Looking For Something At A Vehicle Place / Junkyard?

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream, and the end of the dream took place during either late in the afternoon or early evening in a fictional place.

My mom called a vehicle place / junkyard / and / or something like that where we had something / an object there that was possibly being fixed and/or something like that, maybe an automobile or something like that, and the owner who was a thin man with whitish colored skin with a Southern American (USA) accent said that they were closed for the day.

The owner and his workers were gone for the day but he said that we could go pick up our object/whatever that was there, and so I rode with my mom as she/we drove to the vehicle place/junkyard/whatever; and when we got there my mom had me walk around looking for  our object/whatever.

The area was fenced in with open outdoor areas, covered carport-like areas, and garage-like areas with vehicles/tools/parts/metal/equipment/et cetera all over the place; and I remember searching around hoping to find our object/whatever quickly before someone assumed that we were not supposed to be there and call the police on us, even though the owner gave us permission.

There was a dog in the outdoor area tied up with a chain or rope by a dog house, this dog barked at me and it tried to attack me but it could not reach me, and I had to get past the dog because it was blocking my path; but after I got past it someone must have heard all the barking, and I saw a man walking around looking around like he was trying to see if someone was there.

I continued looking around trying to avoid being seen while hoping that he would not see me, and I started thinking about what I would tell him if he saw me; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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