A Multi-Purpose Building & Shopping Mall & Former Classmates

I do not feel like typing my dreams that I remember part of from last night, so I will not waste much time typing them, and so consider this a lazy overview.

Dream 1

All that I remember of the first dream is that I barely remember slowly seeing family members from my mom’s side of the family arriving during the day at E Manor, like my uncle CE, and I remember being a bit uncomfortable and I remember them talking to me as they slowly arrived at E Manor like a family gathering was taking place.

Most of this dream took place at E Manor but some of it took place at my parents house, the dream possibly continued into the night and until the next morning as my mom’s side of the family gathered together, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I remember of the second dream is that it took place during the day, and I think that I was at a school-like building where there were soldiers (no weapons or armor) and other people; and maybe people thought that I was a soldier too.

An emergency situation happened that I can not remember, maybe a fire combined with something else involving a conflict between people, and I remember leaving the building and I walked across the street to my parents yard like maybe I was trying to leave before emergency services arrived for some reason(s) that I can not remember.

The police, firefighters, EMTs, et cetera arrived at the building as I watched from my parents yard across the street; and I remember two male firefighters with whitish colored skin in full gear getting arrested by the police oddly, the police had them sit on the ground handcuffed while they finished dealing with the situation as they tried to figure out what was going on and who caused it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The third/last dream probably started in a multi-purpose building that possibly was a multi-story building but I am not sure and it included a hospital, restaurant, one or more stores, and maybe some other areas; and maybe the first floor was connected to a shopping mall (mall).

I remember walking around exploring and I saw some of my former classmates and schoolmates throughout the dream, this dream was somewhat realistic, but it also felt dream-like where feelings/emotions were more noticeable/intense and some parts of the dream/some things in the dream had feelings/emotions/memories/et cetera attached to them and that they represented and/or something like that if that makes sense.

There was a sense/feeling of wonder/exploration, wanting to not be noticed except somewhat by people I know hoping for just a simple greeting and the occasional basic short conversation, but there were negative feelings throughout this dream as well of rejection/sadness/et cetera.

I remember walking through one store that was a clothing store and an attractive woman with whitish/yellowish colored skin with blackish colored hair and her mother who both seemed to be my former male classmate SS’s fictional wife and mother-in-law from South Korea greeted me by name, they somehow knew who I was and we said a few things to each other, and then I said goodbye and I continued walking.

I walked by a few of my former male classmates from Eastside like my former classmate TC, they acted like they did not see me or recognize me and they walked past me, and then I heard my former classmate SS’s fictional wife tell them who I was and she asked them if they had recognized me; and I heard them say that they recognized me, but they sounded/acted negative-neutral toward me for some unknown reason(s) and they had ignored me.

I walked through a restaurant area where many of my former classmates and schoolmates who used to play American Football were and there were many people in this small crowed area having a good time, I walked through greeting people I knew but they looked like they were angry at me and they ignored me to my surprise, and I remember trying to talk to my former male classmate LF but he ignored me; and he even ignored my questions when I asked him why he/they seemed angry at me, and why was he/they ignoring me.

The positive and negative things like this that happened in the dream all had feelings/emotions to them, being ignored/rejected/et cetera made me feel sad/et cetera, and I walked to another area and in front of me I saw what looked like my former male classmate BJ dressed in suit (a somewhat reddish/pinkish-like color that I do not know how to identify, almost like the default color palette of the Goran theme) with his hair cut nicely looking like an upper class corporate-type from possibly an older time period anywhere between the 1920s – now; and I walked behind walking to where ever he was walking.

He walked to a wall and he touched a certain spot/area/part of the wall and it caused the wall to spin around to reveal a hidden area with nice marble walls and floor, I walked inside and it closed behind us, this area looked like a secret area for the upper class that was connected to the shopping mall.

On the right side near the wall/door was my former male classmate JM wearing a whitish colored suit with his hair cut nicely looking like the character Rick Blaine from the film Casablanca or the music artist Frank Sinatra sitting on a backless reddish colored sofa/chair/couch/whatever with three or four women who looked like upper class women from the 1920s with short hair with headbands/whatever and caps and skimpy/whatever dresses, and they seemed a bit drunk.

They were having a good time and they seemed to be about to go to another party, I probably greeted them and I continued walking to catch up to my former classmate BJ to talk to him, and when I caught up with him he seemed annoyed/angry about me being around like poor people were not allowed in this area or something like that combined with something else.

I tried talked to him but he angrily said a few things and he ignored me, it seemed that he was rich now and had a good job but that he had lost joy in life and like he was just trying to live the good life and keep up appearances and act like how the adult world expects you to act so his life seemed to be focused on work mostly, and I felt sad for him and some of my other former classmates and people in general and the world; and I wondered how much had other people I knew/know had changed or not changed over the years.

My former classmate BJ went to a door that led to his house/apartment and he went inside and I kept walking until I reached the normal parts of the mall, I remember walking near a large food court area where people were sitting and eating and talking, and my former uncle DW and some of his friends and family were there.

They saw me and I waved at them, a boy from their table ran near me on his way to the bathroom, and I needed to use the bathroom as well because I needed to urinate badly so I walked to the bathroom as well; and my former uncle DW yelled at the boy to be careful or something like that because he was running, and he sent to slightly older girls to check on him.

The bathrooms were near a small cinema area of the mall, this area looked like it was from a real life memory of a cinema bathroom area (maybe the LC Dollar Cinema, which was closed and torn down years ago), and I went inside the bathroom and there was not much privacy at all; and the two girls walked into the men’s bathroom to check on the boy.

So they were all standing and talking not far from me as I tried to urinate, this made me uncomfortable so I could not urinate, and eventually I gave up trying and I left the bathroom; but I woke up, and I went to use the bathroom in the real world because I needed to urinate badly.

The end,

-John Jr

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