Xenomorphs And A Clayface-Like Creature And A Giant And Tali’Zorah Or A Female Quarian?

Image Credit: Wikipedia.org
Image Credit: Wikipedia

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which possibly took place underground on another planet where there were humans and maybe aliens and maybe the dream felt a bit like the Mass Effect video games during some parts of it, and before this part of the dream I think that something happened on this planet that possibly involved Xenomorphs from the Alien movies and maybe I saw one or more of them; but I can not remember.

I think that I was in an underground auditorium-like room that had a cafeteria maybe with humans and maybe some aliens of various species, maybe we were talking and trying to figure out our situation and how to survive, and some of the humans and/or aliens started bullying others; and at some point we started to leave this room in groups and alone after not being able to agree and get along.

There was a large Clayface-like creäture outside that would attack people and take them to his lair, this outside area was possibly still underground even though it felt a bit outdoor-like with maybe some plants/fungus/algae/and/or things like that, and there were some small open rooms/places built into some cracks of the natural structures/dirt/rock/whatever that looked like they had been built by aliens because they looked a bit futuristic; and some of the people would try hiding in these areas from the Clayface-like creäture.

I think that I joined with a male survivor and we helped what I think was a female alien who was possibly Tali’Zorah/Tali’Zorah Nar Rayya or a female Quarian or possibly another alien species or maybe even a human female, I think that she was probably Quarian but I can not remember what she looked like because she probably had a spacesuit that covered her entire body and face, and we probably helped her because a group of men and/or male aliens bullies from earlier in the dream were bothering/attacking her.

The three of us joined together as a team trying to survive against the large Clayface-like creäture, the group of bullies who bothered us and who we fought earlier tried to hide in some of the small futuristic areas, but the Clayface-like creäture attacked them and he took some of them to his lair as the other bullies ran from their lives.

The three of us came up with a risky plan where we would hide in and near the last hiding spot that one of the bullies had used but was found and captured by the Clayface-like creäture, we hoped that the creäture would not come back to this same spot for a while, and so we hoped to hide there to give us time to learn the creature’s patterns/routine and to find his lair to possibly save others and/or each other if it captured us.

The female alien/Quarian or Tali-Zorah or woman waited outside the opening, I hid behind the opening on the left side, and the man hid further back inside the opening; and this gave us several options if the creäture found us: one of us could distract it while the others escaped, one of us could distract it while the others ambushed it, one of us could get taken while the others follow it to find its lair to save the one who got taken, one of us could warn the others that the creäture found us so that we could all escape, et cetera.

At some point we started the plan and I was hiding behind the entrance so I could not see Tali-Zorah/the female alien/the woman and the man was hiding further behind me behind something, I heard Tali-Zorah/the female alien/the woman scream for help like something was attacking her, I was afraid and so I was going to wait for it to take her so that we could follow it; but hearing her scream like that bothered me so much that I either used a sock inside a sock as a weapon or a grabbed something almost like that as a weapon, and I ran outside to help her and I yelled for the man to help me.

I started attacking whatever was holding her in the air and I hit it in the legs, then in the groin when it bent down low enough, and then I hit it in the face when it bent down closer toward me; and this caused it to angrily talk to me and he said: “Hey! You better not hit me again or things are going to get serious man!”.

I angrily told him that things were already serious and that he better put her down and stop attacking members of my team or I was going to keep attacking him because my team and I would fight to protect each other, he pointed to his shin and I saw missing skin/muscle/tissue like something attacked him, and he thought that it was us who had done it and that is why he was attacking us; and I told him that it was not us who did that to him, and then I calmed down enough to realize that he was not the Clayface-like creäture.

He was a giant who was much taller than that creäture and he looked like a tall thin professional human basketball player with light-to-medium brownish colored skin with short hair wearing a basketball jersey with basketball shorts, I told him that we should not be fighting each other, and he put her down; and I saw this as an opportunity to join with the giant to help defeat the Clayface-like creäture and save people.

I apologized to the giant for attacking him and I told him that we should join together against a common threat/enemy, I assumed that maybe the creäture is the one who hurt his shin, and we both calmed down; and he agreed and we started to have a friendly conversation, and I woke up with a positive ending/feeling to the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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