On An Alien Spaceship? + Visiting A Family + True Detective? + A Casino Scam + Refereeing A MMA Fight | A Card Signing Tradition & A Multi-Purpose Building

Dream 1

I still do not feel like typing my dreams but I will try to add a super lazy overview of my dreams from this/that night instead of taking the time to type everything that I remember, and so I will probably skip many details of these long and detailed dreams that I had; I slept very well last night.

In the first dream I remember being on and/or waking up on what looked like an alien spaceship and/or an underground alien facility (the inside somewhat reminded me of the Derelict Spaceship (LV-426) from the movie Alien (1979) if the lights were working), I guess the aliens realized that I was awake or free, and so they sent robots shaped a bit like guns/cannons/et cetera after me; and I remember running through a mostly metal room into another room where the robots were looking for me.

In this second room I saw various colorful short simple shaped aliens who seemed friendly, I hid under something as the robots looked for me, and one of the robots that was shaped like a large sniper rifle rolled right next to me but it did not see me somehow (probably because I was not moving); and so I sneaked into a third area once it rolled away.

This third area looked like it was outside with grass/a field/et cetera but it was probably still on this spaceship or underground, this area had humans and a few of them helped me sneak to an open stadium where a rally/protest/whatever was taking place, and a group of probably politically left and/or far left middle-class/upper-class people were there to protest/whatever.

Human police officers were looking for the people who helped me and for me, so we sat or hid under the first row of seats on the right side in the crowd, and I remember some celebrities slowly arriving and being greeted by people; and one of them was my former female classmate KM, and I probably talked to her briefly.

The protest/whatever was more of a gathering that this group of people seemed to do every week where they would gather to talk, watch/listen to and/or make music/films, protest for more rights/freedoms, maybe dance, eat, drink, et cetera and/or something like that; and they were very peaceful so the police usually left them alone.

The police arrived looking for us and they shutdown the protest, we sneaked away while the police were distracted with the angry crowd, and I think that we went to someone’s house that someone in the group knew; and I remember being in a room that looked like the family room at E Manor, there was a family there (husband, wife, kids, et cetera), and I think that the husband either reminded me of or was the actor Stephen Collins.

We had lunch with the family, we watched television, we talked, et cetera I think that something was wrong with Mr. Collins/the husband but I can not remember what was wrong with him; and at some point I thanked the family and the other people for helping me, and I left alone.

As I was walking probably across the field near the stadium I came across the actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, I greeted them and either we had all worked together on the television show True Detective or we started talking about it, either way they let me hang out with them; and I remember us walking and talking about the television show.

We possibly went shopping and/or to eat and/or walking and/or driving and we probably watched one or more episodes of True Detective, I remember them talking about how I laughed during one part of the show or something like that, and at some point we said goodbye after having a good time hanging out.

At some point I remember the dream following the actor Alfie Allen as he walked into a casino room and he was wearing some headphones with a portable cassette player-like device that he was using to talk to a male friend of his, this part of the dream seemed like a movie and so Mr. Allen seemed to be playing a character in the movie who had curly short yellowish/dark-colored hair, and he started playing on one of the casino machines that was very hard to win on.

To his surprise he won and the machine lit up and it made noises, a male worker at the casino who was the comedian Steve Harvey started to talk over a speaker system from a tall booth overlooking the room, and he let everyone know that there was a winner on that machine; and he called Mr. Allen over to ask him his name and a few more questions, and he shared this with the crowd.

Mr. Harvey told Mr. Allen to go to the front desk to collect his prize, Mr. Harvey smiled and quietly told him that he did not really win anything but Mr. Allen was too excited to notice what he said, and so Mr. Harvey shook his head and mumbled a few things as Mr. Allen walked to the front desk.

Mr. Allen was talking to his friend as he reached the front desk and his friend was trying to warn him about how they would try to trick/scam you in a way where you would actually lose money and/or property and either get nothing or very little; and they would even try to scam you where you would get a loan and owe them money, and this was all legal but Mr. Allen was too busy talking to one of the female workers (a woman with medium brownish colored skin).

The female worker started the scam tactics and Mr. Allen’s friend was trying to explain how to avoid them but Mr. Allen could not hear him, the woman scammed him and got him to sign some paperwork and he gave her all of his money property that he was carrying (including the device that he was using to talk to his friend) and his automobile and everything in his automobile, and two large male security guards in suits walked to him pushing a luggage cart.

The woman gave him a check for $400 and so the scam was complete, he probably had signed for a loan, given up his property and money, and so he would probably leave with $0 – $400; and he might even leave owing them money.

The next part of the dream possibly took place inside a bar that was in another room of this building and I was refereeing a MMA (mixed martial arts) match between two men, one of the men was losing the fight but then he got the other man in a chokehold; and the man tapped out/gave up, but instead of letting go of the chokehold and winning the fight, the man would not let go.

I told him to let go of the chokehold but he did not so I started trying to break the chokehold but I could not, their coaches/et cetera ran to help me, and eventually we broke the chokehold before the other man was seriously injured or killed; and I was very angry at the other fighter and disappointed in myself for being too weak to break the chokehold.

I spoke angrily to the other fighter and I disqualified him so he lost the fight instead of winning the fight, I apologized to the fighter he choked and his coaches/et cetera and to the crowd, and I probably went to apologize to my employer and to let them know that I either quit and/or I need more training before I can referee a fight again; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream started during the day outside in or near a parking lot like the front parking lot at D High School in the city of D, a gathering was taking place outside, and we were sitting down at rectangular shaped brownish colored tables; and my mom and dad were there, and various other people.

We were talking, eating, drinking, et cetera almost like a gathering honoring the announcement of a marriage engagement or something like that; and at some point it was time to start a card signing tradition where everyone was supposed to sign a card, the card looked like a post card with a photograph on the front of some scenery, and on the back were lines where everyone was supposed to sign their names.

I was the first person and my dad said that the first person was supposed to sign the front of the card and they could also sign the back of the card if they wanted to, I did not think that was a good idea to sign it on the front, and so I said this and then a woman with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair walked behind me in agreement with me saying that my dad was incorrect about the tradition and that everyone was supposed to only sign the back of the card.

My dad called the woman Mrs. B, the same name as a former high school teacher who was the mother of my former male and female classmates EB and RB (who were twins I think), I could not see her face because she was too far behind me but she was not the older Mrs. B; and so she was probably Mrs. B’s next to oldest daughter who also had short yellowish colored hair back when I was in high school.

I agreed with Mrs. B and I signed the back of the card and I passed it to the next person, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream; and the next part of the dream took place inside a multi-purpose multi-story building that this parking lot was part of, and this building was a combination of D High School/a casino/an arcade/a game room/a cinema/a hotel/et cetera.

When I entered the front of the building through the glass doors I was in the D High School parts of the building, I walked down a hallway on the left where people could hang out, and past this hallway was a dimly lit area with a small area where you could sit and eat/drink/talk/et cetera; and near this area was a place where you could order food, drink, turn in tickets from gaming machines to collect your prize(s), maybe buy cinema tickets, et cetera and a mean bald man with whitish colored skin worked there.

On the right side of this area was a women’s bathroom and a men’s bathroom, I forgot to mention that both of these areas looked like they were from the 1980’s and the bathroom areas looked very familiar like it is probably from a real life memory, and I probably stopped to look at the menu and talk to the mean bald man.

There was an interruption where maybe a younger Mike Tyson or another muscular famous fighter/athlete with brownish colored skin walked over angry about something, I remember him causing a big scene as everyone watched/listened, but I can not remember the details.

I had to urinate very badly so I walked into the men’s bathroom to urinate at a urinal but it had no privacy on the right side so people walking inside the bathroom and people outside the bathroom could see you as they open the door and people washing their hands could see you because the sinks were next to the urinal that I was using, and people kept walking in and around me making me uncomfortable so I could not urinate.

I walked out of the bathroom because I could not urinate and in the hallway was a small swimming pool or a tub of greenish colored liquid with two morbidly obese women with whitish colored skin with long dark-colored hair laying in the greenish colored liquid in one-piece bathing suits, and they were doing this to raise money for something; and so people would throw coins in the liquid as they walked by, and this got a lot of attention as people walked by.

I walked back down the hallway on the left past the hangout area as a group of men who seemed to be from Saudi Arabia carried a sleeping young man or man in bed sheets down the hallway causing a lot of people to stare/laugh/talk/et cetera, I assumed that the young man or man was a member of the Saudi Royal Family and that his guards/servants were carrying him, and so I kept walking until I reached the school area.

My male cousin ME was a student again and he was with his class waiting near the exit/entrance glass doors because school was about to end, I talked with him/them briefly until the bell rang, and then we started to leave; and I remember a male student with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair yelling something in French to another male student who was bullying him, the bully stopped, and the other student got on his bicycle and rode away.

I was surprised that there was a student from France at the school and I continued walking to my automobile that was in the parking lot, my mom was parked next to my automobile and she walked over to talk to me, and we stood behind my automobile as I took out a whitish colored plastic bag and a container of juice; and on the right side of the parking lot I saw a student in a whitish colored automobile driving fast in circles making the front of his automobile jump/pop into the air.

Shortly after this a whitish colored car with stripes parked behind us blocking us from being able to back up our automobiles, it looked like a police car without lights/sirens, and a man with whitish colored skin was inside looking toward where the student had done stunts with his automobile.

My mom and I waved at him and we continued talking as I wondered if he was going to move or not so that we could leave soon, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “On An Alien Spaceship? + Visiting A Family + True Detective? + A Casino Scam + Refereeing A MMA Fight | A Card Signing Tradition & A Multi-Purpose Building”

Hello Flynn,

Oui, again, again; I wonder how many times I have done this over the years? 😀

Okay and thank you Flynn 🙂 , its only indefinitely (an unknown period of time), and so I could be back soon as usual or never; who knows. 😉

Au revoir 😉 ,
-John Jr


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