C’s Famous Hamburgers & Becoming Hange Zoë’s Test Subject? | A Naked Woman & Sasuke Uchiha In A French Class?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during a nice day in the city of LC, and I was riding in an automobile with my dad and one of my brothers as we passed the multi-story building where one of our former ear/nose/throat doctors used to have his office; and I was telling them some of my memories of the doctor and his office.

We saw C’s Famous Hamburgers on the left side of the street, and we decided to go there to get something to eat because I have not been there in many years, so we parked, and we went inside, I ordered a regular hamburger, and I sat at a table where several kids and young adults were waiting to get their food as well; and at some point I switched to another table where some adults were sitting.

A waitress put my hamburger on the table where I had sat earlier, so I had to go to the other table to get it but when I went back to the other table someone took my place/spot because some new people arrived at the table, and so I sat back at the other table where there were some new people as well including a woman who reminded me of a live action/real life version of the animated character Hange Zoë from the Japanese animated (anime) television show Attack On Titan.

I remember talking with Hange, another woman, and several other people and Hange was very excited about an experiment that she probably wanted us to take part in or someone wanted her and the rest of us to take part in it; and maybe we agreed or maybe not, I just remember Hange having needles, vials/glass containers of various colored liquids, scientific equipment, et cetera.

I remember Hange giving us some injections with the needles and I remember her asking us questions and I remember talking with the others, especially the other woman, but Hange seemed to become obsessed with the experiment and me like she liked me and that she felt that I liked the other woman; and so she started experimenting on me against my will/without my consent/without my knowledge.

I remember waking up many times with scars on my stomach, Hange would inject me without me knowing it and knock me unconscious, she would cut me open and do experiments, and then sew me back up; and part of her experiment involved improving whatever she used to knock people unconscious, improving whatever she used to increase healing, and various other unknown experiments.

I spent most of my time unconscious, Hange seemed to like having me around so keeping me unconscious was her strange way of trying to start a relationship with me or something strange like that, and at some point when I was conscious I remember trying to talk to her about what was going on and telling her that it was wrong what she was doing; and I was trying to find out what was she doing to me exactly, and how many times did she cut me open and sew me back up, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a somewhat gym-like windowless college room with a tall ceiling and a hard whitish colored floor with narrow stadium-style seating on the left and right side of the back of the room, a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair and a long-haired man who looked like a live action/real life version of the animated character Sasuke Uchiha from the Naruto Japanese animated television series were in the room with me, and it seemed that we were probably doing some ninja-style/ninjutsu combat training.

The woman and Sasuke walked to the middle of the room while I stood on the top of the seating on the right side of the room, they somehow formed a structure that looked like it was covered in brownish colored fur or fabric that went up at an angle like the seating areas, and they stood on the top edge of it on one leg balancing themselves with their eyes closed like they were focusing/meditating/balancing/et cetera.

At some point training was over for the day and our next class was going to start soon, which seemed to be a French class, and so our teacher entered the room who was a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair pinned up wearing glasses and some students entered the room to talk; and so I started talking with them, and then I noticed that the woman who was training with Sasuke and I earlier was naked now like she was changing clothes.

She walked over to me and the other students talking with us while she was naked, we talked briefly, and she said a few things in French, and a male and female classmate of ours who were dating/a couple were next to us talking to each other in French and kissing.

The woman and I continued talking as she started to get dressed, and I told her that she was attractive and that I did not think that she should wear makeup, she did not think so, and so I walked closer, and she explained what makeup she was wearing: under her eyes she said that she had some yellowish colored makeup I think, she had blackish colored makeup on her eyelashes, and she had some pinkish/reddish colored makeup in one or two other places.

I noticed that her face had brownish/tannish colored spots/whatever that many people who have freckles often have, she seemed insecure about this, and so I told her that I actually somewhat like spots like that and freckles; and I felt that she would look better without makeup or at least people would get to see how she really looks which was not bad in my opinion, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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