Parachuting Without Parachutes?

I only remember part of my last dream which was a bit long and confusing/unclear, my memory of this dream is fading, and so I will try to type what I remember.

I know that this dream took place in at least three different fictional and slightly fictional locations during the day.

The first location was a fictional outdoor area that was possibly not too far from a long highway/bridge like the long bridge to the city of NO that is over water/swamp(s).

I was in this area with other people and maybe tourists who were eating/drinking/talking/walking/sitting/et cetera.

In the sky near the bridge/highway, we started to see young adults parachuting from the sky without parachutes, it seemed (or most of them had no parachutes).

At first, it seemed like college students doing dangerous things for fun as some of them landed safely in trees or the water or even on land, but some of them did not land safely & they died.

Then it started to seem like they were possibly like soldiers in the military being used / sacrificed as part of some plan to use as many young adults as they could to help them win a war and / or something like that.

It seemed that this was either part of their training and/or part of the recruitment process to see who survives and/or they were returning from the war.

None of them had uniforms or seemed like soldiers, but I assumed this.

I even remember the phrase/slogan “Support Our Troops” possibly being used in the dream.

I remember watching as the young adults formed a line in and under the trees, slowly and respectfully moving the dead bodies of the young adults who did not survive the landing.

Some adults/family/friends/whoever came to help and/or watch as they cried.

This all seemed possibly symbolic showing the effects of people being sent to fight wars and how they family/friends/et cetera suffer, maybe.

That is all that I can remember of the first location of the dream.

The second location of the dream took place inside a fictional building or apartment in a mostly whitish/grayish colored modern carpeted room that had open multiple floors or semi-floors that you could see from each floor because they were open instead of closed.

This part of the dream is the most unclear and strange, but other people were there, including possibly the music artist Eminem.

I think that perhaps conversations about the parachuting came up in this part of the dream and I possibly learned more about what was going on, many other things happened, but my memory of what happened just faded, unfortunately.

So, I cannot remember this part of the dream at this time.

The third location of the dream took place outside in a slightly fictional version of the downtown area of the city of D.

I was with a man who I cannot remember who worked with the WWE who was probably in the second part of the dream and someone else.

Something was going on outside, involving maybe parachuting without a parachute again, and some threats.

We split up, and I remember running quickly across the street on all-fours (my hands and feet) to avoid getting hit by an automobile.

I remember feeling weird about being seen running on all-fours, but for some reason, it felt more comfortable and faster to run like that.

I was trying to run to and/or after something that I cannot remember.

All parts of this dream were connected, and more things were revealed/learned, and the dream got more confusing/strange as it continued.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember most of it to make sense of what was going on exactly, and that is all that I can remember/make sense of from this dream at this time.

The end,

  • John Jr

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