Family Members Wanting Rides

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My blog is now open again after being indefinitely closed for a few hours 😀 , I had several dreams that I remembered from last night, but I forgot all of them except for part of the last dream because I did not voice record them.

My last dream took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D at a fictional two-story apartment-like house where I lived with my family, it was basically two small two-story apartment-like houses with balconies that were connected or in the same yard, and I lived on the second floor of the house on the left side (I had a nice view to the street/yard/beyond from the glass doors to the balcony and my room was square-shaped and modern and very minimalistic) .

Family members from my mom’s side of the family were slowly arriving to stay and visit us for a few days like my aunt DE, my uncle EE, my cousin EE, my aunt ME, my aunt RE, my aunt BE, my aunt SE, et cetera; and this annoyed me and I wanted to avoid them if possible, and I did not feel like being bothered.

Some of my family members walked over to ask me for stuff/help/et cetera during the dream and one of them was my uncle CE who drove his truck over to the house, at some point he left but he forgot his mobile phone, and then my male cousin ME walked over to ask me for a ride to the city of LC because he needed to catch a flight at the airport in 4 – 6 hours to leave to another state/wherever.

I was annoyed by this but taking him to the airport would mean that I would not have to be bothered by him for a while since he would be living in another state/wherever so I told him that I would take him to the airport, and so I told him to get his stuff packed and come back in two hours; and so he left to do that.

My uncle CE called me and I told him that he left his mobile phone and he asked me if I would give him a ride somewhere but there was static on the phone so I could not understand him, I asked him to repeat himself several times but the static got so bad that the call ended without me being able to understand what he said, a few seconds later his mobile phone rang so I answered it thinking that it was him calling it.

Instead of my uncle CE it was an old woman calling me to let me know that she was going to give my uncle CE a ride so I did not have to worry about it, I thanked her for letting me know and I asked her to remind my uncle CE that he left his mobile phone at my/my parents house; and so she told him, and we hung up.

I hoped that they would pick up the mobile phone first because I was going to be taking my cousin ME to the airport soon, I was still a bit annoyed by all the family members being around and asking me for stuff/help, but taking my cousin ME to the airport would give me a chance to escape them for a few hours; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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