George R.R. Martin? | A US Presidential Library? | A False Awakening Dream With Këloudah? | Kim Raver & First Lady Michelle Obama?

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of my first dream from last night which took place during the day in the city of D, and I was living in a fictional apartment house where Saint VDP should be with my brother GC and several other people including a man who looked somewhat like the actor Kristian Nairn who plays the character Hodor from the TV show Game Of Thrones.

The man who looked somewhat like Mr. Nairn told us that he was a huge fan of the author George R.R. Martin, and that if he ever sees him in real life that he would (in his words): “Loose his s###.”; and shortly after telling us this my brother GC and I were in the yard near the sidewalk by the street, and we saw a man who looked somewhat like the author George R.R. Martin walking down the sidewalk to our surprise.

We greeted him and I asked him if he was the author George R.R. Martin and he said that he was, even though he looked a bit differently and he sounded/spoke/talked a bit differently from the real Mr. Martin, and we told him that one of our house-mates was a big fan of his; and we asked him to wait a moment so that we could get him.

We found our house-mate who looked a bit like Mr. Nairn and we took him outside to meet Mr. Martin, Mr. Martin said hello to him, and then he “Lost his s###” like he said that he would; and he ran around screaming, making sounds, jumping for joy, trying to bear-hug us (he was a big/large/tall man who could lift you off your feet), et cetera.

My brother GC and I managed to escape inside our apartment house to discuss something with some of our other house-mates, I am not sure what it was exactly, but my guess is that it was a plan to maybe get rid of (get them to move out) a certain person in the apartment house who we found to be annoying but that is my wild guess; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My second dream also took place in the city of D during the day and I was riding in the BV in the middle seat on the right side while my mom drove and my male cousin DE sat in the front passengers seat, and we were driving downtown to take my cousin DE somewhere I guess; and my mom asked me about a fictional local United States Presidential Library or several fictional local United States Presidential Libraries that I went to at least once a month, and maybe I had a special membership there or something like that.

I had memories of going there, maybe paying my membership fees, maybe getting monthly newsletters/whatever, and even meeting former Presidents Of The United States like Bill Clinton; and I think that former US President Bill Clinton or another former US President was going to be there or was already there for a visit.

I told my mom about it and then she parked the BV and they got out to go inside a building on the left side of the street in downtown D, I opened the side windows and back windows to get some fresh air and because it is summer and because they did not open the front windows, but I woke up as I sat inside the BV waiting on them.

Dream 3

The third dream is the longest dream from last night and it ended with a false awakening dream that was probably a dream within a dream, I only remember some of this dream, and I remember living at a fictional nice multi-story dorm/apartment building on an upper floor with several suite-mates; and two of my suite-mates were two brothers from somewhere in Asia who were short with light brownish/yellowish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and one of them had a strange haircut/hairstyle that was long in some places and short in some places and very short in other places almost like a strange fade with patches combined with long hair.

They both were raised in a very rough/terrible abusive environment, they were abused by their parents’ growing up, but they presented themselves as smart ideal college students most of the time; but I sensed that was only partly true but that it was also a cover/mask, and I felt that they were possibly running a gang also.

I remember talking to the brother with the strange haircut/hairstyle when suddenly there was a knock at the door and someone was speaking whatever Asian-based language he spoke, he started speaking back in that language without opening the door for that person oddly, and then there was another knock at the door; and he opened the door to let a group of mostly men with brownish colored skin into the room who were wearing baggy clothes and do-rags on their heads, and they were smoking.

Whatever they were smoking started effecting/affecting me like it was making me a bit high as I looked at the door noticing that it had two layers to it that could open, one layer was a grayish color and the other layer was a blackish color, and I examined it trying to see if it was broken or not; and one of the men with brownish colored skin walked over to help me, and whatever he was smoking caused me to cough and it continued to effect/affect me causing us both to laugh and act a bit strange.

We figured out that the door was not broken and that there was another door on the right side of the room that looked the same, we found another room on the other side of the door that was like an entrance room with two solid pinkish colored doors on the left and right side of the room that opened to the hallway, and across the hallway was maybe an office or police station or something strange like that where I saw desks and people working and even a woman who looked like April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and the rest of the hallways had doors to various dorm/apartment rooms.

I went back into our dorm/apartment to walk back to my room, as I was walking I noticed a fish moving on a napkin on the top of a couch like it had jumped out of a fish tank (I was not sure if I was hallucinating or not), and so I was going to ask the others if they knew anything about the fish; but all that I can remember is later in the dream or in another dream.

I was driving in an open cart-like vehicle during the day up the street by the C Elementary School as kids were leaving the school on foot/skates/bicycles/et cetera and traffic was slowed down, I had to let several kids cross the street, and once I reached the stop sign I could not see the street to see if traffic was coming or not because of parked automobiles blocking all visibility and traffic and kids.

I remember letting a girl with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair skate across the street in her pinkish colored skates, then I noticed that right behind me was an old scary looking woman who possibly was not even human in another open cart-like vehicle, and she was so close to me that she could touch me; and she had old wrinkled powdery (like makeup) whitish colored skin with scary/evil reddish glowing eyes with long fingers with long sharp scary/evil finger nails, and she was trying to see around traffic too so she was not paying much attention to me at first.

I noticed that she had a twin in the vehicle driving it from the back, I was freaked out by their appearance and I tried to not move so that they would not notice me, but I also tried to see if I could drive past the stop sign so that I could get away from them; but my movement seemed to attract the one closest to me, and then she started trying to grab me causing me to wake up in fear.

Instead of waking up into the real world I woke up into another dream, a dream within a dream without realizing it, and this was a false awakening dream as well; and it was morning and I think an old woman was in my room in her sleeping clothes like she was trying to sleep in my bed with me, and maybe her trying to grab me in bed was reflected in the other dream.

I jumped out of bed telling her to get off of me and asking her what she was doing and who she was et cetera, but then another woman entered the room wearing only underwear who looked like she was possibly a female alien who had a slightly different facial structure than a human or she was just a human who was born that way or who had surgery or some kind of tribal traditions/procedures/whatever (like some tribes/ethnic groups do to their bodies) done to her face; and she had short reddish colored hair with whitish colored skin with maybe a few face/body tattoos and/or face/body paint and maybe a few face/body piercings, and she somewhat looked like the alien character Irisa Nyira from the Syfy TV show Defiance (which I have never watched yet).

They both seemed to want to sleep in bed with me but maybe not in a sexual way exactly, probably to just cuddle or something like that, and so I tried to make sense of what was going on and I told them to be quiet and stay in the room so that no one would know that they were there; and I walked out of the bedroom and closed the door to see who else was in the house, and I went to the bathroom.

I think that I was itching so I lifted my T-shirt while looking in the mirror and I had what looked like flea bites in a horizontal line that went up from my chest down to my side, I heard a few other people in the house, and I sneaked back to the bedroom to talk to them to try to figure out how to handle the situation.

I had no interest in sleeping in the same bed with the old woman but I was willing to consider sleeping in the same bed with the other woman/alien, as I was talking to them the woman/alien had a paper or something with her or next to her that had her name written on it, and my wild guess is that it looked maybe like a Swedish-like name (but I have no idea, and this wild guess came to my mind in the dream); and even though my memory is unclear I think that her named looked something like this but probably missing some letters and special symbols/characters/accents: Këloudah.

I was not sure how to pronounce her name, but I woke up before I could learn how to pronounce it and before I could learn more about her.

Dream 4

The fourth/last dream took place during the day in the city of D at a fictional apartment house where my aunt JE’s house should be, and I lived in the apartment house with several celebrities and/or people who knew some celebrities; and there was a small parking lot on the right side of our apartment house with maybe a few offices involved in the entertainment business, and across the street in front of us was what seemed to be another apartment house where Mr. FF’s house should be.

I remember taking a bath or shower in the bathroom and then I was brushing my teeth at one of the sinks with no shirt on with a towel over my shoulders (I was wearing underwear and pants, but I had not put my shirt on yet), and in front of me over the sinks was a window that took up most of the wall over the sink that had no curtains so you could see across the street to the other apartment house and they could see you.

I saw the actress Kim Raver drive up to the parking lot on the side of our apartment house in a light tannish and brownish colored large 1990’s-style van, she got out of her van and she went into one of the offices, and then she walked across the street to the yard of the other apartment house; and she took off her clothes to reveal a bikini, and she had a tan and to my surprise she had a nice large tanned butt.

One of my apartment-mates who looked like a male model with whitish colored skin with toned muscles and short dark brownish colored hair entered the bathroom with no shirt on to brush his teeth and then take a shower, as we were brushing our teeth looking out of the window, Mrs. Raver noticed us as she was possibly running around in her bikini through a water sprinkler and we waved at each other; and then to my surprise a woman walked out of the other apartment house who looked like The First Lady Of The United States Michelle Obama, and she started watering her plants/flowers, and she noticed us and we waved at each other.

Mrs. Raver and US First Lady Obama said something to each other while smiling/laughing, and then they glanced back at us a few times; and at some point I finished brushing my teeth, and I left the bathroom after putting on my T-shirt to go hang out with my apartment-mates and their friends.

I remember one of my apartment-mates impersonating/making fun of the comedian Jack Black and/or another comedian to entertain us as we all hung out with some of their friends.

I remember sitting on a couch at some point and a somewhat over-fat man with whitish colored skin with very short orangish colored hair sat next to me on my left side, I said a few things to him and then I tried to stand up, but my arm was stuck to his arm or something strange like that; and so I tried to get it unstuck but I was having a hard time, and so another man with whitish colored skin sat on the couch on my other side, he noticed me struggling, and he tried to help but he got stuck/whatever to the other man as well.

It seemed that the man with the orangish colored hair had a special condition/problem where his skin would easily get stuck to other people, and the other man and I struggled to get unstuck; and I accidentally woke up into the real world still feeling like I was stuck, and I was struggling a bit like I was stuck to my bed (my muscles were probably just a bit paralyzed still from being in sleep mode) but it slowly wore off.

The end,

-John Jr

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