An Aliens Inspired Dream With Lions & SA Buffet & The Young Shepherdess Painting

I remember part of my last dream from last night that was somewhat inspired by the movie Aliens, which I watched part of last night before going to sleep, and all that I can remember of the dream is that at some point I was with some of my family during the day at a shopping center like the one where the Goodwill Computer Store used to be in the city of LC.

I can not remember most of the dream so most of the parts of the dream that were inspired by the movie Aliens are missing, I remember walking outside on the covered walkway, and there was a friendly lion outside in the parking lot; but suddenly another lion ran across the parking lot to attack some of my family and I, but the friendly lion started fighting the other lion. (All of the lions in the dream were male lions)

My family ran back into the building and I had a dark-colored pistol, I ran to help the friendly lion but I was having a hard time trying to get a clear shot as they fought, and at some point I shot at the other lion a few times and it ran away; and the friendly lion chased it, some of my family walked back outside, and we noticed some blood on the parking lot but I was not sure if I shot the other lion or not.

Another lion came running across the parking lot to attack us and it had a metal plate on its head like someone had done surgery on its brain and took out part of its skull, it also seemed that something was controlling it (maybe an alien attached to its brain or a device) and that is possibly why the other lion attacked us as well (all of the lions that tried to attack us probably had metal plates on their head as well, like parts of their skulls were missing and like something was done or added to their brains), and I let the lion run close enough to me so that I could shoot it in the head; and I shot it in the head, but it kept running at me, and so I hit the lion in the head with the handle of my pistol.

The handle of my pistol hit the bullet wound on its skull and the handle entered the lion’s brain because the skull was broken/weakened, the lion fell to the ground dying, and it died and maybe I shot it one more time to make sure that it was dead but I am not sure if I did that or not; and my family and I started to assume that something was done to those lions that caused them to attack, and that maybe they were being controlled.

Another lion came to attack us but the friendly lion returned and started fighting it, I ran closer to help and we killed the other lion, and then my family and I probably thanked the lion; and we left to probably report what happened and to find a safer place, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D at a slightly fictional version of SA Buffet which was now owned by a slightly fictional version of the family who own BY Wok, I had memories of this fictional version of SA Buffet, and it was larger than in real life and the layout was different; and it was a Chinese-style buffet combined with a small store/concession stand combined with an arcade/game/play room, and there possibly was a second floor where the family probably lived.

I had memories of visiting each part of the building in the past, when I entered the building the store/concession stand was now behind the counter on the right side of the entrance instead of further inside the building on the left side where it was open to walk around, and the youngest daughter of the owners was behind the counter with her female friend who had whitish colored skin with long brownish or yellowish colored hair.

I greeted the daughter and I asked her about the store/concession stand, she told me that her parents moved it and that customers could not walk inside of it unless they were around but they were currently busy in the buffet area, and so I would have to try to see what I wanted to buy from a distance; and so she opened a window-like thing so that I could somewhat see what was for sale, and she started drawing some of the things that were for sale on a whitish colored marker board/whatever with a blackish colored marker.

I noticed that she could draw very well and we started talking about art and she asked me what was my favorite painting, I told her that my favorite painting is probably the The Young Shepherdess painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and I asked her if she ever saw it before; and she told me that she probably saw it once in her art textbook at school.

I asked her if they had an problems with lions and/or aliens and/or anything attacking them and/or anything weird happening recently, she said no and I said that was good, and I told her about what happened to me earlier in the dream; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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