A Young Woman Finds A Religious Cult In Another Dimension Led By A Crazy Woman Who Worships Darkness?

Chani and Irulan
Titles: Children of Dune
People: Julie Cox, Barbora Kodetová
Photo by Zdeneck Vavara - © 2003 - The Sci Fi Channel and Touchstone Television - All Rights Reserved
Source: IMDb

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of one dream that took place during they day in one dream world/dimension, and possibly in another dream world/dimension or area in the first dream world/dimension.

I am not sure if I was directly in the dream or not or if I was just an observer who was in the dream but no one could see me, either way, all that I can remember is that there was a young woman who had a male friend and a female friend who possibly found another dimension/dream world when she was exploring.

In this other dimension/dream world/wherever was a fanatical religious cult lead by a woman or female being with whitish colored skin with long hair wearing a long dress who worshiped darkness (literal darkness) I think, they were pretty extremist/fanatical and crazy, especially the woman leading the cult (one of the young woman’s friends called the female leader of the cult and her cult: “Insane and Bat S##t Crazy!” :D).

I think that their dimension was a small dream world/planet with dirt/rocks almost like a desert or it was a desert where there was a lot of darkness, they worshiped the darkness and they probably loved anything that was dark/black/et cetera and they probably wanted to spread darkness over the entire universe (they literally wanted remove light from the universe I think), and they executed all non-believers/infidels/heretics/et cetera; but I can not remember the details of their religion/culture other than them probably somewhat reminding me of a crazy splinter group from the Fremen from Frank Herbert’s Dune books and the Necromonger Empire and their Necroism religion from the movie The Chronicles Of Riddick (which came on TV last night, but I only saw part of it), but fortunately their cult was not good at fighting like either of those groups.

I am not sure if the leader of the cult was really the mother of the young woman or not, either way the female leader of the cult adopted the young woman as her daughter, and the female leader of the cult had son who was about her age as well who had whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair.

The young woman decided to stay with them a while because she was the curious explorer/scientist-type, she wanted to learn more about them/their religion/their culture/their dimension/world/whatever, and at first she was treated very well like a princess; but one day the female leader/her unofficial adopted mother angrily burst/stormed/entered into her bedroom and she decided that the young woman was a heretic/non-believer/infidel/et cetera and she probably threatened the young woman’s life with a knife and she probably came close to killing her herself at knife point while giving an angry speech/lecture, and she ordered her to be arrested and she was to be executed.

I am not sure why this happened and it was not even explained in the dream, the young woman was clearly not a believer from the beginning and she maybe even told them this at first letting them know that she was just there to learn/study/explore/et cetera, but it seemed that the female leader was very unstable/crazy so there were periods of time where she would probably order people to be arrested and executed for no real reason.

The son of the female leader visited the young woman/his unofficial adopted sister, he disagreed with his mother but she was in control and crazy/unstable and she had the support of the cult, and so there was nothing that he could do to help her other than convince his mother to send news of the coming execution to her friends; and so he convinced his mother to let him send letters to her friends in the other dimension/dream world/wherever, and so he did.

The young woman’s male friend and female friend got the letters, they could not go to the police/government/military for help for some reasons that I can not remember (maybe no one would believe them or they had no authority in the other dimension and/or something like that maybe), and so they decided that they would try to rescue their friend from the other dimension even though it was probably a suicide mission.

Their plan was to sneak in, free their friend from prison, and escape back to their dimension before the execution; but it was probably going to be nearly impossible for them to do this, they were going to try regardless, and they quickly started preparing themselves and probably passing on messages to their families and the young woman’s family but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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