10-22-2014 | Dream Journal | Getting Interrogated By The Police And Having Conversations With People In A Building And Women And Girls?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I had several long and detailed dreams last night and a few of them were somewhat strange, but I did not voice record my first dream or two; and so I my memory of my dreams are unclear, and I am not sure if what I remember is one or more dreams so I will type them as one.

There was a lot more that happened in this dream or dreams that I can not remember or make sense of, and so what I type below will not make much sense or properly represent what I really dreamed.

I remember walking across a street during the day maybe to a one-story automobile dealership-like building that had a lot of glass windows/walls, I went to the glass door but it looked a bit dark inside like it was close, but the door was unlocked so I walked inside; but then I turned around because I was afraid that maybe no one was there, and so someone would think that I was robbing the place.

For some unknown reason I decided to walk back inside the building to see if anyone was inside or not, I walked around trying to find someone but I did not see or hear anyone, and so I decided to stop searching even though I did not check all the rooms yet; but when I walked outside a girl with whitish colored skin with maybe long brownish colored hair walked up.

I told her that the building was open but I did not see anyone when I glanced around so I recommended that she not enter the building, she asked me if I searched every room and I said no, and so she said that we should search the rooms that I did not search to make sure that no one was there or not; and she was a clever/intelligent girl it seemed, she spoke and acted like an adult, and she entered the building alone without me.

I decided to enter the building even though I did not want to so that I could show her the rooms that I did not search so that we could leave, lock the door, and call the police and/or business to let them know that their door was unlocked.

We did not find anyone inside the building so we walked back outside and we probably locked the door, I think that the girl said that we probably triggered a silent alarm so the police were probably coming and so she came up with a plan on how to deal with/talk to the police when they arrive, and then we were approached by a male police officer or detective (probably detective) with whitish colored skin wearing maybe dress clothes who said that we had triggered a silent alarm; and he said that he saw video footage of us walking around the building.

We were separated and interrogated, I followed part of the girl’s plan of only answering certain questions in a certain way that would not reduce our chances of being arrested or charged with a crime, but then I combined her plan with my plan of being honest; and so I partly ruin things, the police let us go, but they were still investigating us and maybe they were going to charge us with community service or something because I was too honest and it made them suspicious.

The girl told me that I should have followed her plan completely, I told her that she was probably right but I was hoping that more of the truth would be better, and then maybe we went to a multi-story building where maybe she lived and maybe I lived there too but I can not remember.

I remember being on an upper floor after probably taking her to her family, it somewhat reminded me of the upper floor of the D High School with brownish colored carpet and it was windowless with many rooms and hallways that were somewhat maze-like, and there were lots of people hanging out in the halls and open areas; and I had conversations with many of them including former classmates of mine, my male cousin ME, and maybe family members of the girl.

Maybe the police came investigating and following us, maybe they decided to charge us and make us do some kind of community service but I can not remember, either way I remember the girl and I lining up outside with women who were being lead by a woman with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who acted and dressed like a soldier wearing an A-shirt and combat-like pants with combat boots, and I guess this was part of our community service or something like that.

The next thing that I remember is being at my parents house and my mom and one or more of my brothers were there, I seemed to be babysitting a young girl who was probably from India who was the daughter of one of the women in the group from earlier that was led by the soldier-like woman, and maybe the clever/smart girl was with us as well because maybe I was babysitting her as well for her mom; but I can not remember.

I just remember holding the young girl, talking to the clever/smart girl and my family, and this part of the dream was positive and it felt nice getting to help take care of kids again like when I used to help take care of my little brothers; and at some point I think that it started raining outside, and the neighbors across the street in The B House had their door open but their screen door was closed.

The mail carrier brought mail to our house, so I sat the young girl on the most comfortable chair in the house so that she could rest while I went to check the mail as the clever girl and my family watched her (and the young girl seemed very relaxed and happy and she was smiling), and when I got the mail one of the women from our group walked to the door to maybe pick up the young girl who was either her daughter or sister; but that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr

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