Behind The Scenes Of Saints Row IV With Michael Clarke Duncan As Benjamin King & Drooling

I had several dreams last night, but I did not voice record them after waking up to use the bathroom one or two times.

I probably would have remembered part of them, but something happened during the night that caused me to forget all of my dreams, except for barely part of my last dream.

I was sleeping and having a dream about the video game Saints Row IV, and I probably was doing some missions in the game at first, but I can not remember those parts of the dream.

They probably were fictional missions inspired by the Saint Row IV DLC (downloadable content) called Enter The Dominatrix.

Later in the dream, I was seeing / hearing behind the scene’s footage involving the making of the video game, showing the actors / actresses recording the audio / reading their lines for the game.

I could read / see what they were reading, and various other behind the scene’s footage that I can not remember.

I think that the actor Michael Clarke Duncan was reading his lines for his character Benjamin King and I could see the text/lines that he was reading.

Then I suddenly woke up in the real world and I had drooled on my second pillow while I was sleeping/dreaming because my first pillow was leaning off the bed leaving a space where my head/neck was in the air not touching my second pillow at an angle that helped cause me to drool on my second pillow.

Somehow I faded back to sleep partly on a mission to deal with the drool by trying to erase the lines/text that Mr. Duncan was reading at the exact time that I started drooling, which makes no sense to me but in the dream it did. 😀

I found the exact lines/text, and I erased them.

Then I worried that this would cause a bug/glitch in the game, so I tried to restore the text/lines.

During this I woke up and went back to sleep several times thinking, daydreaming, and dreaming about the situation trying to figure out how to handle this and the drool.

During all of this jumping between different states of consciousness, I forgot all of my other dreams, and most of my last dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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