A True Detective Inspired Dream

I had several dreams last night but I went back to sleep without voice recording them and so I forgot them, but I do barely remember part of my last dream that I had after going back to sleep; but my memory is so unclear and I wrote this so poorly that you will not get a good enough idea of that the dream was really like by reading this, which is unfortunate, but I tried but I am not so good at putting thoughts into words.

My last dream was inspired by the television show True Detective, I watched an episode of it before going to sleep, and I think that the dream started during the day with two men who were probably detectives who were fictional versions of the characters Rustin Cohle (Rust) and Martin Hart (Marty); and they seemed to work for a company/whatever that combined various types of jobs under one company/whatever.

It seemed that this company/whatever covered various job/career fields like law enforcement, journalism, technology, janitorial, culinary, et cetera; and several people and I applied for jobs with the company and they were testing us on the job, and I was working with the two detectives.

One of the detectives used to be in the military and he liked to do manly things and he was married and he/his wife maybe had a baby son, but his partner was not married and he liked to focus on investigating and he liked to do intellectual / philosophical things.

They were investigating a case and I went with them to investigate an area during the day but I can not remember most of the dream unfortunately, and I just remember that at some point we came across men with guns who seemed cartel-like; and we sneaked around some buildings/houses, and we started to uncover what seemed to be a larger/complex conspiracy involving this cartel-like group and a company and government officials and maybe aliens and maybe some plant-like humanoids who possibly worked for the aliens (possibly created by the aliens) and maybe some other entities.

I think that we saw an alien and/or a small plant-like entity (they had big heads, they were small child-like plant-like humanoids who were greenish/brownish/other plant colors with, and they could camouflage themselves as normal plants with leaves/flowers/et cetera because they probably were plants) being transported/escorted by some of the cartel-like men, and one of the men was talking on a mobile phone with someone from a company and/or a local government official.

We were spotted at some point and a gun battle took place and maybe the cartel-like man talking on the mobile phone was killed and/or captured, later something happened where the case was closed like there was a cover up and no one believed us, and the philosophical detective left the company to investigate on his own; and he probably kept the dead upper body of the cartel-like man frozen in a freezer as evidence waiting until he has enough evidence to prove that we were right, and until he uncovers the conspiracy.

The manly detective stayed at the job for several more years, the other new workers being tested and I were not given jobs supposedly because the company was downsizing, and we were told this after both detectives and I had given our reports of what we saw/experienced; and there was a company party with food and drinks, and a high level female employee with whitish colored skin gave us new test workers the bad news.

The dream jumped years later and the manly detective was either retired as a detective or still working with the company, he was outside during the day in what seemed to be my parents yard teaching/training his son (who was years older now but only a boy) in some manly activities that he learned in the military, and in another dream scene his philosophical former detective partner had gotten close enough in his personal investigation of the conspiracy that he decided to bring the frozen upper body of the cartel-like man to his old partner.

He wanted his partner to help him with the final part of his investigation into the conspiracy like old times, so he left with the frozen body to his old partner’s house, and I walked to talk to his old partner and his son; but they were going through the alley to the yard that used to have old rabbit cages.

The son was picking up something when he was attacked by one of the plant-like humanoids but the boy defeated it using some of the military training that his dad taught him, another plant-like humanoid ran at him, but the philosophical detective kicked it and stomped it to death; and a third plant-like humanoid made a whistle or sound or used a musical-like instrument to call for help, and maybe an alien (the aliens were small as well, but I can not remember what they looked like) or something came.

Both detectives, the son, and I were ready to defend ourselves and so they started retreating; and it was clear that things had changed over the years, maybe the world knew about the aliens and plant-like humanoids now but I am not sure, but the world did not know about the conspiracy; and so the philosophical detective asked his old partner for help and he showed him that he still had the frozen upper body of the cartel-like man.

The manly detective started explaining how the world had changed and how we would probably fail because this was a pretty big conspiracy with a various groups/entities trying to stop the truth from being known, but he decided to join him anyway and I decided to join as well; but we knew that we would be putting our lives at risk, and our families would possibly be threaten but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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