Cockroaches In A Dream & A Hallucination Of One In The Real World | An Argument Over Who Will Lead A Family

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is at the very end of the dream I was walking in the alley outside of my parents yard by the pet cages during late in the evening or during the night, and so it was a bit dark and I think that I was a bit angry/annoyed about something.

I was trying to walk back to the gate to go back inside the yard but there were some rotten pieced of wood/trees in the way and so I started stomping on them in anger/annoyance, some cockroaches (roaches) started coming out of the wood, and I hate roaches so I started stomping them wildly; but this killing frenzy caused me to wake up suddenly in the real world.

I saw what I am assuming was a hallucination of a roach in my bed moving on one of my pillows maybe so I tried hitting it a few times but nothing happen like my hand went through it, the room was dark, and so I jumped up in a frenzy trying to kill it but it disappeared; and then I realized that it was probably just a hallucination from waking up too suddenly from the dream.

I went to the bathroom and I came back to search the room to make sure, but I did not find any roaches; and this incident caused me to forget most of this dream, and all the dreams before it.

Dream 2

The second/last dream is also unclear but I remember being inside a large room inside maybe a one story building/house with fictional people who I think were supposed to be family members of mine, I think that we were all in the same family/house, and it was time to choose a new leader of the family/house.

The next in line for the leadership role was a young annoying brat wicked/evil/negative boy with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who reminded me of Joffrey Baratheon from the television series Game Of Thrones, and his parents were possibly from Italy (Italian) or Greece (Greek); and they had spoiled him his entire life, and they let him become the brat child that he was today.

The boy and his parents were excited and ready for him to take the leadership position, even though it was clear that he was not the person who should lead the family and he was not ready and probably never would be ready with his current personality/et cetera, but most of us objected to him being the new leader; and so we had a debate/argument because the family had to vote, even though he was next in line for the position, the family could still vote to pick someone else.

Usually the family always let the next in line become the new leader but this was possibly the first time in the families history that the next in line was so terrible that almost no one wanted him to be the new leader except for him and his parents, and so we had the option of voting for someone else or no one else.

There was a big argument, debate, and maybe a bit a fight or two as we trying to figure out a compromise or make a decision; and I remember that the next in line after the boy was a man with whitish colored skin medium-short length yellowish and brownish colored hair, and I was maybe 6th – 16th in line for the leadership position (so I could have been chosen if the family voted for me).

The family had an old sturdy metal computer (device)/computer program/old artificial intelligence (AI) that the family sometimes used to help it/us for information/advice/other purposes  like automatically handling certain tasks/chores, I asked if we could update the hardware and software for it and test it to see if it could take the leadership role and/or at least be used as an adviser to the family or the new leader, depending on if we decided to have a leader or not; and I reminded the family that we could vote to not have a leader, we could go leaderless and use the artificial intelligence as an adviser on issues, and we could all vote on issues to make decisions for the family.

I know that the boy and his parents were very angry and they probably got a bit violent and maybe they left in anger promising to fight if we did not choose their son as the new leader, we continued our debate about various ideas that we should try/test, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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Thou shalt not hate cockroaches! *Off-topic: I’ve been saving baby ear-wigs from inside our home and setting them free out doors. So, I just didn’t like reading about your dream-self killingn/stomping on critters. -Flynn

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I thought so Flynn 😉 , but my hate of roaches is pretty deep (probably subconscious, and possibly instinctual; and maybe I partly fear them); I am not proud of it, but I would probably kill them all myself in a wild killing frenzy if I could.

-John Jr


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