Dandy Mott Keeps Getting Away With Murder

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream, and the dream took place during over several days/weeks/months in a fictional version of the city of D or a fictional city that was similar to it.

In this small town people were slowly being murdered and/or disappearing, the sheriff and police were trying to figure out who was behind the murders and disappearances, and I lived in this town; and the characters Dandy Mott and his mother Gloria Mott from the television show American Horror Story: Freak Show or two people like them lived in this town as well.


Laser Tag On A Boat & Adaline Combined With Amazon Echo (Amazon Alexa)?

I had several dreams last night but I forgot most of them, my memory of the last two dreams are blurred together, and I do not feel like taking much time to type my dreams today; and so I will probably not waste much time typing these dreams, and so expect missing details.

Dream 1

All that I remember of the first dream is that it possibly took place on a gray day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and maybe my dad and maybe mom and I were going to a fictional body of water near where The Post Office should be.


A Family At A Nice Hotel | My Dad And I Going To Get Haircuts

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city, my family (except for my brother CC, who is often is no longer in my dreams now since he graduated high school and joined the military and moved away) and I seemed to be on vacation and/or on a trip to a funeral of a man my parents and maybe I knew.

Near the end of my dreams my family left to a zoo or park or somewhere like that near a nice hotel, I was going to drive there as well but I came across a family who my parents and maybe I knew, and their family was staying at the nice hotel near where my family were.

The patriarch of their family had died I think, my parents and maybe I knew him and his family, and so their family was staying at the nice hotel preparing for the funeral in a day or two; and they invited me to the nice hotel, and they wanted me to stay in one of their hotel rooms with them because it had so much space and several extra unused rooms.

I went to the nice hotel with them and most of their family (extended family as well) were there, I remember being in a large nice modern hotel room that was mostly a whitish color and it was on the first floor, and they were very nice to me; but I did not have any extra clothing or anything because I had went on this trip with my parents at the last-minute, and I forgot to bring my stuff.

They probably gave me a suit that I could wear for the funeral and other things that I needed, I thanked them, but at some point in the dream something strange happened when most of the family left outside.

The actress Angela Bassett probably playing her character Désirée Dupree from the television show American Horror Story: Freak Show was a member of the family who had married into the family, she had one or more children with one of them being a young boy, and in the hotel room was a young man who was a security guard for the hotel who was guarding their hotel room with light medium brownish colored skin who did not speak or understand much English and he was possibly from Asia in a country from the Middle East (Middle Eastern).

I am not sure if I was in the room or not or if I was just seeing this without being there, either way Mrs. Bassett’s young son was in the room as well and maybe a few other kids who were sleeping, and the security guard was relaxing on the couch; and Mrs. Bassett was thinking and complaining to herself about her young son, she did not want him, and so she wanted to get rid of him.

Her young son was in a sleeping bag or something like that and she ordered the security guard to zip up the sleeping bag over her son’s head several times but the security guard did not understand her because he did not understand much English, and so she did it her self and her son quickly died of suffocation; and the security guard was shocked, and she told him not to tell anyone what happened.

The dream jumped in time to Mrs. Bassett and one of the older male family members who had whitish colored skin with grayish and whitish colored hair talking to the owners/managers of the hotel, he knew the owners/managers and he was a rich and well-connected man, and Mrs. Bassett and him were claiming that her son died in an accident that was the fault of the hotel and they wanted them to admit this and pay her.

The security guard never told them what really happened and so they managed to pressure the hotel into admitting that it was an accident that was their fault and they agreed to pay Mrs. Bassett and they apologized, and then the dream jumped to me walking outside where the rest of the family were near maybe the swimming pool; and the rest of the family did not know about what had happened yet, and so they were outside having fun.

I saw my family in the distance at the park or zoo/whatever and they saw me, the walked over to talk with us, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, my dad and I were walking across the field on Eastside that leads to the road/highway that has SC Inn across the street, and my dad was walking to get a haircut at a fictional outdoor barber shop in a fictional park near the right side of SC Inn so I decided to join him and get a haircut as well.

Something happened in the dream that possibly has not happened before or that I can not remember happening before or that is very rare, I was wearing glasses in the dream and I briefly took them off for some reason (maybe to wipe my eyes), and everything looked very blurry without my glasses like in real life; and then I put my glasses back on, and I could see clearly again.

Usually in dreams I never know if I am wearing glasses or not and I usually see things clearly, so it was interesting to finally have a dream where I not only knew that I was wearing glasses but where I took the glasses off and my vision became unclear like in real life, that is pretty amazing/interesting/realistic for a dream.

It had been many years since someone else cut my hair because I have cut my own hair for most of my adult life but I used to get my haircut by other people when I was younger until graduated from high school probably, we crossed the street to the fictional park that was on a hill, and the barber was outside and there were other people from Eastside who were there and they had just gotten their hair cut.

The barber was a fictional man with dark brownish colored skin who I had false memories of, in my false memories he used to cut my hair sometimes when I was younger, and I greeted him and he was surprised to see me because he had not seen me since I was still in public school; and he asked me if I remembered that he used to cut my hair back then, I said yes, and then I sat down to get my hair cut.

I told him that I wanted my hair cut short and even, as short as he could cut, and if he cut it bald that would be fine with me; but I woke up as I was still talking.

The end,

-John Jr


A Dream Inspired By The Age Of Adaline? | A Teacher Thinks That I Am Someone Else | Experimental Giant Creature Human Hybrids?

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I had several long, detailed, interesting, and adventurous dreams last night but I only barely remember part of three dreams unfortunately; and the first dream seemed to be inspired by the trailer for the film The Age Of Adaline:

The dream is unclear and confusing now because it was a long and complex dream and it was the first of the dreams that I can somewhat remember, I possibly was Adaline Bowman or a fake version of her or maybe I was just seeing things from her view but I am not sure, and like in the trailer she/I did not seem to age as she/I went through different time periods/dreams/dimensions/whatever.

The dream was like a combination of a normal dream with a video game with a movie, Adaline/I would probably use a portal or something like that to jump between time periods (from the 1900s – the future), and she/I would help people and maybe try to change a few things in each time period to improve the overall situation for the world and maybe she/I would only stay briefly to avoid suspicion and/or some government/group/organization/whoever was after us (maybe our positive changes were ruining their negative plans/control/deceptions/whatever).

In each time period her/my hair styles/clothing et cetera would be different probably and it would probably be different times of day (I remember several parts happening in the evening and night where there was a dark blueish color to the environment), it was a positive dream where she/I would do positive things and then probably go back to the portal/whatever and jump to another time period/dream/dimension/whatever, but unfortunately that is all that I can remember of this positive and interesting and long dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that it took place inside a school or college and I was probably a student in a class with other students, our new teacher or substitute teacher entered the room, and she had whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair; and for some unknown reason(s) she thought that I was a very smart/well-respected/popular computer expert and/or something like that, and she thought that I was someone else.

The teacher treated me better than everyone else and she was a bit mean/strict toward the rest of the class so the other students did not like her and they treated her like a villain, I tried to change this, and eventually we learned that she was not really a villain; and she started treating the other students better, and the other students stopped treating her like a villain but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third/last dream is that it was possibly my favorite dream of the night (this and the first dream) but like the first dream it was confusing/complex/interesting/detailed/et cetera, but I can not remember most of it; and so it does not make much sense.

While the first dream gave me a very positive feeling of helping people/the world, this dream gave me a combination of feelings that are hard to describe, but they were positive feelings of helping people combined with a sense of responsibility combined with feelings of attraction (physical, sexual, social, et cetera) combined with a few other feelings that I can not describe or remember.

I remember a body of water by a small dock-like area next to a hotel or apartment building during the day, I remember my male classmate EB and his probably twin sister my former female classmate RB being there as well, and we got attacked by a giant creäture that looked like something from an old Godzilla film.

It seems that maybe someone/some group had did some experiments to create this giant creäture and it was sent to attack my former classmates RB and EB, probably because they had been experimented on as well, but that is a wild guess; and during our battle my former classmates RB and EB found out that they could transform into giant creatures as well.

I did not have this ability and so I ran around trying to distract the giant creäture attacking us so that my former classmates RB and EB could defeat it in their giant creäture forms, they were losing the battle until I started distracting the giant creäture, and the fight took place mostly in the water so that we could avoid other people and buildings being destroyed.

At some point we won and the giant creäture turned into a woman who possibly had pale whitish colored skin with long reddish colored hair but I could be wrong, I talked with her and I found out that she was not really a villain, and it seemed that someone/some group had experimented on her and tried to make her into a weapon/villain probably.

My former classmates RB and EB still saw her as an enemy so I had to stop them from trying to kill her, I invited her to stay at the hotel/apartment with us, and I got her a room and she moved some of her stuff in it; and during the dream something happened between us during the parts of the dream that I can not remember, and I can not remember if this dream took place over several days/weeks or not.

I am not sure what happened but I remember feeling a connection with her, I remember wanting to continue helping her, I remember that she had nice breasts and a nice large soft but somewhat firm butt that I touched and that touched against my body several times during the dream, I remember feeling responsible for her and I worried about her safety, I remember wanting her to stay and maybe I wanted us to start dating (if we were not already) and/or maybe get married one day or at least continue to get to know her and help her, and it was possible that she was pregnant with my child but I am not sure; and if she was pregnant I was not sure if the people who experimented on her had done this or if she had raped me or if we had consensual sex/intercourse.

My mom was possibly in the dream at some point visiting us, I remember the woman wanting to leave like she still felt like a villain/threat/burden/et cetera and my former classmates EB and RB still treated her like an enemy, and so she had packed her stuff and she was trying to move out of the hotel/apartment room I got her; and so I tried to convince her to stay, and I felt a lot of different feelings during this part as I talked with her/touched/held/hugged her/et cetera.

I possibly touched her stomach like maybe I was listening for a heartbeat and maybe I talked to her about the possibility that she was pregnant, but I can not remember; and I remember feeling a strange positive feeling, maybe a feeling like a soon-to-be father might feel for his unborn child and his wife/girlfriend but I also was worried because I did not want her to leave and I feared for her/their safety.

I remember talking with her about how and why my former classmates EB and RB continued to treat her like an enemy, I apologized to her about this and I talked to them about this, and I told her to try to not worry about it and that they would probably eventually change once they realize that she was not our enemy.

I convinced her to at least let me put her stuff back into her room so that she could stay a bit longer to think about staying or not, and I let her know that I would continue to help her and that I cared for her probably; but I woke up because my left shoulder has been hurting/bothering me for over a week and I was sleeping on it which caused it to start hurting.

The end,

-John Jr


United States Secret Service Agents At A School And Forced Injections?

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of the end of my last dream, which took place at a fictional multi-story school during the day, and there was a lot more to this dream that I can not remember.

Most of the parts of the dream that I can not remember were probably mostly of me going to different classes and having class, some of my former classmates and schoolmates were in this dream, and during the end of the dream I was in one class that had my dead former male schoolmate J in it along with maybe several other former classmates of mine and some fictional classmates.

I think that my dead former schoolmate J was possibly going to be graduating very soon maybe and I think that he was in a good mood, we were in a classroom on an upper floor in a hallway that had brownish colored carpet with a narrow hall with many classrooms/doors, and maybe our teacher was a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish hair that was pinned up wearing glasses and maybe a suit or dress shirt with a dress skirt.

This was possibly our last class of the day and after our lesson our teacher let us relax, I remember my former male classmate DH walking into the classroom briefly, and I talked with him until he left; and later my former female classmate MK walked into the classroom possibly looking for my former classmate DH and/or someone else.

My former classmate MK was probably sent by the office or a teacher to come find my former classmate DH and/or whoever they wanted, I told her that he left and I told her a few other things, and then she left; and eventually the school bell probably rang, and it was time for us to leave.

As I was leaving the classroom it sounded like a fight started between my former dead schoolmate J and another man but I kept walking as others ran back inside to watch the fight, as I walked through the hallway I possibly saw some United States Secret Service agents with a young man and his friends who all had whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair and a few possibly had medium-colored hair, and maybe the young man was the son of the fictional President Of The United States Of America.

The President Of The United States Of America (in this dream it was a man with whitish colored skin with short dark or medium-colored hair) was possibly at the school visiting as well but I am not sure, when I walked outside it looked like we were in the yard of E Manor, and blocking the gate on the left side were what seemed to be Secret Service agents and some other people with a security checkpoint.

Interestingly I was wearing a dark-colored suit and I probably looked a bit like a Secret Service agent, I remember being worried that I possibly had a pistol hidden on me and that they would possibly arrest me if that was true and if they found it on me while searching me, but the only way to leave or enter was through their security checkpoint.

Before I could turn around to go to a bathroom to check to see if I had a pistol hidden on me or not a probably male Secret Service agent with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair waved for me/us to come to the security checkpoint, and so I did so that I would not look suspicious.

There was a male student behind me with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair, the Secret Service agent told me to put my hands/arms in the air and he told the male student to put his arms on both sides of me to probably stop me from putting my arms down and to help stop me from falling, and he started a brief and incomplete search of my upper body mostly.

He asked me a few questions while I still had my hands/arms in the air and then he got a syringe with a very short needle and he slowly stabbed it into the side of my nose making a crunching sound, and he injected me with something without explaining what it was or why or asking for permission; and fortunately it did not hurt, I probably asked him if it was some kind of vaccine or something, but he probably did not answer my question and he probably said do not worry about it.

He told me to put my hands/arms down and the told the male student behind me that he could do the same and step back, a woman who was possibly a nurse or doctor from India (Indian) or Pakistan (Pakistani)who spoke English with an accent walked to me to start the next part of the process, and she had a needle connected to a clear tube/tubing that was connected to something with an unknown liquid in it connected to a fabric/paper button that you press to pump the liquid through the clear tube/tubing.

She put the needle into maybe my right shoulder and she handed me the button and she told me to keep pressing the button to pump the liquid into my body, once again I was not told what this was for or why and they did not ask for permission first, and my questions were not answered other than my questions about how to operate/use the button.

As I pushed the button slowly pumping the unknown liquid into my body I wondered what was going on, I thought that this was strange for a security checkpoint, and I wondered who the non-Secret Service people were (other than the ones who seemed to be nurses and/or doctors) and I started to wonder if the other people were really Secret Service agents or not.

I wondered how many more unknown liquids would they inject into my body before finishing checking me, I also wondered if there was really a pistol hidden on me or not, I wondered if they would finish checking me for weapons or not, I thought about how long that this was going to take if they did this to everyone entering and leaving the school, I wondered what was really going on, et cetera but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr