The Imperial House Corrino & Thinking About The BP School Board & Riding A Bicycle In The City Of D

Giancarlo Giannini in Dune (2000)
Titles: Dune
People: Giancarlo Giannini
Source: IMDb

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream which to my surprise seemed to be inspired by the book series Dune by Frank Herbert, and it took place during the day in the city of D; and the dreamed focused on three different things (some times at the same time) where I would be doing one thing in the dream world, while thinking/daydreaming about another thing, and sometimes seeing/hearing/experiencing things from another place.

The dream focused on me riding a bicycle during a nice day to the Dollar General near W Park, me thinking/daydreaming about fictional conversations with my dad about one of his fictional male coworkers at The BP School Board and maybe about me needing a job or about a fictional job that I had, and me seeing/hearing/experiencing situations involving members of the Imperial House Corrino from Frank Herbert’s book Dune.

The thoughts/daydreams about conversations with my dad involved my dad talking about a fictional former male coworker of his who had retired or moved to another job but had recently started back working with The BP School Board again, and he was doing various outdoor labor related jobs like cutting grass/et cetera; but my dad thought that he should be/deserved to be doing indoor/office work now.

The parts about The Imperial House Corrino involved me seeing/hearing/experiencing situations that were happening at their palace / wherever (maybe on the planet Salusa Secundus or planet Earth), Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV was talking to his advisers about how he did not think that his oldest daughter (the next in line to the throne) Princess Irulan Corrino was ready to lead because she was not ruthless/violent enough/et cetera, and in my dream she seemed kind and non-violent and like she did not get involved with the negative things that her family did to stay in power.

I am not sure if the Sardaukar soldiers-fanatics of House Corrino were in the dream or not, I think that they were mentioned in the dream, and maybe some of them were handling security in the dream; and I do not remember seeing or hearing anything about The Bene Gesserit, which is a bit strange, but I could be wrong.

At some point in the dream somehow Princess Irulan suddenly became empress but I am not sure what happened to her father, and then suddenly her sister Princess Wensicia Corrino became empress but I am not sure what happened to Princess Irulan; and Princess Wensicia seemed to be more ruthless than her sister Princess Irulan (who was not ruthless at all) but less ruthless than her father.

I assumed that Emperor Shaddam either suddenly died and/or was assassinated and/or was overthrown and/or stepped down, then Princess Irulan either suddenly died and/or was assassinated and/or was overthrown and/or stepped down, then Princess Wensicia became empress and maybe she was behind the sudden change of leaders; and finally maybe she disappeared and maybe House Corrino no longer ruled the known universe, but I can not remember.

During all of this I was still riding my bicycle in the city of D during a nice day to the Dollar General near W Park, I got to the parking lot and I looked for a parking space for my bicycle, and a family (mother, father, kids, grandparents and/or an aunt and uncle) with whitish colored skin parked in the parking lot near me; and they went inside Dollar General as well, I either parked my bicycle near them or I parked it inside the store by/in the buggy/shopping cart rack, and the youngest son in the family started messing with my bicycle until his mom told him to stop.

The mother apologized to me and she had her son apologize to me, I told them that it was okay, and I continued shopping while thinking/daydreaming/et cetera; but I woke up because I needed to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr

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