School + Lindsay Lohan And Her Dad + Grace Randolph + A FedEx Airplane Landing Next To A Road = ?

*Part of my dream that I typed either disappeared or got moved thanks to a Zemanta Getty Image glitch that happened when I removed a Getty Image and the Zemanta Quadruple Spacing Glitch happened so now I have to adjust the spacing of every sentence (AHHHHHHH!!), I am not sure which parts or missing or moved, and so I lost the entire opening to this dream and post; and other unknown parts that I typed, and this is very annoying because I already did not feel like typing my dream today and not I can not remember what parts are missing that I already typed.

I know that part of what I typed possibly involved how I did not feel like typing my dreams today so I would skip parts of the dream to save time typing it, I forgot all of my dreams today except for part of one very unclear dream that was pretty detailed but I forgot most of it, and I woke up not being able to hear as good so I am still trying to figure this out (hopefully it is just an ear fungus or sinus pressure or something simple like that).*