like that; and she told me that she would have our friend contact me again if she needed my help again, and we said goodbye and I left so that she could get ready for her art & fashion presentation.

Dream 2

The second dream was longer, more detailed, and more confusing than the first dream; and so I can not remember some important parts of the dream, and so the dream is unclear.

It seemed that I was in a fictional version of the city of D during maybe a somewhat cloudy day on my parents’ street on the pavement near the G House at first, and I remember there being several small model automobiles (not real ones) and one or two small real automobiles that I think were both cars and one of them was a whitish colored car.

There were kids playing in the street in front of Mr. F’s yard and one of my brothers’ and/or someone else was near me, and I remember maybe cleaning and/or looking at the automobiles; and various other things happened that I can not remember, but I do know that the small model automobiles could drive like toy automobiles and one of them was a whitish colored futuristic automobile that could drive itself.

Many things happened in the dream that I can not remember and at some point I went to my parents’ house which was dimly lit on what became my first date with a woman named Ashlyn who I met and/or was introduced to by maybe a mutual friend in the dream during the parts of the dream that I can not remember, and Ashlyn probably had whitish colored skin with reddish colored hair and she probably looked like PS AR at first but at this point in the dream she looked and acted a bit more like the vampire Violet Mazurski from the TV show True Blood combined with PS AR so she probably had dark-colored hair with whitish skin during this part of the dream but I could be wrong.

I introduced Ashlyn to my parents’ and my brother or brothers’ who were there (most of them were gone), my parents’ were surprised and smiling/happy to see me finally having a date and getting to meet her on my first date, and at first I am not sure if this really was meant to be a date; but it quickly became one.

During the introduction I had to ask Ashlyn how to pronounce her name because no one said her name earlier in the dream but I did see how it was spelled and I did not want to mispronounce her name, this was a bit embarrassing, but I did find out that I was pronouncing it correctly.

Ashlyn and I went to the living room as my parents’ briefly watched us still smiling from the dining room, which was a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable, but they eventually went to another room to give us a bit of privacy.

At first I was not sure if this was a date or not or if Ashlyn was even interested in me and so I decided to play it safe by giving her a tour of the house, and then I let her play a video game on my computer as I sat next to her teaching her how to play while we talked a bit; but we both found this boring because we both wanted to make out and have sex instead, but I had no idea that she wanted to do this as well at first.

I noticed that she looked as bored as I did and so I asked her if she was bored too, she said yes and that she rather do something else, and I asked her what she wanted to do instead; and she told me that I knew what she rather do and that I wanted to do the same thing, I paused, and then I asked it if it was to make out and have sex and she said yes.

I told her that I was surprised that she would be interested in me as well and that I was surprised how I wanted to make out with and have sex with someone who I only recently met and was on my first date with, this was not like me, and then we kissed and she jumped into my lap; and we started making out while moving toward the couch to hopefully be out of view of anyone walking through the dining room.

We wanted to have sex but some of my family was still in the house and so we just made out instead until I saw two people walking into our yard, and so I went to see who they were; but I am not sure if Ashlyn and I said goodbye first or what happened to her because I do not remember seeing her in the dream again after this part.

I went outside and I think that the two people were Mrs. CH and my former male classmate DH who is her son, I greeted them and I welcomed them inside, and I remember us going into a fictional large family room inside the house (so at this point the house was larger and it looked different); but I can not remember seeing Ashlyn inside the house, but it is possible that I saw her and that we said goodbye to each other for the day because of the interruptions but I can not remember.

Something strange happened in the dream where maybe I started watching a fictional future The Hunger Games movie or movie like The Hunger Games or the dream became like the hunger games where I met a fictional version of Katniss Everdeen or a woman who was like her except that she looked different and she had whitish colored skin with reddish colored hair; but there was a time jump in the dream where it jumped to the future.

The Katniss-like woman was now with a rebel group it seems, some of the people helping lead this group were possibly not human (maybe angels or aliens or beings who looked human) or they just looked strange because they wore a lot of whitish colored makeup with whitish/silvered colored hair with fancy/wacky upper-class futuristic style clothing, and they acted different from the other rebels (maybe they were from the rich/upper-class district/whatever).

I was there as well trying to check on the Katniss-like woman because I knew that she was not well, it seemed that I was one of her friends’, and she seemed to be mentally/emotionally/physically/et cetera unstable from her past experiences during The Hunger Games/whatever and during the rebellion so far.

There were time jumps showing clips of her losing consciousness a lot, waking up with nightmares, having problems sleeping, having eating problems, and many other problems as some of her friends’ and I came to visit her sometimes; and the strange-looking rebels were the ones around her the most, but they seemed to lack empathy but they tried to keep her alive because they wanted to use her as a symbol of the rebellion and to lead the rebellion I guess.

The strange-looking rebels were waiting for her to get well so that she could lead the rebellion but she was refusing professional medical/mental help so she went days/weeks/maybe months/maybe longer in this very unstable/unhealthy state until one day she finally followed some of our advice, I went to visit her and I was told by some of the strange-looking rebels that she finally went to the doctor, and so I went to the doctor’s office to visit her.

I remember going to a nice modern multi-story building to an upper floor to a waiting room that was in a hallway over-looking the lower floors that had brownish colored carpet with wooden framed chairs with fabric cushioned seats, and I saw the Katniss-like woman sitting in one of the chairs with her feet in the chair with her arms around her knees looking uncomfortable.

I noticed that she had gained a lot of weight/fat since I last seen her, I greeted her, and we started talking having a very realistic conversation that felt real; and she talked about how she did not want to lead the rebellion and she told me some other things, I listened and I said a few things to get her to think about possible positives to the situation, and she started to mention some of the possible positives to the situation.

She said that she was ready to get the help that she needed and I told her that I would be there to help and I held her hand, I could feel realistic emotions, and I noticed that her stomach looked round and it poked out like she was possibly pregnant; but I woke up as I was noticing this and thinking about this.

The end,

-John Jr

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I almost done reading your August 2014 and probably won’t be able to comment/reblog/whatever for each blog post! There’s really too many dreams! I can’t keep up. Anyway, I wonder if you’re next to get married and/or have babies. Hehe!

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Hello Flynn,

Wow! Well done and thank you 🙂 , yes there are too many dreams 😀 , I have not missed a day of dream blogging since probably August 2013 (a new blogging record for me); and so I have posted dreams everyday for over a year now and you know how long/detailed my dreams can be, and so that is a lot of dreams/details. 😉

Me finally dating for the first time, finally getting married for the first time, and/or finally having one or more babies for the first time would be a super surprise/shock because at this rate the chance of any of those things happening any time soon or at all is probably about a 1% chance 😀 ; but that would be very interesting/surprising. 😉

Thank you for commenting Flynn 🙂 ,
-John Jr


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