A Baccano! And Captain America: The Winter Soldier Inspired Dream? | People Getting Robbed | Ben And Sharks In A Hot Tub And Sarah Jessica Parker?

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Dream 1

The first dream was interesting but I can not remember most of it, it took place in the past and the future/present/modern time period, and it seemed to be inspired by the Japanese animated television show Baccano! and the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The dream started in the past during what seemed to be the time period of WWI (World War I) and WWII (World War II), a war was probably going on, and I was in a large fictional windowless building in what was probably an Ally Country (maybe the USA); and there were many other people there as well including maybe my former female classmate DF or a woman who reminded me of her, and a man who either was or reminded me of Howard Stark from the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier and maybe Walt Disney and maybe Howard Hughes.

I will call him Mr. Stark and he was rich, famous, handsome, well-dressed, an inventor,  maybe a businessman, charismatic, he liked having sex with as many women as he could and he was popular with women; and he was creating inventions/et cetera for the Ally Countries it seemed to help them in the war, and maybe several other people (like maybe my former classmate DF) and I were helping him.

The building was dimly lit with many halls and rooms and areas, almost like a school combined with an apartment building, and I remember Mr. Stark giving presentations/speeches of his inventions and flirting with women and probably having sex with women et cetera; and he was working on some secret projects.

I think that some spies from the Axis Countries/rival countries and/or a cult and/or secret society and/or a religious group and/or one or more groups like that were trying to steal some of Mr. Stark’s work on some of his secret projects and trying to kill him, maybe he was even working on a secret project for one of these groups that involved trying to become immortal, but I am not sure.

I just know that something happened that I can not remember where a group of women (including my former classmate DF) and men and I who were helping Mr. Stark found out that maybe Mr. Stark did an experiment on us as part of his secret immortal experiment without telling us maybe, but we found out after someone (a cult or secret society or spy or something like that) killed Mr. Stark; and his work/knowledge on the immortal experiment was lost or destroyed or stolen, he probably did not keep records, and so the knowledge died with him.

The group who wanted the secret to the immortal experiment probably killed him once they thought that they had the secret, they were probably wrong though, and the group of women and men and I were probably immortal now; and maybe the group who killed Mr. Stark tried to come after us.

The dream jumped to the future/our modern time period, at least 70 years later, and I was still alive and it seemed that I did not age; and I was on a slightly fictional part of Eastside near the end of the street that my uncle WC lives on with my brothers TD and KD who were younger, and they were visiting with some friends outside.

Some of the other immortals in my group were still alive, maybe the group who killed Mr. Stark had killed and/or captured some of them over the years but I can not remember, and I probably talked with my former classmate DF who was still alive over my mobile phone; and maybe we talked about the other survivors in our group, and how the group who killed Mr. Stark still had not figured out the secret to the immortal experiment yet.

A fictional young man in the neighborhood who was thin with light brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair got angry at my brother TD when he saw him talking to a girl who he liked, and a fight almost happened so I calmed down the situation; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional small diner/restaurant, I was there sitting at a table cleaning up a laptop that had pornography all over it like someone had visited pornographic websites and got malware that added pornographic content all around the computer (the wallpaper was of a naked woman, the home page was a porn website, pornographic videos/pornographic images scattered around the computer in different folders, pornographic pop-up advertisements in the internet browser, the screensaver was a pornographic video, et cetera), and the manager was gone on break as two male workers joked around; and one of the workers was my former male classmate SM.

The manager returned and he got angry at the workers for being unprofessional and someone took my order, probably my former classmate SM, and after I finished cleaning up the laptop I went outside briefly to take a break until my food was ready; and oddly the outside was my parents yard, and the diner was part of my parents house.

I walked near the back gate and I saw some people outside the main double gate getting robbed by what I assumed to be some young men wearing gloves and long sleeve jackets zipped up to cover their entire heads so you could not see who they were or even see their hair or skin, and they had bats, knives, pistols, and a shotgun; and they had the people against our fence robbing them, they did not see me, and so I ran inside the house/diner to warn the others.

My family was in the house areas and I locked both doors, I told them what was happening and I told them to call the police and grab some weapons and hide, and I was panicking a bit because this felt real and I was worried about the safety of everyone else; but my brother GC walked outside the front door, and so I ran outside trying to stop him.

The robbers were running up the street past the dead-end sign, they started robbing some school kids who seemed to be walking home after getting off the school bus, and I saw that my dad had just drove home; and so this probably scared them away, my dad said that they seemed to be up to no good, and so he was walking closer trying to see what they were doing.

I explained the situation to him and I called the police as we ran inside the house, to wait for the police, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The third/last dream started like I woke up into the dream thinking that I was still in the second dream waiting for the police to arrive, but I was in a dimly lit maybe foggy/misty underground area standing near what looked like a stone/cement/ancient style hot tub/spa/bath/swimming pool that was built into the ground that had what looked like sharks in it; and I was confused, and I wondered where were the police and everyone else.

A woman wearing a thin see-through dress/whatever who looked a bit like a more attractive version of the actress Sarah Jessica Parker walked from the right side of the room seductively saying: “Get into the water Ben.” or something like that; and I was confused, and I wondered if she was talking to someone else or if she confused me with someone named Ben.

I asked her who was Ben, she laughed, and she said: “Stop playing/joking around Ben, and get in the water silly.” or something like that; and I told her that I was not sure who Ben was but that I was not him as far as I knew, and that I did not think that it was a good idea to get into the water with sharks.

I started to think to myself trying to figure out what was going on because I was confused and none of this made sense to me, I had no plans on getting into the water with sharks, and I had no idea who Ben (someone else?, me?) was or who this woman (a prostitute?, Ben’s wife?, Ben’s girlfriend?) was but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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