A Fictional City & Timothy DeLaGhetto & My Former Classmate JC | A Quicksand Sleeping Cycle & False Awakenings

Dream 1

The first dream took place in a familiar fictional city starting in the afternoon or evening, I remember driving around to several small gas stations and/or convenience stores, and I visited one or more of them several times.

One of these stores or gas stations had a male worker talking to his male friend about a problem that he was having, when I entered the building they told me that they were closed for the day, and so I left; and eventually I called my family to meet me at a house that was for rent, and I drove there.

It was a nice modern spacious multi-story house with a lot of whitish colored areas, it looked like a house where a group of people would live together for a reality television show, and my parents and some of my brothers came to view the house with me; and Timothy DeLaGhetto, his family, and some of his friends were there to view the house as well.

After viewing the house my family went back to their hotel room I think and I drove somewhere else, it was late in the evening or night now, and I remember walking outside of a one-story house/building that had a screened porch; and my former male classmate JC was there, and I went to visit him.

I had to use the bathroom so my former classmate JC walked me to his bathroom, the house was like a building where each room was separate and you had to keep walking straight to reach the next room so the house was a bit tunnel-like, but oddly each room seemed to get larger and less house-like and brighter and windowless the further back we walked until it was like we were in a large building instead of a small house; and the bathroom was a large bathroom that looked like a public bathroom.

This part of the dream felt a bit gloomy/sad/depressive/strange, maybe because it seemed that my former classmate was still mourning the death of his mother who died less than two weeks ago, and so he probably seemed a bit sad/quiet/distant/et cetera; and we walked and talked back to the front of the house where it was like a small house lit by lamps which added to the atmosphere of the dream, and the front parts of the house had a few windows maybe so you could tell that it was dark outside unlike the back parts of the house which were like a windowless large building.

We went to the room that was behind the porch which was a kitchen and dining room to sit down and talk, as we were talking I noticed a dark figure standing outside the porch on the sidewalk watching us, and so we walked outside to see who it was; and it was one of our male classmates (maybe BH) or a fictional version of one of our male classmates who was like a combination of several of our classmates.

Our classmate came to ask my former JC for help with something and so we sat down to listen to his story/request, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream/last dream is really a series of dreams, daydreams, thoughts, false awakenings, real awakenings, et cetera that I kept having after the first dream when I got caught in a quicksand sleeping cycle for a long time where I got very comfortable and I did not want to get out of bed; and I kept jumping between various states of consciousness.

Many of the dreams, daydreams, thoughts, et cetera that I had were typed by me here on my WordPress.com blog except that I was not typing them in the real world, but in the dreams/daydreams/thoughts; and so many of these were false awakening dreams where I thought that I was in the real world typing my dreams.

There were times when I knew and told myself that this is not real but I still typed them regardless/anyway just in case I was wrong, I even added images/videos/links/et cetera (using Wikimedia Commons, Wikia, Wikipedia, and Zemanta) to the things that I typed and I even picked an image to represent each dream/daydream/et cetera, and I would even edit them as I had new dreams/daydreams/thoughts; but this constant quicksand sleep cycle of waking up in the real world, dreaming, daydreaming, thinking, false awakenings, et cetera caused me to forget what all of those things were really about.

Most of them were about the same thing/people/situations/topics/et cetera but with slight changes each time sometimes the topic would be changed into a movie, sometimes it would be changed into a television show, sometimes it would be changed into a book series, et cetera; but I can not remember what they were about exactly.

I remember a thin woman with whitish colored skin with long medium-to-dark colored hair who was probably a celebrity who was probably in most of them, her role probably slightly changed each time, and there were articles and images about her that I would add to my dreams/daydreams/thoughts as I typed them/edited them.

At some point I finally got myself to end this constant quicksand sleep cycle by finally getting out of bed (first I focused on trying to record/remember everything, but unfortunately I recorded/remembered most of it on my fictional blog and in the dream world instead of the real world; and so now I forgot most of it because my mind thought that I had already recorded/remembered it all), which was hard because during these cycles it is very hard to get out of bed and it feels like being in quicksand physically and mentally/emotionally, and so I over-slept this morning.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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