A The Walking Dead Inspired Dream With My Former Classmate DH And Peter Dinklage?

I woke up this morning probably drooling and/or snoring because my head was turned at an odd angle over the top of my pillow hanging in the air, and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of my last dream.

I think that some of my other dreams that I forgot had repeating elements/parts to them but I can not remember those dreams, my last dream was probably a bit long and confusing, and it probably became more strange as the dream went on.

My memory is too unclear but it seems that the dream took place during the day and it started at a fictional multi-story house near a large field, one or more ponds and maybe rivers with some low and high areas, and maybe a forest.

There were many other people there including my former male classmate DH, a few of my former female classmates, maybe the actor Peter Dinklage, maybe some of my family, and many unknown young adults and adults; and what ever was happening was either real or part of a game or competition, but I can not remember which is correct.

This dream seemed to be inspired by the television show The Walking Dead, which I watched before going to sleep, and so we were supposed to be trying to survive against zombies I think; and we knew that they would attack us at some point, but we did not know when they would attack.

We felt pretty safe in the house and we expected to not be attacked for a while but while we were talking we got attacked by surprise by zombies who easily got through our defenses, if we had any, and the dream went from being positive to negative with a lot of chaos where people were running for their lives.

The surprise attack divided everyone before we could come up with a plan and form groups so everyone ran for their lives without working together at first with some people running inside the house, some people running in the yard, and the rest of us running in the field; and I was somewhat afraid during this part of the dream.

I started using some of my usual survival strategies that I use in zombie dreams like running and jumping fences/et cetera away from the chaos, some of the others did the same, and eventually we reached a high area near a pond and/or river; and I probably climbed a tree to hide until things calmed down, and eventually the situation calmed down.

The other survivors and I relaxed in this high and low area near the pond/river, I remember talking to several people like my former male classmate DH, and some of the other survivors who were former female classmates of mine started arguing; and so I had to stop them from fighting, and after I calmed them down things started to relax again.

Eventually we decided to return to the house and/or other houses, I remember being inside what looked like my parents house, and several people were with me including who I think was the actor Peter Dinklage; the dream became more strange as time went on, but I can not remember any of the strange parts except for the end of the dream.

Mr. Dinklage complained that his legs were itching or something like that and he asked me to spray some white vinegar mixed with water mixed with artificial vanilla extract on his legs, so I did, and he started smiling as a strange reaction started.

He started to change and shapeshift like a female entity had possessed him, somehow the spray activated this/her I guess, and so he shapeshifted into a scary-looking female entity (she/he was still the same height); and she/he spoke in a strange evil female voice, and she/he was laughing and saying something that I can not remember and she/he tried to attack us.

I put her/him in a full nelson hold and I wrapped my legs around her/him so that she/he could not attack us, we were going to have to tie her/him up until the reaction to the spray wore off, and then he would turn back to normal we hoped; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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