A Disaster + Military Recruit Training + The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) + My Cousin DE = ?

A headache interfered with my sleep and my last dream and I woke up with a slight headache, and so I can only somewhat remember part of my last dream; but the most important parts of the dream are missing and unclear, and so the dream does not make much sense.

I think that one or more disasters happened in the dream and maybe many people in the world died, including maybe my parents and maybe some of my brothers (at least one of my brothers was alive, maybe my brother GC, but I can not remember if any of my other brothers were in the dream or not), and I am guessing that some of us survivors joined the military/government/intelligence agencies/police/et cetera to try to help people; and I remember being inside a multi-story building, and I seemed to be in military recruit training on an upper floor with other people including former classmates of mine.

We were in a small room with rows of long brownish colored rectangular tables with chairs having class/training that was being taught by a mean male soldier with whitish colored skin and a very strict mean female soldier with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was his assistant, and some of my former classmates who were there included: my former female classmate MW, my former male classmates BH and BH, and several others who I can not remember.

At some point we were sitting at computers looking at our own blogs/websites/whatever, my blog was still at Windows Live Spaces oddly, and then we had to switch seats and computers and show our blogs to the two instructors but my blog would not load on the new computer that I was moved to and another website would try to load when trying to reach my blog; and for some reason(s) that I can not remember I was happy about this because I do not think that I wanted our instructors to see my blog, and I remember explaining/showing this problem to the female instructor and at some point I left class/training to explore and I reached the first floor at some point.

The military floor seemed to be restricted to people in the military and training for it, the first floor seemed to be the intelligence agencies floor and on the floor I saw the symbol for The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and I saw serious looking people/intelligence agents wearing suits; and it seemed that only soldiers and agents and people with security clearances were allowed on this floor, but people like me could only explore the public parts of this floor probably.

At some point I went to an upper floor that was above the military and CIA floors and this floor seemed to be for refugees/survivors and/or people who were not in the military/government/intelligence agencies/et cetera, it was windowless and dimly lit with public areas with twin sized beds, and private rooms for those who were cleared to have them I guess.

I saw my male cousin DE and I greeted him, he was trying to get a private room and so I helped him, and I remember looking around at some of the private rooms that seemed to be empty and unused; and maybe I helped him get started on the paperwork needed to apply for a private room, and then we went to the public area and I laid on a bed because I was tired.

There was a man with whitish or light-colored skin with blackish colored hair who had two young daughters, they had a private room and he seemed very protective of his daughters, and he was staring at my cousin DE and I with a negative/mean/violent facial expression; and I started trying to sleep as my cousin DE walked around and/or sat watching television and/or something like that in the public area.

While I was trying to sleep I remember hearing the man warning my cousin DE to stay away from his daughters, my cousin DE was not bothering his daughters but the man gave him a warning anyway, as his daughters ran around playing in the public area.

At some point the two daughters woke me up trying to ask me questions because they were two curious little girls and my cousin DE walked over to them and he asked them to not bother us and he reminded them what their father said, they would not listen and they started talking to us, and I told them that they should listen to their father but I started to answer some of their questions hoping that they would leave; but then I saw their father staring violently at us again and my cousin DE saw him too, he angrily called his daughters and he started yelling at us, and my cousin DE argued with him explaining the situation but he would not believe us.

The man was so angry that it was clear that he wanted to attack us so he walked through the door that led to a stairway and I followed him trying to explain the situation to him as some other people followed expecting a fight, and magically the man’s appearance had changed without me noticing this and now he was a very tall and muscular violent/dangerous/scary looking man with light-medium brownish colored skin wearing a do-rag and a whitish colored A-shirt (muscle shirt) who looked like he could easily defeat me in a fight.

My former male classmate LT was one of the people who follow us down the stairway and he stood between us trying to avoid a fight but he was smiling like he was expecting a fight and expecting me to lose, so he was a bit excited about the chance to see this fight, and the man was very intimidating and angry; but I focused on staying calm, and trying to explain the situation so that he could see that he was wrong.

He was not listening to me very much and he was mostly trying to find an excuse to fight me (one of the reasons he seemed to hate my cousin DE and I was because for some unknown reason(s) he thought that my cousin DE and I were boyfriends in a homosexual relationship, which is obviously incorrect and my sexual orientation is heterosexual and DE is my cousin, and so I had to explain to him that he was wrong about that), I mentioned that my parents died during the disaster I think, and he did not care because he said that his parents died when he was a kid and that he had a rough life (I told him that I was sorry to hear that, and I said a few other things about how many of have lost people we cared about in the disaster/whatever); but eventually I challenged him to take what I said/the evidence that I gave, what my cousin DE told him, what other people saw, and ask his daughters what happened and that would prove that we were telling the truth.

Then he would know the truth and he could apologize to us, but if he was still not convinced that I guess we could fight if he really wanted to even though that would be stupid/pointless and he would still be wrong; and fortunately he accepted my challenge, he talked to other people and his daughters, and he realized that we told the truth and he apologized to us but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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