Homeland + District 13: Ultimatum + The Walking Dead + The Ebola Virus Disease = ?

I only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which was a somewhat long, detailed, and interesting dream; but unfortunately I can not remember most of it but it seemed to be inspired by several things that I watched last night like: the television show Homeland, the French movie District 13: Ultimatum (D13-U), the television show The Walking Dead, and maybe the current Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak.

My memory is too unclear but maybe Carrie Mathison and Peter Quinn from the television show Homeland were in the dream in the beginning and/or the other parts of the dream that I can not remember, and maybe they were doing a joint investigation with Interpol; and maybe I worked for Interpol, and they sent me undercover to investigate something/someone/some group (maybe the Ebola Virus Disease, and/or maybe the Zombie Virus, and/or one or more people/gangs/groups/whatever).

My memory is too unclear and I forgot most of the dream but at some point in the dream I think that I was in a fictional version of the city of D in W Park doing my undercover investigation when an outbreak happened that interrupted my investigation and zombies attacked, people attacked (maybe some of the people who I was investigating), and maybe the Ebola Virus Disease was involved as well.

It was chaos with people running, hiding, fighting, dying, getting infected, screaming, et cetera and maybe the dream took place over several days but I can not remember; and I just remember that a lot of the dream involved me trying to survive (running, hiding, fighting, et cetera), help some people, and continue my original investigation and trying to find out what was going on and if it was connected with my original investigation.

At the end of the dream I was with two women or a woman and a young woman, the woman had whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair and she was a fictional (probably partly fictional version of my former female classmate CW) former classmate of mine who I used to like back when we were in high school, and I am not sure who the young woman/other woman was (maybe her friend or daughter or sister or just another survivor).

We were working together trying to survive zombie and human attacks and we were still in the fictional version of W Park, my fictional former female classmate was starting to have a mental/emotional/et cetera breakdown and so we had to keep trying to keep her calm so that we could escape/survive; and at some point we tried to sneak to some automobiles (probably owned by some of the people who I was investigating) that were near where the tank should be.

We hoped to find one of the automobiles that was open and find the key so that we could escape, after a few intense moments we succeeded, and we escaped in an orangish colored Hummer-like SUV (sport utility vehicle); and I drove us to my fictional former classmates house which was where the church on my parents street should be.

Once inside the house I remember talking to my fictional former classmate trying to calm her down and talk about her life since we graduated from high school years ago, I started to somewhat feel some of the feelings that I used to have for her as we talked and as I looked at her, but I learned that she was married now.

She also told me that she had a college degree (a doctorate degree or master’s degree or bachelor’s degree) in maybe psychology and/or something like that which involved the mind/brain/behaviors/et cetera, it was not easy getting her to talk much and she still was not stable, and I remember her asking me to leave like she realized that I started to feel some of my old feelings for her and/or she started to enjoy talking to me.

It was night or late evening now so it was dark and an automobile drove to her house under the carport or garage, a man entered the house who was the character Damien Tomaso from the French movie District 13: Ultimatum, and he was her husband; and I greeted him and shook his hand, and I explained the situation to him and he thanked me for helping his wife and the young woman/other woman.

My fictional former classmate used this as an opportunity to say that I was just about to leave, I wanted to stay but she wanted me to leave, and so I said goodbye and I started to leave so that I could contact Interpol/whoever; and continue my undercover investigation, and so I contacted Interpol/whatever and I returned to headquarters/wherever to report what I saw/experienced.

After I talked with my boss/the others (maybe Carrie Mathison, Peter Quinn, et cetera) I felt a bit strange and I had maybe an itch on my scrotum so I went to the bathroom to check it, and I think that I had a slight rash on my scrotum and I felt a bit sick; and then I feared that I possibly had the Ebola Virus Disease and/or the Zombie Virus, so I warned my boss/the others, and I asked them to put me under quarantine to see if I was infected or not.

I also asked them to warn my former fictional female classmate, the young woman/other woman, her husband, and for them to search/clean everything/place/where I went during the time that I possible got infected; but I woke up as they were placing me in quarantine and as they were going to follow my recommendations.

The end,

-John Jr

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