A Survival & Revenge Dream With Steven Seagal & Rihanna?

I only remember part of the end of one dream from last night probably because of interruptions because of diarrhea/gas/et cetera, my memory is unclear so I am not sure if the earlier parts of the dream were on a train or not, but I think that I was traveling with people I know/knew on a vacation trip maybe on an underground subway or building or inside a windowless building.

There were probably other people there as well but I can not remember, everyone was having a good time, and then I think that a group of dangerous mafia-like men led by a little girl or a little woman or a little female being with whitish colored skin with blackish colored hair who reminded me of my dead female cousin AE (for some reason(s) that I can not remember) started attacking/torturing/murdering everyone.

There was a back-story to this dream that I can not remember where I think that the little female and her mafia-like group liked to do terrible/evil things to people (torture/murder/et cetera), I think that they tortured/killed some people I knew as well and that they were there to torture/murder me and the other people with me who knew about their crimes, and the little female was the worst of them.

The little female sounded like a bratty evil little girl who enjoyed verbally taunting her victims as she tortured/murdered/et cetera them, evil is one word that would definitely describe her and her mafia-like henchmen, and one of her henchmen looked and acted like or probably was the character Franco The Elder (Vlad Ivanov) from the movie Snowpiercer.

The little female and her henchmen ran around the building and/or train (maybe we were on a train at first and stopped at a station at a building, and was attacked there) happily torturing/murdering people, and I remember running/hiding/fighting as the people with me and I tried to survive (it was a terrible and chaotic situation as the evil little female and her evil henchmen happily hunted everyone down smiling/laughing/taunting them/us); and wherever we were there were narrow hallway-like places and small rooms and things to hide behind, and everything looked nice like an old-style upper-class train and/or hotel and/or multi-purpose building for various types of events.

At some point in the dream I was alone with a man who either was or was like the actor Steven Seagal, I am not sure if everyone else was dead or not (most of them were probably dead, but maybe some escaped if they were lucky), and we seemed to be the last survivors left in the building (it is possible that Mr. Seagal was not there at first, and that he came to help/get revenge near the end of the dream); and he was there to get revenge because the little female and her henchmen tortured/murdered some people he knew in the past as well, and we both joined together for a last stand against the evil little female and her evil henchmen hoping to stop them forever.

Mr. Seagal was also part of the back-story that I can not remember where he helped me and some other people in a life and death situation, and so I owed him a life and death level favor.

Mr. Seagal was good at hand-to-hand combat and mêlée combat so he focused on that while I focused on ranged attacks using pistols taken from the dead bodies of the henchmen that we would kill, we ran around the building fighting, hiding, using ambushes, and other tactics to survive until only the little female and her two best/most dangerous henchmen were left with the most dangerous henchmen being the man who possibly was Franco The Elder.

Mr. Seagal and I used our smart tactics/strategies to lure the henchmen into traps and eventually we killed them, Franco The Elder was the last to die, and he put up a good fight where it took both of us to kill him; and our fight with him was the longest and hardest fight in the dream.

Only the evil little female was left as she taunted us telling us of how she tortured/murdered the people we knew and how she was going to do the same to us and she ran to attack us, I knew that Mr. Seagal could handle her on his own and that she was the one who he was really there to get revenge on, and I thanked him and I said goodbye letting him know that I was returning the life and death level favor so we were even now; and so this meant that I was going to walk away so that I could not see and let him do whatever he wanted to do to her, whether it was turning her in to the police or torturing her or killing her et cetera, and if the police ever questioned me I would not reveal his identity or even mention him (I would not lie, but I would refuse to talk about certain things that involved what happened).

As I walked away I heard the little female try to attack him but it sounded like that failed and it sounded like he picked her up and took her to some equipment in a kitchen where I heard cutting/grinding equipment, and she started screaming like he was slowly cutting/grinding her toes/fingers/body parts very slowly to torture her; but I kept walking even though I did not like the idea of torture (though part of me felt that she deserved it), I did not want to witness anything so that could not be used against me by the police if they ever questioned me, and I walked to try to find the exit.

I recognized the building that I was in as a part of a building that had been closed off for renovations for many years and had been abandoned but now it was completely renovated so nicely that I almost did not recognize it as I walked around seeing old-style upper-class kitchens, eating areas, meeting areas, lounge areas, auditoriums, et cetera where various events could take place; and the areas where we fought earlier were more hotel/train-like.

I saw a lit/lighted sign with maybe greenish colored lights for the word Exit and yellowish/whitish colored lights for the whitish square-shaped border around it showing that one or more exits were near, I could still hear the terrible screams of the little female and the cutting/grinding sounds (maybe), but to my surprise I saw the music artist Rihanna walking in the hallway toward me dressed nicely with her clothing/dress/et cetera and hair (it was made to look short or was short) in a 1920’s style.

To avoid looking suspicious I kept walking and I greeted her and I told her that I was lost and I asked her where the exit was, she told me where it was and I thanked her, and I commented on how much different this part of the building looked; and how this was my first time seeing it again in years, she replied, and then I said goodbye.

Before I walking into the next hall to the exit she asked me if I could hear the terrible screaming, I said yes and I commented that it sounded it terrible and that I was not sure what was going on exactly, and then I walked out of the exit into another part of the building in a hallway in what was a school; and I saw students and teachers in the hallway, and I saw my parents’ standing outside the office waiting for my brothers and I.

The first day of school was about to end and they were worried about us so they came to make sure that we all made it home safely from school, I greeted them and I told them that my brothers would probably be here soon once the bell rings in a few minutes, and I started talking to them as we waited.

I feared and wondered if there were any cameras around, would Rihanna find Mr. Seagal and the little female and call the police, would Mr. Seagal clean up the evidence so the police would never know, would the police ever start investigating and question me, and many other thoughts were on my mind as the bell rang and students started to leave school as my parents’ and I waited for my other brothers; and I thought about what I would and what I would not tell the police if they ever questioned me, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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