School + Lindsay Lohan And Her Dad + Grace Randolph + A FedEx Airplane Landing Next To A Road = ?

*Part of my dream that I typed either disappeared or got moved thanks to a Zemanta Getty Image glitch that happened when I removed a Getty Image and the Zemanta Quadruple Spacing Glitch happened so now I have to adjust the spacing of every sentence (AHHHHHHH!!), I am not sure which parts or missing or moved, and so I lost the entire opening to this dream and post; and other unknown parts that I typed, and this is very annoying because I already did not feel like typing my dream today and not I can not remember what parts are missing that I already typed.

I know that part of what I typed possibly involved how I did not feel like typing my dreams today so I would skip parts of the dream to save time typing it, I forgot all of my dreams today except for part of one very unclear dream that was pretty detailed but I forgot most of it, and I woke up not being able to hear as good so I am still trying to figure this out (hopefully it is just an ear fungus or sinus pressure or something simple like that).*

I remember going to school or college several times in the dream over several different days during the day probably in maybe a slightly fictional version of the city of D at a nice fictional school or college, and many of my former classmates were there as well.

I am not sure when this part of the dream happened but I remember seeing or being inside a large carpeted room inside of a building as the actress Lindsay Lohan and her dad (I am not sure if it was her real dad or not because I do not know what he looks like) had an emotional conversation about her life, life in general, death, et cetera.

At some point they were in a bathroom and were going to take a bath or Mrs. Lohan’s dad was going to help bathe her as they stood up still having an emotional conversation, Mrs. Lohan was topless but her back was facing me and she had the rest of her clothing on and her dad still had his clothes on, and I remember her dad talking about how this current generation (in the dream this seemed to be a future generation, like this dream took place in a different future where kids were being raised/whatever oddly or something, so they seemed to lack certain emotions) lacks empathy/emotions/et cetera on certain things in life.

Her dad seemed sadden by this and he asked Mr. Lohan a few questions involving death and/or something like that, she answered his questions without showing certain emotions/empathy/et cetera, and so he realized that even her generation was being effected/affected by the current culture/whatever that was changing people; and he started to cry, and he hugged her apologizing and saying a few other things.

It was a very emotional moment and after it they were going to start taking their clothes off to take a shower/bath but I heard a voice behind me saying something like: “You do not need to see this.” ; and I was knocked unconscious.

I woke up on a bed in a dimly lit room wondering where I was and what had happened to me, and someone started telling me various conflicting stories that sounded like lies saying that Mrs. Lohan and her dad had knocked me unconscious and put me on the bed; and each conflicting story made it sound like I was with them and for some reason they decided to knock me unconscious, but they thought that they accidentally killed me (in one of the stories her dad stabbed me in my head with something or hit me with something that accidentally stabbed in my head) so they put me on the bed and left hoping that I would wake up when they returned or they would leave me there and pretend to not be involved.

That is all that I can remember of that part of the dream and I have no idea when that part of the dream took place, and another part of the dream involved me going to school or college each day; and each day mostly middle-class/upper-class former classmates of mine (like my former male classmates JU, MB, RM, et cetera) would ask to use my low-priced/cheap $1.50 white musk body spray that is pretty strong/good for the price, and they would ask to borrow some of my school supplies.

I remember my former male classmate LT making a comment about them always asking to borrow/use stuff from a lower-class student like me and how they were using a body spray usually used by students with brownish colored skin from the poorer neighborhoods like Eastside, and I remember that we would all talk/study/do other things during a break before class and after class in a large well-lit classroom or room with many tables and chairs.

Many of the middle-class/upper-class students sat near where I usually sat surprisingly but like in real life back then and now I communicated with people from various groups, and I never tried to pick any particular group so I stayed/stay group-less; and during one of these breaks I remember watching a video with Grace Randolph from YouTube talking about how it was not fair that women in many cultures can not go around topless like men can, which surprised me, but I agreed with her.

I remember Grace saying that she was not going to go around topless or showing cleavage to get attention for herself or for this issue, she would continue to keep herself covered, but she would continue to stand up for/fight for women to have the same freedom as men on this issue; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

During the last part of the dream I think that I was walking home after school or college during the day past/passed the C Elementary School and I walked over to the field by the HD Head Start School for some reason that I think involved me remembering old memories, but I decided to turn around because it did not seem right to be on or near school property unofficially after school hours; and because I decided to walk to a store to get something that I can not remember before going home.

As I walked on the grass on the right side of the road past the C Elementary School on my way to maybe the BB Grocery Store I saw and heard a small FedEx airplane fly over my head low to the ground to my surprise, and I remember daydreaming/thinking that it would be cool to have my own helicopter to fly around in instead of my automobile.

To my surprise the FedEx airplane landed in front of me on side of the road in the parking lot of a fictional business next to the highway, several people ran up to the airplane in excitement to talk to the male pilot about his amazing landing in such a small area, but I continued walking toward the BB Grocery Store.

I saw many people outside in part of the parking lot and someone was selling many plastic and glass bottles of water oddly, for some reason many people were trying to buy it which I thought was strange, and my former female classmate JH was walking in front of me saying how she thought that it was strange as well and a waste of money and/or something like that; and we briefly talked as we walked into the store, and then we went our separate ways.

At this point I was not sure what I even wanted from the store anymore and so I walked around trying to remember while thinking about the strange water bottle selling outside, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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