My Former Classmate SS Commits Suicide And My Mom Gets A Deadly Contagious Disease In Another Country? | An Alien / Entity Called Mother With Followers?

*Somehow this post got messed up after I left to donate blood (which went very well, the best so far, no negative reactions) where duplicates of each dream, even an incomplete version of one dream with a duplicate YouTube video link, got added somehow; maybe a bug? And so I had to edit this post again. 😦 *

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the first dream where I was inside a fictional house where my family and I lived and I got a telephone call from my former male classmate SS, his brother MS, and my former male classmate MS.

All three of them were living together in Korea (probably South Korea where my former classmate SS was born), my former classmate SS and his brother MS were probably also working there again, and my former classmate MS was probably stationed there with the military again or he decided to start living there again; and all three of them sounded very happy like they were having a lot of fun living in South Korea again.

Days or weeks or months later my former male classmate DH came to our fictional house to give me some bad news of a rumor he heard that our former classmate SS was dead, the rumor was that our former classmate MS killed him in an accident, but it made no sense so we contacted an uncle of our former classmate SS; and he came to our house, and my mom was there as well.

The uncle of our former classmate SS was sad and he was crying as he told us that it was true that our former classmate SS (his nephew) was dead but it was not true that he was killed by our former classmate MS in an accident, he told us that he was told that our former classmate SS committed suicide but that he would have to see the official report to verify if that was the real cause of death or not, but I did not want to believe it because it did not seem like something that he would do and he sounded so happy when I last talked to him.

All that I can remember next is that during the end of the dream my mom, my brother GC, and I were in another country that was either in South Korea or The Philippines or Vietnam or a country like that in a small area over water with small wooden bridges / docks with small houses that was like a village on water where tourists would pass through to get rides / travel on / by small boats to reach land and/or other places inside the country.

We were following other tourists across the small wooden bridges/docks trying to reach the boat that would take us somewhere else, I remember one strange narrow light tannish colored wooden seesaw-like bridge that connected to the area/dock where the boat was, and it would go up and down in various parts as we tried to walk across it; and so everyone had to move cautiously as we crossed it.

We reached the area where the boat was and a man and a young woman who ran the boat were there forcing us to wait in line for some reason like they were stalling us as they looked at each of us, and when they got to/reached my mom I noticed that it seemed like her hair was gone and she had long scars over her head like someone had done brain surgery on her or something like that; and the man and the young woman who ran the boat noticed this as well.

Suddenly the man grabbed a syringe and he tried to stabbed my mom with it and I stopped him but then the young woman grabbed some sharp scissors and she tried to stab my mom in the head with it, and so my brother GC tried to stop her; and the man and the young woman were yelling that my mom was infected with a deadly disease that kills everyone who gets it, and that killing my mom was the humane thing to do and that it would help stop the spread of the disease.

The young woman grabbed a syringe and she stabbed my brother GC when he was not looking and it paralyzed him, and so I had to start fighting them as they tried to kill my mom; but they partly stabbed me with a syringe as well that started to somewhat paralyze me, but I was fighting for our lives so I resisted it.

It was a brutal and realistic fight where my body was slowly paralyzing so I had to quickly kill them to stop them, I stabbed both of them with a syringe and I stabbed them to death with the scissors and I beat them to death before my body fully paralyzed, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I somewhat remember part of my second dream which might have taken place on another planet during the day, and I remember being outside in a field near buildings where there was a group of people who were followers of an alien/entity that I think they called Mother; and I think that Mother was a floating / flying reddish colored egg-shaped alien / entity who was surrounded by a circular field of energy or air or something like that.

Mother seemed to be a kind entity/alien and so were her followers but something happened to her where she would change forms/states/whatever and her color and shape and personality and actions would change, and her followers would change into vampire-like entities who were faster/stronger/could jump higher/had better endurance/et cetera; and during this negative state her followers would attack people like vampires, and they would be wild and violent and they would avoid sunlight.

I happened to be walking near her followers when this change happened and it changed me as well but I did not turn violent or wild and I did not need blood/whatever and I did not avoid sunlight, and her followers would attack me as well because they did not recognize me as one of them because I was not a follower.

I could run faster, jump higher (even higher than the followers, but they were faster and stronger than me), I was stronger, et cetera; and during this negative change I would have to fight, run, jump, and hide from the followers as they killed people and tried to kill me.

Fortunately the followers and Mother would change back to their normal selves but this cycle kept happening, something was probably causing this to happen to them because they were a good/nice group of people but only during the change would they act like this and they had no control over it, and at the end of the dream I clearly remember running and jumping very high over buildings/fences/et cetera and through the field to escape them; and I would move into areas of sunlight so that they could not attack me (they would not go into the light), there were clouds that would sometimes block the sun in certain areas creating shade in those areas, and so I had to move around to the sun spots/unshaded areas as the clouds moved.

Interestingly the changed Mother probably would not attack anyone (she/it probably continued floating/flying in the sky above us), I am not sure what form Mother would take during the change but I think that her color would change from reddish to blackish but I could be wrong, and I remember wanting to help them stop this change from happening to them (when they would change back to normal they probably had no memory of what happened and I would tell them what happened, and they felt bad about it and they wanted to stop this change as well); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr