Tpindell’s Dogs | Humphrey Bogart’s News Story About A New Invention | Looking For A Restaurant And Getting Into A Fight | Spring Dies

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Dream 1

The first dream took place during the day at where my aunt JE’s house should be but Mrs. CH and probably her husband lived there instead, and Mrs. CH asked me to fix a computer or something like that for her; and so I went to her house to fix it, but she left to go somewhere while I fixed it.

I fixed it before she returned so I left and I came back later to let her know that I fixed it, when I came back she was there this time and I told her that it was fixed and she thanked me and maybe paid me, and then I walked to a fictional area either in the yard of E Manor or between E Manor and Mrs. R’s abandoned house; and Tpindell from YouTube lived there with maybe his girlfriend and his fictional dogs (he had at least four dogs, probably more), and my aunt DE/my uncle EE/my cousin EE and his girlfriend and their kids were visiting him as well.

I walked over to talk to them in the yard as Tpindell’s dogs walked around the yard and at some point one of his dogs (probably an English Bulldog) and another dog climbed the small fence, and they walked to the street; and so Tpindell and some of the others went after them, I remember making a comment that I did not think that Tpindell needed so many dogs or any dogs at all really, and my aunt DE got angry and she said a few things to me but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream also took place in the city of D during the day but this time at the two-story house/mansion across the street from where McDonald’s should be during what looked like maybe the 1930s or 1940s, and the actor Humphrey Bogart and an actress with whitish colored skin were journalists or playing journalists who were working on a new story about a man who claimed to have a new amazing invention.

A gather of upper-class/rich people in the city was taking place inside the mansion (everyone was dressed up, and it was a calm gathering with drinking/smoking/talking/maybe some quiet music/et cetera) and so Mr. Bogart and the actress/fellow journalist went there to meet the inventor; and the actress acted like she had a higher position than Mr. Bogart or she was his boss or she just acted like it and she liked to make the plans/decisions.

Mr. Bogart and the actress talked at a table or near a bar but then the actress backed away so that Mr. Bogart could meet the inventor and interview him, the inventor and Mr. Bogart went to a quiet area in the mansion to talk, and the inventor claimed to have a new invention that probably was a scanner/copier but I am not sure; but Mr. Bogart wanted to see proof, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream took place during late in the afternoon in a fictional place and I was walking around in a small fictional lower-class neighborhood trying to find a certain fictional restaurant with maybe a GPS, and I found it next to a street but it was abandoned; and it looked like is used to be a place where you stood outside of it and ordered your food from the sidewalk, a food stand basically, but now it was closed.

Across the street was a small fictional well-lit restaurant franchise and I could see people inside eating/drinking/et cetera, and so I walked over to go inside to see the menu; but there were people in the way and there was a narrow entrance, and so I had to keep kindly saying excuse me as I made my way further inside where I could see the well-lit menu that was on the top of the wall over the counter area.

Some of my former classmates were eating/drinking at tables and some were standing up like my former male classmate RB and my former male classmate LL, and something happened where one of them bumped into me or I bumped into them by accident; and I apologized, but they became angry and very rude and started threatening and maybe pushing me.

I got so angry/annoyed that I did something that is not like me at all and I punched one of them in the face, both of them are bigger/taller than me, and one of them charged me and I used my grappling skills to avoid being tackled; and I slammed/did a take-down to him that was so hard that it ended the fight, and I did it without even trying very hard.

People were surprised/amazed that I was able to do that so easily to a larger opponent who was trying hard to defeat me, my former classmate DF was one of the workers, and I remember her acting rude to me as well; but I woke up as I looked at the menu.

*Spring (Summer’s kitten, killed by Jack while he was tied up, she got too close I guess) | Spring 2014 – Summer 2014 | She was born in Spring, but she died in Summer.*

The end,

-John Jr


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    1. Hello Flynn,

      I think that English Bulldogs (English Heatstrokes) look a bit ugly 😀 , and that their breed should be improved to help remove some of the various health problems/et cetera ( that are common to the breed because of poor breeding decisions made by human breeders.

      Yeah, I unsubscribed from his channel this year, and so I have not seen many of his videos recently. 😉

      Thank you for commenting 🙂 ,
      -John Jr


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