The Storage Building & A Shooting At The White House Or The Canadian Parliament Building? | A Prison With Ving Rhames & My Former Classmates DH & JC As Police Officers & / Or Prison Guards

Dream 1

I had many interesting dreams last night but I can only barely remember part of the end of two dreams from last night, the end of the first dream took place during the day, and I was with one or two unknown people in what seemed to be my parents yard.

One of the people with me had a portable radio or police scanner or radio scanner/whatever, they seemed to be a security guard or police officer or something like that (maybe I was too, but I can not remember), and we walked into one of the storage buildings in my parents yard; and I was looking for something that I can not remember.

We heard a message on the radio and/or scanner about an attack somewhere where the person and/or I were security guards/whatever, and so we ran to help; and I remember us running up a sidewalk near either The White House or The Canadian Parliament Building, and other security guards/police/Secret Service agents/et cetera were running around.

We heard gunshots in the distance but I woke up, and I am assuming that this dream was inspired by the shootings at The Canadian National War Memorial and The Canadian Parliament Building:

Dream 2

The end of the second dream took place inside a windowless prison that was built somewhat like a school, somewhat like P Elementary School, and the actor Ving Rhames and my former male classmates DH and JC and several other men were police officers and/or prison guards.

The dream had a somewhat dark, gritty, dirty, somewhat futuristic, et cetera look to it that somewhat reminded me of the Alien films (especially Alien 3); and Mr. Rhames wore body armor, he had a powerful shotgun attached to him with a metal bar that allowed him to shoot it easily even with one hand since it was so powerful, and he looked serious most of the time.

One of the police officers and/or prison guards was a man with whitish colored skin, maybe my former classmate JC, who finished a phone call with someone and he was very sad; and it seemed that he would never see his son again, but I do not think that his son was dead but maybe he was going to lose custody of his son and his former wife was going to get custody of their son.

Mr. Rhames and some of the others noticed that he was sad about something, one of the men made a joke about it, once Mr. Rhames learned why he was sad he put the barrel of his shotgun to the head of the police officer/prison guard who had made the joke; and he told him why the man was sad, and he made him apologize.

The sad police officer/prison guard went inside the bathroom after Mr. Rhames tried to cheer him up, I was in the dream as well, and I walked into the bathroom a few seconds or a minute later; and my former male classmates DH and JC were having a friendly grappling match for fun, and I think that my former classmate JC won when my former classmate DH got tired so he became the first person that I know to ever defeat my former classmate DH in any form of hand-to-hand combat; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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