A Fictional Small Country And Two Brothers Trying To Humiliate Me As I Urinate



McDonald's Kulim Source: self-made Author : Jimmy Tan
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Once again I do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will not waste much time typing part of the only dream that I can partly remember from last night, I had another dream after this one, but I can not remember it at this time because of the way I woke up and got straight out of bed and I got distracted by other things.

The dream started during the day in a small fictional country that possibly somewhat seemed like Israel at first in some areas and then like Italy in another area and then like Japan in another area, I have no idea how I got there or why I was there, but I do know that I was not the only tourist or person visiting who did not live in this small fictional country because there were other tourists there from other countries as well.

I was in an area that was similar to the area across the highway/street from W Park in the city of D where some of the businesses along the highway/street should be, there was even an area across the street that looked like W Park, and I remember being around groups of people near a fast food restaurant outside near a parking lot.

Most of the people hanging out in this area lived in this small country and most of them had light brownish/tanned colored skin with dark-colored hair, this group of citizens were unemployed like me and they would hang out here looking at a job board outside where job openings would be posted, and I needed a job as well even though I was not a citizen of this country.

A few of the citizens were mean and angry about being jobless and they hated outsiders/non-citizens like myself but most of them were not like this, unfortunately the mean/angry citizens started verbally assaulting me and threatening to attack me because they did not want me in their country competing with them for jobs and they just seemed to hate outsiders, and they started approaching me.

I was not afraid of them because I felt that I could defeat them in combat but I decided to walk away to avoid violence but I accidentally walked by the area where you order so my movement triggered the sensor and a female workers asked me what was my order so I told her that it was an accident, I walked into the parking lot near some other businesses, and I noticed a sign that showed that a WWE entertainment wrestling event was taking place in one of the buildings; and I remember thinking that maybe I could get a job with the WWE or doing MMA (mixed martial arts) fights or grappling matches and/or something physical like that.

The angry/mean citizens continued following me and so I walked across the street to the park-like area and now it was evening and darker outside, I saw two brothers (one was a young adult or adult, and the other was a teenager or kid and both of them had short blackish colored hair with yellowish/whitish colored skin; and the oldest wore glasses) playing tennis who I think were from Japan, and they were in what looked like the yard of E Manor and the house even looked like E Manor.

I wanted to play tennis with them but I felt like I needed to urinate badly and so I asked them where was the bathroom, they told me that I could use their bathroom and they went to unlock the door of the house for me but I still had my keys for E Manor, and so I asked them if they had changed the locks; and they said yes, I noticed that the locks/door knobs were changed so my keys would not work, and I asked them if they changed the locks on the laundry building too but they said no so my key would still work for that.

I asked them if their family had bought E Manor and they said yes, I told them that my grandfather used to own it before he died and that is why I had keys for it, and I told them that I had no idea that my mom’s family had sold it.

The inside of the house was bigger and a bit different in some areas and they walked me down a hallway into a strange open room that was a combination of a bathroom and one or two other rooms, there was no privacy in this room at all, and they walked me past the toilet to a large square brownish colored leather backless/armrest-less lounge-like sofa/couch that you could lay on.

They told me that I could urinate on the sofa/couch and that it was sometimes defecated on by people they did not like and/or old people/family members and/or something like that, they were smiling and laughing a bit like they did not like me and that I did not deserve to use the toilet like they did not consider me to even be human, and so they wanted to have fun disgusting and embarrassing me and treating me like a wild animal et cetera; and to them it was fun to do this to people like me, and the youngest brother was the worst/meanest and he even openly said his disgust of me and people like me even though he did not even know me.

I told them that I could not do this and that I rather use the toilet but they just sat or stood there waiting for me to urinate right next to them, something strange happened where they then walked me to an indoor pond in this same room hoping that they could get me to urinate in it, and we go into the indoor pond; and then an older man with brownish colored skin with long permed/straightened hair entered the indoor pond with us wearing only bikini/speedo-style underwear.

He seemed familiar with being pressured to not use the toilet and so he knew got into the indoor pond expecting to be told to urinate in it, he was right and the two brothers started pressuring him, and so I got out of the indoor pond as the man started to urinate in it as the two brothers watched and smiled and laughed and humiliated the man; and it was pretty disturbing/disgusting to see them doing that to someone, I tried to get him to not do it, but he seemed a bit broken like he was used to being treated like that which was sad but I could understand.

I then walked to the toilet and I probably urinated as the two brothers probably watched, I thanked them for letting me use the bathroom, and I walked away somewhat angrily and defiant; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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