Acting And Giving A Speech At A College And One Of My Brothers Goes Missing At A Snow Cone Stand During A Storm

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I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place in a fictional city over several days, and I remember being at a college during the day (possibly late afternoon or early evening or it was just cloudy with darker reddish/orangish colors in the sky during parts of the dream) where I was a somewhat famous/popular/respected student who worked as an actor and who I guess had pretty good grades as well.

Most of the dream (the parts that I can remember) took place outside in a field on the college campus where there were several buildings, parks with trees/plants/ponds, students hanging out, et cetera; and I remember walking around having brief conversations with people because I was pretty popular/well-known from my acting work, and so people often greeted me which was interesting/strange because I am not used to getting that kind of attention (especially from women).

I was on my way to act in a few scenes for a movie or something like that which was being filmed on the college campus, I remember doing my scenes outside and inside the hallway entrance of a building with an actress who possibly was my former classmate DF, and some of our college-mates/school-mates were watching.

I remember the director complaining about how I said some of my lines, I was not happy with how I said it and how it was written either and the actress in the scene with me agreed and made fun of how I said it in a joking way, and she told me to say my lines while acting like myself or something like that; and so I did and it worked better, and we ended filming for the day.

I briefly talked with the actress and I thanked her, I talked with the director, I talked with some of our college-mates, and then I talked with my mom who reminded me that I had to give a speech soon at the college for a special ceremony; and so my mom brought me a suit and tie, and she helped me put them on as we talked.

I thanked my mom and I said goodbye to walk around a bit until it was time for me to give my speech, I also had no speech prepared and so I decided to just say what comes to my mind, and I came across my former male classmate JC near a pond; and I remember walking around and talking with him, and we almost fell into the pond when we walked too closely to it once.

I am not sure if I ever gave the speech or not but I remember leaving the college campus in my automobile with all of my brothers except for my brother CC to get snow cones at a fictional snow cone stand near the college campus in a field near a back road that led to the highway that I went to several times in the dream on different days during parts of the dream that I can not remember, in the dream I remember thinking about my memories of this snow cone stand, and so this snow cone stand was familiar to me.

A bad storm was said to be possibly coming to the city soon and so we hoped to get some snow cones before it came, I remember parking my automobile and my brothers and I walked up to the snow cone stand to order our snow cones instead of driving through, and I remember the clouds and sky getting dark like the storm was coming sooner than expected as we talked.

As we were getting our snow cones part of the storm came through suddenly so fast that we only had time to grab our snow cones and try to hold on to something to avoid getting blown away by the wind, but one of my brothers (either TD or KD) was not able to hold on to anything because he was further behind us and he did not get his snow cone (I grabbed it so that it would not blow away).

This part of the storm passed in a few quick seconds and when I turned around to ask my brothers if they were okay, one of them was missing, and we started looking around for him and calling for him; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr